Features and Benefits of Candle Packaging Boxes

Kraft paper tube packaging is an attractive alternative to customized candle packaging boxes. Made from recycled Kraft paper.

The right packaging for your candles is important. Custom-printed candle packaging boxes, Corrugated cardboard, and paper tube packaging will all add a unique touch to your candle business. And don’t forget to explore Spot UV printing options. If you have a large candle business, consider contacting a packaging company for customized candle boxes.

Promote Brand Using Candle Boxes:

Custom-printed candle boxes can help you promote your brand in many different ways. Candles have aromatherapy benefits, which can lift people’s spirits and spread motivation. Many customers want to know the scent of their candles before purchasing them, and custom-printed candle boxes are an easy way to do this. These unique packaging pieces also provide a platform to implement your marketing strategy. Custom-printed Candle Packaging Boxes can also enhance the special properties of tea lights, such as their aromatherapy benefits.

Custom-printed candle boxes can be manufactured with a variety of materials. You can choose single or multi-layer cardboard. Cardstock is lighter and more durable, while corrugated cardboard is more sturdy and can double as a shipping box. You can also choose the shape and size of your candle box, and you will be quoted a custom price.

Paper Tube Packaging:

Kraft paper tube packaging is an attractive alternative to customized candle packaging boxes. Made from recycled Kraft paper, the tubes offer a natural, kraft look to the candles. The tubes are rolled with glue in a mold, providing a stiff cardboard wall. The inner lid of the tube is made from cardboard and sits inside the outer base. Custom paper telescopic tubes are also used in the packaging of cosmetics and makeup products.

Paper tubes are more durable than cardboard folding cartons, which help preserve the delicate fragrance of the candles. They also offer superior protection from damage during transportation, since the rigid cardboard tube structure prevents the candle from bending or slipping. The cylindrical shape of the tube fits around candles better than other shapes, saving both weight and space. And, because they are recyclable, they are the perfect choice for candle packaging boxes.

Corrugated Cardboard:

Choosing the right material for the box is crucial if you want to make your candles look as good as possible. Corrugated cardboard is very affordable, especially if you purchase it in bulk. You can choose from a variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, and even recycled materials. With a little effort, you can create a box that will suit your needs and match the room theme. A customized candle box is another way to increase the appeal of your product. The material you choose for the box should be durable and easy to recycle, which will help keep your candles safe as well as look great.

Depending on the weight of your candle, you can choose between single-layer cardstock and multi-layer corrugated cardboard. Cardstock is a lightweight option that offers the greatest chance of damaging the candles inside, but corrugated cardboard is a sturdy choice that can be used as a shipping box, too. To find the right size and shape, contact a custom box manufacturer and get a quote.

Spot UV Printing:

Whether you are looking to enhance your custom candle packaging boxes with a glossy or matte finish, UV coating can provide the perfect solution. This coating uses ultraviolet light to enhance the printed logos and colors on your custom candle packaging boxes. The dazzling contrast is sure to make your packaging stand out from the crowd. Spot UV coating is a great choice for candle gift boxes because it enhances the printed logos with high clarity and shine.

Moreover, you can customize your candle boxes by getting them printed on the outside and inside. Custom Printed Boxes also offers templates that allow you to design and print your company name, logo, and address on the outside of the boxes. Custom Printed Boxes are ideal for promoting your wholesale candle products, as they are strong and protective. In addition, they come with many advantages, such as high-quality printing and superior design options. So, it is important to consider the type of printing you want to have done on your candle packaging boxes before you order them.


Cardboard boxes can be used for candles. They feature graphic aesthetics and various sizes. They are also a secure mailing solution. Cardboard boxes are great for packaging candles inside glass jars. Cushioning can be added to cardboard boxes for additional protection. Packaging options for candles vary depending on the product.

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