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Computers and Technology

Get Top Quality Canada Dedicated Server from Onlive Server

If you are looking for the best Dedicated Server in Canada, Onlive Server provides you with a reliable and secure server that can provide your business with the best support. We have a top-quality dedicated server for all types of companies. Our dedicated servers are available in different locations across Canada. We provide our customers with reliable and high-performance dedicated servers that can handle any application without any issues. Our clients can rely on us to deliver the best quality service at all times, and we will not disappoint them in any way possible.

Here you will receive high-performance dedicated servers running 24/7, so you can make full use of them whenever you need them. Our Canada Dedicated Server Hosting plans include a free domain name, free SSL certificate, unlimited traffic, huge disk space, MySQL DB storage space, and many others. These features make it easier for our clients to manage their websites without worrying about anything else.

How does Onlive Server’s Dedicated Server Canada can Boost Your Business?  

There are a few things to consider when you’re looking for a dedicated server in Canada:

  • You must ensure that your provider has the technical expertise and experience necessary to deliver your needs.
  • You need to know how much control you’re going to have over your server and whether or not it will be able to meet your needs.
  • Your chosen company must offer services compatible with your business’s existing infrastructure and processes.

Our dedicated servers in Canada use cutting-edge technologies like SSD drives and KVM technology to deliver fast performance without sacrificing durability or reliability. This means that even if there is an outage at a specific point in time during service hours or if there is an unrelated problem with our network architecture, we will still be able to provide uninterrupted service as long as possible until issues are resolved. With all these factors in mind, Onlive Server can meet your needs and more.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Dedicated Server

  1. The web server is the core of your business, and a dedicated server is the best way to ensure that your website will run smoothly and efficiently, even when the demand is high.
  2. You can grow with a dedicated server, as you can expand your business and add more servers if needed. With shared hosting, you’re limited by the space on the host’s physical servers.
  3. Dedicated servers are safe from viruses and other malware attacks that attack your site. So you don’t have to worry about infecting your server or computer system.
  4. A dedicated server gives you complete control over all aspects of your site, including its content, design and layout, and everything you see on this page!
  5. A dedicated server allows you to customize your website exactly how you want it. Without having to worry about any technical issues or problems with connectivity issues caused by other people using shared hosting services at the same time as you do.
  6. You want to host multiple websites on one physical server, allowing you to focus on your core business. While still having the flexibility of hosting multiple sites on one physical server

Benefits of top-quality Dedicated Server Canada

Dedicated servers are an excellent option for companies needing stable and reliable service. They are also ideal for businesses that require a high volume of data transfers. Dedicated servers have higher transfer rates than shared hosting services.

Consider the following benefits if you decide to use dedicated servers:

Unlimited Bandwidth: Our dedicated servers come with unlimited bandwidth. This means you will not have to worry about running out of storage space or being affected by any other type of limit. You can host as many websites on our server as you want without worrying about any limitations. The only thing that matters is how many websites you want to run at once, not how much data transfer you go through each day or week.

Security: Dedicated servers are protected by a firewall. This means that all incoming and outgoing traffic is filtered correctly and controlled by your hosting provider to ensure that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Manageability: The operating system, configuration tools, software packages, and more are all managed by our team of experts, so you don’t have to worry about technical support issues. You’ll never have to worry about anything but the best possible service!

Budget: While not every hosting plan is inexpensive. You can find some hosting plans that offer great value for money. While still giving you everything you need in terms of performance and reliability at a reasonable price point compared to traditional shared hosting options such as Onlive Server or Onliveinfotech.

Customized configuration: You can choose any operating system for your dedicated server, including Windows and Linux. The control panel is also customized according to your needs to provide flexibility and convenience in managing every aspect of the server’s operation.

Key-Features of Our Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Easy to setup and manage
  • High performance and high availability
  • 9% network uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free migration from other providers (Manual)
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free domain name registration
  • DDoS Protection
  • Huge SSD disk space
  • Free SSL Certificate


Onlive Server is one of the best web hosting companies in Canada. We provide a full-featured and Cheap Dedicated Server hosting service and give you complete control over your server space, processor power, and storage by providing easy-to-use administrative tools. In addition, we provide instant support to all our customers, so they can be sure they receive complete satisfaction.

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