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Get A Stylish New Look With Kaptaan Chappal Sandals

It has been a few years since Kaptaan Chappal was established. A peshawari chappal manufacturer (Chacha Norudin) gifted a pair to the chairman of a political party (PTI) in Pakistan. He loved wearing it everytime, so his supporters started copying his style and named these sandals as “kaptaan chappal”. Peshawari chappal is a big fashion sensation now. There are many companies making peshawari chappals, but the supporters of PTI are looking for original kaptaan chappals that the chairman of PTI used to wear.

Kaptaan Chappal has started manufacturing these sandals with original cow leather. They understand exactly the needs and requirements of their customers, thus introducing different types of sandals and updated features every time. Perfect grip combined with the best style, that’s what kaptaan chappal sandals are all about. This is one of the best shoes that peshawari chappal has introduced, available in all sizes and usually preferred in blue, brown, and black.

Peshawari men’s sandals

Like all Peshawari men’s sandals, these are also fitted with the correct brace support and ancient shoe straps that have developed a compact design to ensure that it holds up when you walk. Suitable for hiking, flip-flops for men with air vents as well as a waterproof nubuck top. In addition to the insole, the appearance of the peshawari chappals also features ancient technology that promises protection against any kind of accident. The advantage of the insole and the upper surface is that there can be plenty of air which adds to the comfort of the wearers.


Peshawari chappal comes with a 1-year warranty, although those who have used them have experienced permanent association with only minimal care and supervision. The fact that they use the finest material to make these sandals strong and durable for maximum life. Compared to many other brands you do not have to worry about slipping on shoes. There is another discomfort when you first wear them because as soon as you wear them, the insoles immediately fit into the type of foot. It makes it easy when walking on mountains. 

Popular brands

The peshawari chappal is one of the most popular brands on the surf market that we know today. Such a mark did not happen overnight. A lot of effort and perseverance goes into the production of the peshawari chappal brand, which is now known for its unique shoe design. Credit goes to its founder Chacha Noor Din, A man from Afghanistan who immigrated to Peshawar in the 80s, to fulfill their dream of making it big in the shoe industry. The path to success is not easy because at first, they have a small amount of money to go forward, about $ 2000, for a warehouse that they will share with a small shop in Peshawar. But their intelligence prevails even in difficult times. 


They realized that even though their shoes were good, no one knew. To get the necessary revelations, they devised a unique, intriguing social media campaign that included “Kaptaan Chappal” which now has a logo. The campaign was a huge success, and soon the Peshawari chappals were carefully crafted and achieved their proper success. Today, kaptaan chappals offer a wide range of sandals for all types of people, tastes, and needs. One thing they all have in common is a perfect fit. Peshawari sandals for men offer their customers many options. 

Updated version

One of the most popular styles of this brand is the kaptaan chappal. These are an updated version of the peshawari sandals. This popular model has a special-looking rubber outsole, which also does not leave a mark. The top is made of pure cow leather. So nothing is damage no matter how you spray it on the water. As in peshawari chappal, comfort is guaranteed by the use of a special material with special features and added joint support. It is available in sizes 5 to 14. It is available in black, blue and light brown and dark brown. 


This model is a perfect base for everyday use. It was made to last. Comfort is guaranteed by the high density of the special outsole, the extremely soft insole, and the safety support. Its shape is embellished with pure cow leather. These shoes range in size from 5 to 14. Available in olive, black, tan and black, rasta, navy and gray, blue and brown.


These are available online and can be accessed through the website khan chappals at a very reasonable price. You can also check out their stores in all countries to get a glimpse of their awesome and popular plans. With so many features packed into one big shoe, the price of sandals can be considered a steal. You can find them in a variety of styles including flip flops and printed. Shoes starting at PKR / – 5000 and up depending on their brand. So next time you decide to go for a hiking plan on the mountains. Don’t forget to wear your peshawari chappal. Nowadays, many online shopping websites have them selling at a discounted price, so make sure you control yourself. Say thank you for a plain plastic flip and add peshawari chappal in pakhtoon style.


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