How Custom Printed Two-Piece Boxes Are Beneficial For Companies

Custom Printed Two-Piece Boxes

Reduced Delivery Costs

Using a reduced-size box for custom-printed packages will reduce delivery costs for a variety of reasons. First, using smaller boxes allows you to pack more products, reducing costs by as much as 50%. Furthermore, using a smaller box can save money on material costs, inbound and outbound shipping, and cut down on void fill costs.

Secondly, the custom-printed boxes can be sized to conform to the dimensional shipping rates of parcel carriers, saving the company money on shipping. Additionally, these boxes protect fragile products and reduce the need for additional packaging materials. While these savings may not be significant on an individual basis, they can add up to a substantial amount over a fiscal year.

Increased Visibility In The Consumer Marketplace

Custom boxes are a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Not only do they add a unique and memorable touch to your products, but they can also be highly customizable. Custom boxes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a great choice for shipping smaller products. You can even use them to package delicate items, such as electronics and high-end technology.

Added Protection For Specialty Items

Custom Printed Two-piece boxes are the perfect choice for retail packaging. They provide added protection while creating a premium look for specialty items. The two-piece design also creates brand recognition. Custom-printed two-piece boxes are an excellent way to promote a brand and enhance its image. Custom-printed boxes can also be used as promotional gifts.

When custom-printed two-piece boxes are used, they allow for a wide range of printing options. This includes metallic foiling, hot stamping, embossing, and engraving. These options ensure that your boxes look exactly as you intended them to. A special shoulder is used to hold the top and lower lids together.

Custom Printed Two-Piece Boxes
Custom Printed Two-Piece Boxes

Improved Environmental Responsibility

Custom eco-friendly packaging is a unique way to differentiate a company from the rest. It can enhance a company’s image and increase its recognition among customers. Custom eco-friendly packaging can be customized to meet specific requirements and can be a great way to showcase your products. The use of such packaging will not only improve the company’s reputation, but it will also increase its engagement rate with your customers. This can increase the market value of your company as well.

The growing awareness of plastic material and its effects on the environment has led to a rise in the demand for custom eco-friendly packaging. These custom boxes are recyclable and degradable in nature. Furthermore, these boxes can help preserve the beauty and cleanliness of our cities. Consumers no longer want to buy products from brands that do not care about the environment. With these benefits in mind, custom eco-friendly packaging is an excellent way to boost customer loyalty, which in turn, will lead to higher business sales.

Custom eco-friendly packaging is strong and durable. It does not reduce the quality of goods packed in it, thereby ensuring that the items inside do not get damaged during storage or shipping. In addition, bio-degradable materials do not pollute groundwater or the earth.

Printing Techniques For Custom Packaging

There are a number of printing techniques used to produce custom packaging. One method of custom packaging is lithography printing, which is the most popular and is used to create corrugated boxes and folding cartons. This type of printing produces high-quality packaging with detailed graphics. While this method is generally expensive, it does provide a high-quality look for custom packaging.

Another common technique is offset printing. This method of printing involves the use of plates. It’s typically used for stand-up pouches, but it can also be used for folding cartons. The technique produces premium-quality prints, and it can even accommodate PMS colors. It’s also a good choice for smaller-scale orders since the printouts are less complex.

Silkscreen printing is another technique used for custom packaging. This method uses a mesh screen to transfer the ink to the substrate. This method is particularly useful for odd-shaped packages or surfaces. Many artists and fashion houses use this technique to produce their packaging. However, it’s more expensive than other printing techniques, and it’s not recommended for high-volume projects.

Two-Piece Packaging Boxes With Window Make The Brand Better

Companies that have unique products and want to make them stand out from the crowd can use two-piece packaging boxes. These boxes offer superior presentation and all the qualities of excellent retail packaging. You can customize these boxes with a wide range of design options.

Two-piece packaging boxes are popular for retail packaging and are available in many styles. They can be designed to feature your company logo, motto, and contact information. They can also feature care and storage instructions. Another great features of two-piece boxes are a window that lets the customer get a peek at the product that’s inside.

Custom two-piece boxes are great for gift packaging and promotional purposes. They add a stylish, professional look to your products and increase brand recognition. Custom two-piece boxes are an affordable way to make a great first impression with your customers.

Custom Printed Two-Piece Boxes
Custom Printed Two-Piece Boxes


Digital Printing Of Boxes

Digital Printing of two-piece boxes is beneficial to companies in several ways. For one, it allows companies to have more control over their branding and packaging. Since it does not require print plates or high minimum order volumes, it can reduce lead times and improve speed to market. Another advantage of digital print is that it can be used for any size and configuration of the box.

This technique can produce high-quality designs for a relatively low price. It is a great option for companies that need small quantities and can handle simple designs. It is not recommended for complex or highly detailed designs. Flexography is also a cheaper alternative than other options. In addition, it is a faster turnaround time and can accommodate multiple colors, including liquids and oils.


The advantage of digital printing is the ease of custom design. The digital printing process does not require the use of print plates, whereas analog methods such as litho lamination and flexography do. Print plates are required for more complex designs that require multiple colors. Print plates also add time and cost to the process and limit the creative possibilities. However, digital printing can produce high-quality, complex designs and allow for greater speed and flexibility.

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