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Holiday tour for Kullu Manali Tour Package 6 Days

Manali Tour Packages is adventurous activities offered in Manali is skiing. It is somewhat expensive but worthwhile. It looks amazing to be flown by helicopter to the top of the mountain, ski on the pristine snow, and then experience one of the most thrilling experiences as you ski down from slopes that are more than 14,000 feet above the ground. If you are too scared of skiing or you are not too obsessed with skiing then you can try yak-skiing and heli-skiing on your next Manali trip. This skiing will surely add a memorable experience to your life. Prefer to go to Manali during the winter season because this time Manali faces heavy snowfall which will make your trip more enjoyable. At this time you can easily find powder snow in the higher-altitude regions of the Himalayas. Book your trip with Kullu Manali 6 Days Package to make your  trip more convenient and enjoyable.

Manali 5 Days Itinerary package for make your best trip

When you visit Manali your mind must have wanted to do some adventurous activities. River rafting is among the top activities to do in Manali. It is a kind type of activity In which you have to remain active most of the time. This encounter ranks high on the list of favourite Manali vacation memories for many tourists. There are three routes in river rafting activity beginner-level, intimidate-level, and Pro-level. Every route is for different people with different experiences beginner route is for beginners and the pro route is for pros. There are much more other adventurous activities apart from river rafting like Zorbing, Jeep Safari, Snowboarding, River Crossing, Angling, Snow Scooter, Quad Biking, Camping, Trekking, Ziplining, Rock Climbing, Cable Car and Bungee Jumping. If you are an adventurer then Manali is a place for you the best time to visit Manali for special adventures is the months of June to July because most tourists don’t visit this place during this time you can find most activities at a good price. Lock Your Trip offers you a trip to Manali 5 Days Itinerary to make your trip interesting and easy.

4 Night 5 Days Manali tour Package

Manali is popular for its activities. Every year tourists from different nations come to Manali to enjoy the activities and sightseeing of Manali. And one of the most popular activities among tourists is Zorbing. In this activity, some people put you into a transparent plastic ball and then push you down from the top of the mountain. But you don’t need to be pushed down the mountain you might end up travelling across the water or being a football for some people. The best place to do this activity is Solang valley. It is a must-do activity in Manali. The best time to do this activity is between January to May. Book your Trip with the 4 Night 5 Days Manali Package which is provided by Lock Your Trip with amazing activities.

Manali Tour Package 4 Night 5 Days

Manali is a very popular place among travellers. But tourists still always miss something to discover in Manali. And the waterfall is one of those things. Approx 3 kilometres far from the busy town a stunning waterfall is located called Jogini Waterfall. Most tourist doesn’t visit this wonderful waterfall and it is one of the biggest mistakes of their life. This place is a perfect location for everyone even if it’s for couples, solo travellers or adventures traveller. This is also an ideal location for trekking because of the lush vegetation and wonderful sightseeing. Here hikers can pass through several small spaces while enjoying a breathtaking view of the Jogini Waterfall. It is a must-visit place whenever you visit Manali. Enjoy the amazing beauty of Jogini Waterfall with Manali Tour Package 4 Night 5 Days which is provided Lock Your Trip at a good price.

Manali 4 Nights 5 Days

Tourist love to travel in Manali because of the Solang Valley. Solang Valley is a serene and lovely location. This is the best place to do rest travel after doing some long tiring work. The route from Manali to Solang Valley is breathtaking. From Manali, It takes around 2hr to 2.5hr to reach Solang Valley it surely is a tiring route but worthwhile. The must-do thing in Manali is to participate in adventurous activities and taste delectable cuisines while enjoying the view of the white mountains. And if you are a fan of adventurous activities then you should surely visit this place because here you will find almost all types of activities, from snow activities to sky activities. Zorbing and ziplining are the best activity do in the spring season and skiing and sledging are the best activities in the winter season. So choose the right time to visit Manali according to which activities you want to do on your Manali Trip. Reserve your trip with Manali 4 Night 5 Days to make your trip more exciting and memorable.

4 Nights 5 Days Manali Itinerary

The major reason many tourists visit Manali is because of the adrenaline-pumping activities. That’s why many tourist love to visit Manali during the winter season. This time tourists can engage in numerous snow sports and activities. But there are a lot of other things here to do here apart from the activities like hiking in Manali Tour Packages. Imagine a serene high-altitude water body surrounded by picture-perfect evergreen tree forests and alpine meadows. You have just visualised the popular lake of Manali called bhirgu lake. One of the top locations for hiking close to Manali is this lake.

If you are planning to do hiking here then I would highly advise you to take some acclimatisation because this lake is more than 4000 meters above sea level. The majority of visitors do hiking here to see the scenery and expansive views of the Pir Panjal Range. Therefore Lock Your Trip offers a wide range of trips of 4 Nights 5 Days Manali Itinerary to make your trip relaxing and enjoyable.

Manali 5 Days Trip

Trekking can be one of the best options in Manali because of the wonderful sightseeing and lush vegetation of Manali. It is a must-do thing in Manali. Most of the popular trek routes are near waterfalls or lakes. And The popular ones are 1) Hampta Pass Trek 2) Beas Kund Trek 3) Chandrakhani Pass Trek 4) Rupin Pass Trek. And the popular trek routes which are near the lake are 1) Bhrigu Lake 2) Chamera Lake 3) Chandratal Lake 4) Dal Lake. The best time to consider going trekking in Manali is between June to early September. But if you are planning to do Low-altitude trekking in Manali then make your trip between April to June. And if you are planning to do High-Altitude trekking in Manali then make your between June to October. Make your trip convenient and enjoyable with Manali Tour Packages   5 Days Trip which is offered by Lock Your Trip.

Manali Trip For 5 Days

The trekking routes of Manali is one of the best attraction of Manali after activities. The easiest trek routes you will find in Lamadugh Trek and the hardest trek routes are near Hampta pass. In the hampta pass trek route, you will see the wonderful views of the Kullu Valley and Lahaul Valley. You can see the Hampta Pass trekking route included in Manali Tour Packages of Manali and Manali Trip For 5 Days also include this amazing trekking route. In the trek route of Hampta Pass, you can see some wonderful river crossings, delightful views of white mountains and the Pir Panjal Range from the top of the pass. Tourists say that the best time to do this amazing trekking on the Hampta pass trekking route is the month of June. And if you have already done the trekking on this amazing route then you can take a look at the trek route of Chandratal Lake.

Chandigarh To Manali Package

There are numerous attractions in Manali and Nehru kund is one of them. This place has that name because the first prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru frequently comes here in the spring season to drink water or to stay for at least one or two days. The clear waters and serene Himalayan scenery make this a good pit stop for travellers who are heading over to the Rohtang Pass. It is a naturally occurring spring that has chilly water and is thought to have originated in Bhrigu Lake. This place can be a great stop for photographers who loves to click pictures of nature sightseeing. If after listening to all these things, you are too feeling like roaming in this place. Then I would suggest you make your plan from May to October. At this time the weather is pleasant here, which makes it the best time to enjoy the peace and beautiful natural scenery of this incredible location. Since this place is popular Lock Your Trip provides an amazing Chandigarh To Manali Package at a good price.

Manali Trip Package From Chandigarh

Manali is not just famous for activities and sightseeing, here you can also see the amazing wildlife and extinct species of animals. The best park to see wildlife in Manali is the Great Himalayan National Park. This park is especially for those who can’t get enough of being around, playing with, and watching animals. This list of India’s national parks has recently been added this park on their list. Here you can see over 1000+ plant species, 200+ bird species and 30+ mammal species. Numerous plants and animals in the park will excite you and make you not want to leave this park early.

This is also an ideal location to click the photos of extinct wildflowers, animals and natural bounties. Here apart from the rare species of animals you can also enjoy outdoor activities like forest safari, hiking, and trekking. The best months consider to visiting this National Park is the months of between April to November. The month of April is ideal for observing wildlife seeking refuge at lower elevations. And October is an ideal time to see the fall foliage. Since this location is popular among tourists consider visiting this with Manali Trip Package From Chandigarh which is provided by Lock Your Trip at a good price.

Kullu Manali Tour Packages From Chandigarh

While exploring Manali, make sure to stop in the nearby villages to experience the local culture and breathtaking scenery of Manali. And to experience the local culture of Manali you should add the name Gulaba to your list. Manali Tour Packages This village is well-liked by winter travellers who yearn for snowy landscapes because it has some of the most alluring trekking routes. Due to the low pollution in this high-altitude place, this is also considered an ideal location for camping and stargazing. The best month to visit Gulaba is November because at this time snow heavily falls here. This place offers a better experience of snow activities and is less crowded in Solang valley. Roam in Gulaba with Kullu Manali Tour Package From Chandigarh which is offered by Lock Your Trip at a reasonable cost.

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