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How Long Will Composite Decking Last?

When you put composite decking in your garden, it will last a long time. This is due to the fact that composite decking boards come in a variety of colors that make them seem attractive. The color of composite decking will also stay longer since it does not fade as rapidly as wood.

Why will Composite boards last a long time?

Composite decking is a man-made product made of wood fibers and plastic. Wood-plastic composite decking is a common term used by homeowners to describe composite decking planks. This is due to the plastic used in the production of composite decking. In a factory, they combine the plastic and wood dust and heat them until the mixture becomes composite boards. The resultant kompositbrädor is sturdy and long-lasting.

Color of Composite Decking

Color of Composite Decking

The timeless color of composite decking is one of the reasons it will last a long period. The color is described as timeless by manufacturers of wood plastic composite decking because it does not fade or scratch readily. Additionally, throughout the manufacturing process, composite decking manufacturers apply a significant pigmentation or color to the surface. The deep coloration provides composite decking boards a nice appearance. Additionally, when you install composite decking boards, they will precisely adapt to the surroundings. This is due to the fact that it has a lot of pigmentation. The color of wood decking, on the other hand, is not particularly vibrant.

If you put wood decking on your lawn, the sun’s UV rays will swiftly bleach it. Because the rich coloration of the surface texture of composite decking does not fade like wood, it will look nice for a long time. You’ll notice that your composite decking fades significantly from a dark to a light color after installation. This is due to the fact that composite decking manufacturers made it lose a bit to blend in with the surroundings. Aside from the rich pigmentation, composite decking boards are available in a wide range of colors. Black, brown, grey, anthracite grey, and wood grain composite decking are available. The advantages of this pigment are that it will outlast wood. As previously said, composite decking is covered with a rich coloration that prevents it from fading soon.

Advantages of Composite Decking 

Advantages of Composite Decking 

Surface Color decking material that lasts a long time. There are various advantages to composite decking’s appealing color. Plastic wood decking does not fade easily, therefore it will endure a long time. This implies that when it comes to maintenance, wood plastic komposittrall does not require painting or staining. Furthermore, your wood plastic composite decking does not require sanding. You will save money on paint or stain if you build your deck with wood plastic composite. The surface color of wood decking is not as vibrant as that of composite decking. As a result, when wood decking is exposed to direct sunlight, the sun’s UV rays cause it to fade. That is why wood deck owners must paint or stain their wood on a regular basis. In addition, wood decking care will consume a significant portion of your budget.

Other advantages of Composite Decking 

Aside from looking nice for a long time, composite decking is also simple to maintain. You don’t have to sand or seal composite decking if you want to keep it looking good. Painting your composite boards is not necessary, other than sanding and sealing. So all you have to do to keep your wood plastic composite decking clean is wipe it off with a cloth. You may also sweep the top of your composite decking using a broom. If mold or mildew develops on your wood plastic composite decking, it is simple to remove with a brush. To scrub mold, you’ll need a soft brush and some soapy water.

Another advantage of composite decking is its long-term durability. Because composite decking is a synthetic material, it will endure longer than wood decking. It is more resistant to termites, snow, and rain than wood decking. Wood-plastic composite decking has a 20-year lifetime, whereas hardwood has a ten-year lifespan. Because composite decking does not absorb a lot of moisture, it does not swell like wood. Also, when exposed to temperature changes, wood plastic composite decking planks will not droop or distort.


How long will composite decking last? Because composite decking has a superior surface color to other decking kinds, it will last a long time.

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