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According to NHS vaping is 95% safer than smoking because it does not carry millions of harmful chemicals that are produced in smoking. So, if you are a smoker then you must have to switch to vaping. In this context, you can go for a disposable vape like Elux legend 3500, Aroma king 7000 or a reusable vape device. Furthermore, if you don’t smoke, it is a friendly suggestion to avoid vaping as well.

Most people start smoking in their teenage. Teenage is a crucial age, and young people feel it charming to do risky things at this age. Some teenagers start smoking to look cool, but they become addicted to it due to the presence of nicotine content.

Studies say that the tobacco industry spends millions of dollars to promote the smoking agenda and try to show that smoking is glamourous, safe, and exciting. We can see the different ads for smoking in video games, TV shows, and even in the movies. So, we can say that digital platforms are also the reason for spreading smoking propaganda.

Switch to Vaping:

If you are addicted to smoking, there is no need to worry. You can solve this issue easily by switching to vaping. You can use two types of vapes, reusable vapes, and Disposable vapes. If we talk about the risks, we can say that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. So it’s a recommendation that you should switch to vaping if you are a smoker.

How to Choose a Right Vape:

In choosing a vape, you need to know what type of vape you’ll suit you. If vaping is new to you, you should go for disposable vapes and heavy smokers. Choosing the right e-liquid strength is also essential.

Vaping really helps to quit smoking:

Many people are confused about whether vaping helps them quit smoking or not. Thousands of people quit smoking through vapes, and it’s huge evidence for the confused people. Vaping is very helpful in managing your nicotine cravings. There is a need to take care of things like e-liquid strength.

If the strength of e-liquid is not right, you will never enjoy vaping, and it will not be conducive in quitting smoking. If you are a new vaper, then disposable vapes like Lost mary 3500 are best. The other most important thing is that you need to stop smoking completely if you want to get the benefits of vaping.

Is Vaping Safe?

If we compare smoking and vaping, we can say that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. In Vaping, there is no burning process involved but the process of burning is involved in smoking is very dangerous for human health. In smoking, the production of Carbon monoxide and Tar are very risky and on the other hand vaping is much safer than smoking.

Passive Smoke:

The study says that there is no evidence of passive smoking through vaping. If we talk about smoking, we can see that smoking is the reason for passive smoking, which is very harmful to the others who are not smokers.

So if you are a smoker and want to quit smoking, you need to start vaping. In the early days of vaping, you can use disposable vapes because they are very easy to use, and you can discard them after using them.


In conclusion, we can say that most teenagers start smoking because they think that they are looking very cool. Actually, they start smoking for no reason, but unfortunately, nicotine is an addiction, and nicotine in tobacco is hazardous to human health.

So if you want to get rid of smoking, you need to shift to vaping. Because vaping is very helpful in quitting smoking, and if you are a new vaper, you should go for disposable vapes because you can use them easily, and they can be discarded.

Vaping is the best alternative to smoking. If you want to quit smoking, you need to switch to vaping. According to NHS, vaping is 95% safer than smoking. If you are in the learning process of vaping, you should use disposable vapes.

According to the research, you should start vaping if you want to get rid of smoking. Vaping is less harmful, and you can enjoy different types of flavours through vaping. In the process of vaping, there is no burning involved as well as there is no chance of production of tar and carbon monoxide.

If you are confused about the selection of vapes, you can choose a disposable vape like Elux legend pro rechargeable and Aroma king disposable 3500 if you are at the early stage of vaping. There are some essential things you need to know before vaping. You can read the explanation of these things below.


There are two ways of vaping, mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping. It’s necessary to know about the difference between mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping. You can inhale vapours in these two ways.

Mouth-to-Lung vaping is more like smoking. You draw vapour into your mouth before inhaling. Disposable vapes are more suitable for this way of vaping. If vaping is new to you, you should do mouth-to-lung vaping.

In DTL, you inhale vapour Direct-to- Lung. DTL is a little more complex as compared to MTL.

Nicotine Strength:

Nicotine strength is just an essential thing in the case of vaping. You have the freedom to choose the nicotine strength according to your nicotine consumption. If you were a smoker, you need to judge the nicotine strength according to your capacity.

Light smokers need to try 3mg/ml and if you are a regular smoker, you should try 6mg/ml. If you are a heavy smoker, you can try 12mg/ml or 18mg/ml of e-liquid. It’s indispensable to take care of the nicotine strength because if the strength of nicotine is not suitable for you, you will not enjoy vaping.

Your Preferred Percentage of VG/PG:

Vegetable glycerine and Propylene glycol are the two important ingredients in the e-liquid. VG is imitative of vegetable oil and it’s safe for intake. VG is used in the e-liquid for dense clouds. It totally depends on the person’s choice if want more clouds, you can keep the quantity of VG high. If you are fond of making clouds, you can use disposable vapes.

If we talk about the PG (Propylene Glycol), we came to know that it’s an ingredient present in the e-liquid. The function of the PG is to give a sharper throat hit which is the basic requirement of former smokers.

Battery System:

Some disposable vapes have a fixed battery like Super stix vape, but some devices have replaceable batteries. If a device has a replaceable battery, you need to take care at the time of swapping out. If the battery is rechargeable, you need to charge the battery at a suitable voltage to avoid any accident.


In conclusion, we can say that there are a few things we need to know before vaping both reuseable and disposable vapes. We need to know about the batteries of the devices. The other thing is VG/PG and its very essential to understand what they are? Last but not the least is nicotine strength and it’s very to have information about the nicotine strength to enjoy vaping.

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