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Freelance SEO Consultant

Increase your organic search engine ranking and outperform your competition.

Since 2018 I have been dedicated to SEO web positioning, and everything has been trial and error, which is how SEO is.

Surely you have come this far because you want to position your website in the first place on Google, and yes, I tell you that it is possible by applying strategies as an SEO consultant. I can do or teach you so that you can achieve it.

You may not have time to do technical and cumbersome analysis, long audits and statistics that will leave you exhausted; it is a reality if you dedicate yourself to managing your physical and online business.

So you need an SEO positioning consultant; it is the best investment in time and strategy to make your web project gain positions until it reaches the first page of Google.

Let’s get to know a little more.

☝ What is an SEO consultant?


It is a professional who specializes in ​​search engine optimization and makes changes within a web page that optimize it so that it appears in the first places of the search engine.

It also offers affordable SEO consultant and project management services to companies needing to improve their search engine visibility.

 What does an SEO consultant or specialist do?

One of the things in our day-to-day as specialists in SEO positioning is the technical analysis of the projects we carry out; discovering all those weak factors within the web, too, improve them is what makes us develop that expertise in the analysis of each project.

SEO research and analysis

Through Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Ahref and other free and paid tools, for the analysis of each website, the keyword research or study of keywords and the search for new opportunities through the Google SERPs, search-related, Google-related questions.

Check keyword positions

This task is done manually in the Google search engine in incognito mode; position tracking tools such as SEMrush, for example, are also used.

Carry out Onpage SEO actions

There are several on-page SEO tasks that we carry out with SEO consultants, among them the optimization of existing content by adding new terms that resolve the search intention.

Important is also the optimization of headers, titles, meta descriptions, etc.

Improve and optimize the interlinking or internal linking of the web to distribute a better domain authority and greatly improve the usability and user experience.

Creation of links or link building

Whether the project needs it, link building is enhanced as opportunities are found to create a good backlink.

Contact me if you already have an optimized website and need a personalized SEO link-building service. Then, we will work on a good strategy with manual, and high DR ( Domain Rating ) links made by myself.

Research and analysis of the competition

Being attentive to what the competition is doing is one of the most common tasks of an SEO expert; our competition gives us information about what works in any industry, and the analysis of the competition is an essential requirement before designing and executing an SEO strategy.

What can I do on your website as an SEO consultant?

The first step before making decisions is to do an analysis or SEO audit; as a web positioning consultant, it is essential to analyze each project, determine possible failures at the SEO level, and determine each of the weak points of your website.

Once we have a clearer picture of the conditions of your web project, we begin to make decisions based on experience as an SEO consulting firm to improve and gain the best position on the first page of Google.

Surely you are wondering,

How long does it take for my website to be positioned?

This question is very common in my clients, and the answer is always the most honest since the actions depend on us as SEO strategists; the last word is Google, but some factors are taken into account by Google to boost the ranking, for example: that the content of your website responds to the search intent of your users.

But… In how long? It depends on the applied strategies; normally, it is positioned from 3 to 4 months.

To go into a little more detail about what I can do for you and your web projects as a consultant and SEO specialist, then:

The three pillars of SEO with which I will work on the web positioning of your business

Technical SEO – SEO Audit

The technical aspect of SEO optimizes your website’s specific points, such as proper header tags (h1, h2, etc.), alternative text for images based on keywords, page indexing or even code optimization to help the site load faster.

There are many possible variations ( 200 SEO factors ) that can affect your site’s SEO and overall search engine position.

Google has repeatedly stated that it will continue to reward sites that regularly publish relevant content, which is why blogging is so important.

Relevant SEO content

A page’s content earns it a position in search results.

It is what the user has come to see and is, therefore, extremely important to search engines.

That is why it is important to create good content.

What is good SEO content?

Good content answers a query: The first step is to analyze keyword research to determine which search terms you should target with your content writing.

As your SEO consultant in Caracas, we will implement an SEO content strategy to determine what topics should be covered on your site, probably on a blog.

Relevant content: Regarding relevance, it is important to analyze the competitors in the key query you want to obtain to know how much content you have to write.

If, for example, the first five sites in Google are positioned with articles of 2000 words, you already know that this is the minimum to expect to be well positioned.

Then you have to publish regularly because once you are well positioned, you are not guaranteed to be the first forever; it will depend on your competitors, the Google algorithm…

You can ask me about my SEO writing service if you want to develop a good SEO content strategy that triggers blog visits.

Off-page SEO

Offpage SEO refers to all the techniques used to increase a website’s traffic and overall popularity.

This can include promoting a site through social media, building backlinks from reputable websites, listing on directories…

Promoting your website on social media is very important because it helps drive traffic to your website without relying on Google.

Separating our traffic source allows us to face changes in the Google algorithm, competitors who invest in paid advertising, or any other factor that implies a decrease in traffic related to organic positioning.

Great care should be taken with Offpage SEO, as search engines like Google have been more proactive in cracking down on many rare off-page SEO practices, blackhat SEO.

Practices that were still common a year ago can produce negative search results.

Why should you hire me as your freelance SEO consultant?

If you want to save time and dedicate yourself to the administrative management of your online business, then you can count on my SEO web positioning services.

Here are some reasons why I can work on your project:

  1. Time is money: especially if you are dedicated to online business, and although you can learn SEO practices and techniques on your own, this takes time and a lot of dedication.
  2. The tools: SEO tools only do half the work; you need an SEO consultant to do the legwork to get the results you want. Knowing which tools work best and how to use them is not enough.
  3. Hiring me: as your professional SEO consultant, ensures that White hat SEO techniques will be implemented on your website under Google policies.
  4.  Credibility: As the owner of your website, you probably don’t have time to keep an eye on SEO trends or       changes in Google’s algorithms. Fortunately, as your SEO consultant, I will do all the hard work for you.
  5. Affordable: You can give a price survey with specialized SEO agencies; however, as an SEO specialist, my prices are adapted to the size of your project and dedicated exclusively to it.

For more info, click here.

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