How much can you save on your fixed costs?

Fortunately, your fixed costs are not always as ‘fixed’ as you might think. Almost everyone has the opportunity to save money. And every tenner that you have to spend less each month on your insurance or mortgage is a nice bonus. Added together, it can often save you hundreds of euros per year. Want to get started? Independent has written a manual for your own financial car wash.

Start with your energy contract.

Most Dutch people often stay with the same energy supplier for many years. What they often do not know is that the energy rates differ considerably per supplier. Make an energy comparison to see if you save money by switching. We help you estimate your gas and electricity consumption and determine the most suitable transfer date.

Am I OK with my car insurance?

Did you know that almost 63% of all car owners between the ages of 18 and 44 never worry about their car insurance? A shame because car insurance that was the best choice for you four years ago may now come out as the most expensive. That has a few reasons:

  • If your car gets a little older, it is better not to opt for expensive All-risk coverage. You will then have enough with the cheaper Limited Casco insurance. This saves you a lot on the premium.  
  • The premium also changes if you gain (or lose) more claim-free years. Therefore, compare regularly; you can probably do better by now!
  • If you have moved, you will have a new zip code, which determines the calculation of your premium. Every insurer calculates the premium differently, so who knows, there may be an insurer that suits you better.
  • Most insurers increase their premiums every year. The differences between them are considerable. This is also a good reason to check every year whether you are still in the right place.

Especially if you have a new car, you should make sure that you are properly insured. The better your coverage, the more expensive the insurance. There are a number of ways to keep your car insurance premium as low as possible. We have selected all the saving tips for you.

Get travel insurance that fits your holiday plans.

A quick tip. Check which travel insurance you have. One with Global Coverage? If you don’t plan to make long trips anytime soon, Europe coverage is enough for now. That can easily save you a few euros per month. How much exactly do you calculate here. We have also listed all the tips to save on your travel insurance.

Save on your most expensive insurance.

Health insurance is probably the most expensive insurance you have. And also one of the most important. Basic AT&T insurance is compulsory for everyone. Many people also opt for an additional package. And the following applies: the more extras you choose, the higher your premium will be. 

It is therefore very important to carefully consider which care you really need. So that you do not pay an unnecessary premium. At Independent, we help you make the right choice that meets your personal care needs. Step by step and in understandable language. That is why we have found out for you how you can save on your health insurance. 

Switching to another health insurance policy is only possible in November and December. Would you like to be notified when the time comes? Sign up now for the free Healthcare Premium Alert.

A good time to take a closer look at your mortgage

For many people, a mortgage is the largest and longest financial obligation in their lives. That is why it is smart every now and then to see if you can do it cheaper. This will save you a lot of money, especially over a longer period of time. Every month again. What can you pay attention to?

  • See if the risk premium can be lowered. You will then pay less interest. That’s right. The higher the risk for the mortgage lender, the higher the risk premium and the more interest you pay. But has your house increased in value in the meantime, or have you paid off part of your mortgage? Then the bank runs less risk. In return, your risk premium can often be reduced. Most mortgage lenders do not do this on their own. So contact them and check what you are entitled to. 
  • House prices are still rising. But mortgage rates are also slowly rising again. This is, therefore, the ideal time to see whether you can take advantage of the low-interest rates. For example, refinancing your mortgage can be a good option. Even if you immediately want to borrow a little more for a renovation.

Surprisingly cheap home insurance

Most people have home insurance. Your belongings in the house are insured against, for example, fire and theft. Do you live in a house for sale? Then you also have home insurance. This is for damage to the house itself. The following also applies to these home insurance policies: if they have been running for a few years, it is smart to compare again.

Not just because it saves you money. But also to make sure that you are still properly insured. For example, have you started earning more? Then you may also have some more expensive items at home. Or have you recently renovated your house so that your house has increased in value? You have to ensure that too. So check regularly whether you are not over or under-insured.

There are a few things you can keep in mind to keep the premium as low as possible. Read all the tips to save on your home insurance. And all the tips to save on your home insurance. 

Save on your term life insurance.

There are big differences in the premiums of term life insurance policies. This depends on the insurer but also on the target group you fall into: do you perhaps smoke, or do you have diabetes? Apart from these factors, there are a number of things you can keep in mind to keep your term insurance policy as cheap as possible. We have listed all the saving tips for you.

Finally: think about your liability insurance.

Do you accidentally break something from someone else? Then this falls under your liability insurance. With this, you are already insured for a euros for approximately 1,250,000 euros. Even though this insurance only costs a few euros per month, you can still save. We have listed for you how you can save on your liability insurance.

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