How Can An On-Demand App Like Glovo Be Created?

Apps for on-demand delivery are currently popular in Dubai. It allows you to order anything you want and have it delivered right to your door. This is the next best thing to delivery anything because your order will be delivered to you in a matter of minutes with just a few taps. The demand app like glovo for food, grocery, and pharmacy services has changed as a result of the recent Covid-19 outbreak. People now prefer online shopping over physical shopping. For users and businesses in this pandemic situation, there are many advantages to using a delivery app. It offers customers a practical means of making purchases without having to leave their homes or travel at all.

Features of the Glovo App

With the slogan “Order Anything!” Glovo, a Spanish on-demand delivery app, was established in 2015 by Oscar Pierre and Sacha Michaud. This application revolutionised how customers could receive their daily necessities at their doorsteps in an hour. According to Glovo, its mission is to make everything in a city accessible to everyone. Glovo has grown its business by operating in 1.1K+ cities across 23+ countries.

With 255M delivered orders, Glovo is one of the top delivery apps in mainland Europe. Glovo currently has $1.2 billion in funding from 33 investors.

Glovo offers a variety of top qualities, including:

  • Within an hour, users can place any type of order from nearby restaurants and shops.
  • You can find nearby stores and eateries in your city, including supermarkets, wineries, flower shops, pharmacies, and a lot more.
  • Customers will receive notifications about any promotions, deals, or updates as well as real-time updates about the item they have ordered.
  • Customers can track their deliveries and the glovers (Couriers) using the geolocation feature of Glovo, which has an optimised speed and distance cap.
  • One of Glovo’s helpful features is the ability for users to compile a list of their favourite products or items.

Features Required To Develop A Delivery App Like Glovo

Features Required To Develop A Delivery App Like Glovo

To develop a delivery glovo business model you need to focus on 3 portals or panels. These are: client panel, partner/restaurant panel & deliver panel.

These are the main 3 pillars for the delivery app development. The customer panel is an integral part of this development process as they provide demand for the food or products required. Then the corresponding restaurants or partners are responsible for processing the demand to the specific client who orders the product. Lastly, the delivery panel will provide the service as soon as possible. Take a look at the other parts of these panels.

Client/Customer Panel

  • Need easy-to-navigate user registration interface for account creation & signup process
  • Customers have to set the location where delivery agents are supposed to deliver the service.
  • The search option to find out the suitable restaurants or shops in the city
  • Bookmark option to save customer’s favorite restaurants or shop
  • Add to cart option for listing before purchase
  • Multiple payments options to choose from
  • Order tracking to see the progress of the delivery
  • Chat option for the customer to connect with the owner of a restaurant or the delivery agent
  • Order history to check the previous orders & transactions.
  • Review options

 Partner/Restaurant Panel

  • Partner’s signup process to create an account on the app to enlist the products & food menus.
  • Owners can launch different kinds of promos & offers for the customers
  • There should be an option to edit/alter any food menu or grocery product if it is not available at the moment
  • As the customer panel, partners can track the order status at any time
  • There should be an easy communication method with the store owner, delivery agent & customer
  • Owners can update the entire menu list, pictures & descriptions whenever it will be needed.

Delivery Panel

  • Like the other two panels, there will be a signup option for delivery agents.
  • Order management option for the agents to accept or reject the orders according to the product availability.
  • Account history to check the number of delivered items & total collected amount
  • In-app calling option to communicate with the customers

These are the essential parts of an app development process. Other aspects you should keep in mind that- doing market research for the targeted consumers, build-up a business & revenue model, app prototyping, easy-to-use interface design, development process & app testing.

How Does the Glovo App Make Money?

Well, Glovo’s primary revenue stream is based on the commission model. This indicates that the commission model generates close to 70–75 percent of revenues. This is due to the fact that the app works in various cities and provides the ideal platform for various businesses to advertise their businesses.

Almost 80% of the total commission is obtained from food delivery orders, with the remaining 20% coming from groceries, pharmacy deliveries, etc.

What Determines The On-Demand Delivery App Development Cost? factors and development methods.

When it comes to the development phase comprises different sections like app idea & analysis, app design, coding, app testing, and app launch.

The entire process needs an expert to carry out every task associated with app development. So, for assistance, you can hire

  • Food delivery app development services
  • Outsourcing companies
  • Freelancers

You can hire an expert on-demand food delivery app development company that takes care of the entire development process and offer post-launch maintenance and support for your app. This will reduce the burden and challenges associated with each development stage.

Coming back to the cost of development for your on-demand delivery app, the costs are determined by multiplying the development rate and time taken to finish the project.


Well, the costs to develop an app like Glovo vary depending on where you are. You must be aware of how many hours are necessary to create an on-demand app like Glovo for the two most popular operating systems, iOS, and Android.

Well, Apps On Demand can help you get a solid and effective app like Glovo business model to help you achieve success in the app market if you’re looking for a combination of experience and expertise to create a user-friendly and innovative app like Glovo. We are a reputable mobile app development company with a group of talented programmers who can also provide flawless white label app development services.

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