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Have Fun at The 8 Best Beaches in New Jersey

Famous for its breathtaking beaches, pristine natural beauty, delightful boardwalks, and casinos; New Jersey is a beach lover’s paradise. And why not? It has an almost 130 miles (209 km) long coastline, stretching along the Atlantic Ocean. These beaches are hotspots of scenic views, parties, amusement zones, and much more!

The U.S. state is also loved for its culinary delicacies. So, you can treat your taste buds at its food joints while enjoying the beaches. For keen vacationers, New Jersey welcomes its vacationrs to a spectacular seaside escape. Whether you want to spend time at secluded beaches or have fun with your loved ones, there is one or the other beach in New Jersey for you.

So, here are the best 8 beaches for you to enjoy in New Jersey.

The 8 Best Beaches in New Jersey

Blessed with a treasure of pristine beaches, New Jersey is not a regular beach spot. Among a whopping number of beaches, it has beaches with different settings, atmospheres, moods, and attractions for different types of visitors.

Also known by its nickname – the Garden State, New Jersey is also dotted with colorful coral gardens. And the largest underwater canyon is at the shore of New Jersey! So, here are the 8 best beaches that you can enjoy in the state.

Now, let’s take a look at these 8 top beaches in New Jersey that beckon you for times and experiences to cherish.

Diamond Beach

Wildwood Crest, NJ

Dotted with several beaches, Wildwood Crest presents you a wide range of sandy spots to relax and have some splashing fun. Among its beaches, Diamond Beach is the best. However, you have to pay an entry fee to step here. The beach is private, allowing you to enjoy the beauty with serenity.

Relax on the softest sand, where you will also find diamond-like pebbles. Thus, the name – Diamond Beach. Visitors usually collect these pebbles as keepsakes.

Point Pleasant – Jenkinson’s Boardwalk

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

The beach usually draws a young crowd that belongs to teenagers and people in their twenties. Here, Jenkinson’s Boardwalk attracts many visitors for several activities that it offers. You can also visit its aquarium. Additionally, there are arcade games, ice cream shops, and food stalls for superb family time.

Lifeguards are also there to ensure your safety. So, you can indulge in waterplay and go surfing and swimming. The beach is also laced with tropical palm trees. You can also visit Bradshaw Beach nearby. However, you need to show seasonal, weekly, or daily badges to enter the boardwalk here, which is private.

Long Beach Island

Long Beach Island, NJ

Earned the reputation of being a great family attraction, Long Beach Island is among the best beaches in the U.S. state. As it relaxes close to the Atlantic Ocean, you get amazing views of the vast water expanses. Already booked a flight but travel plans changed now? No worries. With JetBlue change flight feature, you can easily change your flight and explore these ethereal expanses.

Its glass-like water and dazzling white sands invite you to some quality time to relax and soak up the sun. You can munch at its restaurants and sip on your favorite drink at bars here. A small amusement park keeps the little visitors engaged.

Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park

Long Branch, NJ

This beach is not only beautiful but also quiet. Since it is something like an off-the-beaten-path, there are not many crowds, so you can delight in some calm moments here. A lovely park is also here that attracts kiddos to have fun to their hearts’ content. The park is divided into two parts. One part is for the little kids, whereas the older ones enjoy the other.

The beach is not just replete with options to have fun but also has showers and clean washrooms. You can also dig into some scrumptious treats on its boardwalk.

Wildwood Crest Beach

Wildwood Crest, NJ

Having its fair share among the most loved white-sand beaches of Wildwood, this beach has free entry. It is one of the most well-kept and maintained beaches in New Jersey. Furthermore, it has a boardwalk, which is expanded lately.

If you like to take a long, leisurely stroll, there is free parking as well. The section of the Wildwood Crest is much quieter as compared to the area of the main downtown. If you love some calm time, you will love this beach all the more. It is noteworthy that it offers beach gear rentals at higher prices than most of the beaches, it is wise to carry your own.

Ocean City Beach

Ocean City, NJ

Sitting close to Cape May, Ocean City Beach is pretty lovable. And you will know why, once you visit it. One of the reasons is that the beach witnesses huge crowds mostly during the weekends. So, you can have a gala time, enjoying the quietude and solitude here. Crowds usually stay close to the boardwalk.

The beach is clean and you can laze as long as you want to. If you are a foodie, try out some toothsome treats at the boardwalk. You will be pampering your palate with the sumptuous delicacies of New Jersey. Being family-oriented, Ocean City doesn’t serve alcoholic drinks.

Stone Harbor Beach

Stone Harbor, NJ

Visit this long sand stretch that has a lot of facilities to keep you hooked. Owing to its beauty and facilities combo, the beach draws crowds, and you can find some space to relax on your own. Have you booked your flight tickets already, but want to change them? Count on American Airlines change flight feature.

As you delight in several water activities at this beach, lifeguards are always on the look. So, you can be assured to stay within the safety of their vigilance. As compared to other beaches, Stone harbor Beach has a short walk to and from restrooms and the parking lot. So, you can carry ample beach gear.

Sandy Hook

Highlands, NJ

You can’t miss out on this beach, of course, since it is among the best beaches in New Jersey. It is spick and span with clean bathrooms too. Since the beach doesn’t have a boardwalk, you will love the experience all the more. You will get convenient parking here.

So, hop on its white, powdery sand with your family or go for a friends’ get-together. Don’t forget to pack lunch and some games, and you are in for a great time with your loved ones at this expansive beach.

Thus, pick the beach that best meets your criteria for a great beach time. And set off with your loved ones for amazing experiences and remarkable memories.


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