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You have always treated your skin with the utmost care, and the bathroom cabinets bear witness to this. Creams, serums, eye contours, anti-aging, detoxifying or healthy-glow treatments, 3-in-1 cleansers… it’s overflowing! And yet, despite your best efforts, your skin continues to do as it pleases. Always too dry, too oily, or too sensitive, it is a constant source of concern. Stop! What if you stopped stressing your skin to really give it what it needs?

Your skin: overtreated and victim of the cocktail effect

Contemporary cosmetics have brought together a great deal of knowledge about ingredients, their role, and their level of effectiveness. It has never ceased to want to make its goat milk products more effective by offering ever longer and more complex formulas. Moreover, for many of us, a high number of active ingredients is often synonymous with performance and quality.

However, for those who collect beauty products, this information could cause a shock: 70% of skin types do not need any specific treatment. Quite simply because they have no real problem! Of course, they change over time, with age, but that’s normal.

Ironically, commercially available “overactive” creams that contain multiple active ingredients tend to cause more problems than they solve. Why? Because of the famous cocktail effect that you may have already heard of.

The cocktail effect refers to the harmful and/or unexpected effects caused by the interaction of several active substances with each other. The phenomenon has been observed and documented concerning pesticides and endocrine disruptors. The bad news, it can also affect the skin through certain cosmetic products.

Two essential steps for healthy skin: cleanse and hydrate

But if these treatments, which sometimes include guaranteed “natural” formulas, can cause skin problems, should everything be stopped?

Rest assured, you can continue to pamper your skin. It’s just a matter of pampering her differently. Already, start by refocusing your routine on the two essential steps of your daily life: cleansing the face and moisturizing it. Because no skin can do without it, and it’s even the best way to preserve the health of your skin.

Forget fruit acid cleansers, retinol, and hyaluronic acid-enriched moisturizers, multivitamin serums, and focus on a product that does just one thing: a water-rinse cleanser or cleansing milk., dependent on your skin type, and a goat milk soap. Their secret? A recipe composed on the one hand of cleansing and emollient agents, on the other, of moisturizing and/or nourishing agents. Ideally at neutral pH for the skin, tested under dermatological control, and without ingredients that lend themselves to debate (silicone, artificial coloring, mineral oil, etc.).

Come on, we can tell you, at the Goats Field we go a step further with biomimetic ingredients adapted to the biology of the skin (like those naturally present in the skin or perfectly assimilable), to take care of it without poisoning it.

Restore normal skin with targeted treatment

It is only if you notice, despite everything, that certain minor problems come from time to time to disturb your “healthy” face routine, that it is possible to reinforce it punctually, for a limited period, with an active ingredient that will treat the problem in a very targeted way.

A doubt? Our online skin diagnosis is there for you. And of course, do not hesitate to contact a dermo advisor or contact a doctor.

In summary, help you simply strengthen its natural mechanisms, it will reward you! With a good cleanser and a moisturizer adapted to your lifestyle and the nature of your, it is durably balanced, healthier, and closer to its original state.

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