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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a WordPress Website?

Cost to Develop a WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the top-used CMS for creating websites. More than 36% of websites are powered by WordPress globally.

A website that stands out can give tough competition to your competitors and help your business have a robust digital presence. WordPress is an excellent website development platform that you can use to create such a website.

If you want to create a WordPress website, you must be wondering how much does it cost to build a WordPress website? However, there is no clear answer to this question because the cost depends on multiple factors. Knowing your requirements and several other things is necessary to estimate the cost. What are the factors that influence the cost of a WordPress website?

A better idea of cost can be found if you list down your requirement lists and hire a potential WordPress development services provider.

This blog highlights the factors affecting the cost of developing a WordPress website and tries to answer your question.

Type of Website

The vital factor determining the cost of building a website is what type of website you need for your business. You must be aware of the niche and the variety of services you provide; accordingly, the cost will be adjusted. Remember that the cost of developing an eCommerce website is higher than the cost of developing a company’s website.

Integrating additional features into a website, increment of pages, and so on will incur higher charges. Whereas creating a dynamic website over a static website will cost you more bucks.

The average development cost of a WordPress website would be between $4000 to $6000, whereas the eCommerce website development average costs around $48000 or more, depending upon the website’s functionality.

Customized or Pre-build Theme

A theme dictates the overall appearance of your website. A WordPress website’s development cost depends on the theme you want.

Customized Theme

Creating a customized theme can cost you extra money because they are developed from scratch.

With custom themes, you have control over how your website looks and the functions and features you want in your website. Themes are customized by keeping the complexity of the website in mind.

The more complex a theme, the more amount you will spend. Depending on your requirements, the average cost of custom theme development would be from $500 to thousands of dollars.

Pre-build Theme

Pre-built themes are purchased from a third-party seller. All the functionalities are dependent on the capability of the theme. Pre-built themes are a good match for brands that need quick website implementation.

Unlike customized themes, pre-built themes are not that much expensive. On average, pre-build themes cost $200 to $2500.

Development Team

When deciding about the development of a website, you cannot ignore the hiring cost of the development team. The type of web development team can affect the cost of building a website.

Inbound Team.

You can hire an inbound team to work on your website but keep in mind that it is time-consuming and costly, and if you are a small organization, you certainly don’t need it.

Hiring an inbound team is costlier; you have to bear all the expenses, such as their salaries, perks, and so on; sometimes, developing a website costs $5000 or more annually.

Hire a Professional developer.

On the other hand, hiring a professional developer would not be costlier for you as a business, as you do not need to bear all the expenses for an inbound team.

You can hire them for as low as $20/ hour for your project and offer diverse hiring models. So, you can hire them as per the model that suits your requirements.


Providing an exact figure for website development is not easy without understanding the development requirements of the business. You can get a rough idea of the average cost of website development.

You have to consider all the things such as website type, tech stack, customized or pre-built theme, and the development team, whether to hire an inbound team or a professional developer for your WordPress website development. However, with some estimates, the table below will simplify your task.

Basic website $2000—$8000 or more
Complex websites $9000—$30000 or more

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WordPress is the preferred CMS known for its flexibility, customization, and other benefits. 

Therefore, developing a WordPress website can be the most rewarding experience for your business only if the cost does not weigh you down.

The cost of the website depends majorly on the three factors, such as the type of website you want for your business, fully customized or pre-built themes, and the development team you will hire for your project.

The key here is to hire WordPress developers according to the type of project. The decision can be a game changer for your website and business.

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