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Healthcare Web Marketing: How can useful for doctor’s office?

Digital is fundamentally changing how patients relate to their health: 97.6% of people search for healthcare marketing information online.

On the web, there is a lot of information on medicine and surgery and even if no article can ever replace a medical visit (luckily!), Taking advantage of a healthcare marketing is the right move to advertise your medical practice while respecting the limits imposed by law and from the code of ethics.

What is Healthcare Web Marketing?

It is a type of marketing for doctors that uses all digital channels (website, blog, online advertising) to increase the number of customers and increase the popularity of the doctor’s office.

The medical sector is particularly sensitive, so traditional advertising channels (such as TV and print) are not the best solution to increase customers. A web marketing for doctors, on the other hand, allows you to be found by users who are exactly interested in your services.

Through SEO optimization for Medical Studies, you can promote your business without any platform advertising cost to be first on Google for searches related to “Doctor” or “Doctor’s Office” plus your area of ​​interest.

But that’s not all. By spreading interesting posts or content about health, you can make a name for yourself on the internet quickly and at ridiculous costs compared to those commercials or billboards. Furthermore, healthcare web marketing allows you to have a direct relationship with customers, and the reviews of satisfied patients are among the most effective methods of social confirmation.

Doctors are among the most reluctant professionals to accept digital changes. Still, you can use this to your advantage: by investing in digital before your competitors, you can gain a significant competitive advantage.

97% of People search for health information online.

78% of People claim to click on Google’s top results.

70% of Users who, after reading health news on the internet, seek the advice of a doctor

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Discover our medical marketing services

The starting point for starting a healthcare web marketing strategy is the website. A medical site must naturally be elegant to inspire trust in the user, but a beautiful design is not enough. The website must have content that interests, potential customers and be pleasant and easy to navigate.

We create medical sites that can rank on Google for the keywords related to the services offered by your doctor’s office quickly.

However, the healthcare web marketing strategy is not limited to the website, and this is, in fact, only one element of a more complex system that is divided into different channels, including:

  • Search engine optimization: SEO (search engine optimization) is how you can generate high-quality leads without incurring advertising expenses. Our digital experts can find the right keywords to position your medical site among the top Google results;
  • Medical blog: professional blog management is essential, especially in marketing for doctors, because it allows you to be recognized as a professional and to intercept segments of the public interested in exactly the services you offer;
  • Online advertising: thanks to targeted Google Ads campaigns, you will be able to show your advertisements only to interested people, and, with the pay-per-click model, you will pay only when someone clicks on your ad. You can also use Social Media Marketing tools to intercept your customers while browsing on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Brand Reputation: reputation is very important in the medical sector.

Medical office marketing: why rely on healthcare professionals

Many doctors are willing to invest in traditional advertising but make the mistake of entrusting their web presence to inexperienced friends or relatives.

On the other hand, communication on the internet is essential for the marketing of the doctor’s office, and bad management can ruin your reputation even in the offline world.

Would you book a vacation in a hotel with an unprofessional website, a bad social page, and bad reviews?

If the answer is no, think this is also the case for your patients. Nobody books a visit to a clinic or doctor’s office that has a bad reputation on Google or Facebook.

By relying on Digital Freelance, you will have at your disposal reliable and competent web marketing consultants in online health marketing.

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