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Computers and Technology

How SaaS Development Companies Can Improve Their Customer Experience

Customer experience is equally essential as product development in this continuously evolving digital space.

Gartner has pointed out that customer experience is responsible for driving more than two-thirds of customer retention.

A strong customer experience strategy is crucial for fine-tuning the end-to-end journey for customers. A positive customer experience can help enhancing customer retention and loyalty.

Great products can grab customer attention, but an outstanding customer experience will keep your customers returning to your products and services.

Since SaaS development companies rely on the subscription-based business model, customer loyalty is crucial for SaaS enterprises. Customer experience is a prime factor ensuring success for SaaS companies in India.

It is easy to allure customers with attractive features and functions. Once your customers find the CX lackluster, they will fly to another subscription-based SaaS product or service.

As per Gartner’s prediction, the global investment in public cloud services will reach $482 billion in 2022.

You may not wish to miss out.

Don’t let anything hinder your company from reaching the sky-high of success.

SaaS development companies must consider every touchpoint, from communication with customers to customers’ interests, while offering excellent CX.

Let’s discuss all the crucial factors SaaS companies in India must lookout to improve their customer experience and grow customer loyalty.

Why Is CX So Important To SaaS Companies?

SaaS companies put immense focus on their product development. Since SaaS products are the center of the SaaS business, concentrating on product development is a healthy practice. The entire SaaS world pivots around a product-driven growth approach.

But, think this way.

Do you think offering a top-notch and highly functional product can help you sustain in the choking competition?

With so many SaaS companies are sharing the SaaS space, competition is getting fiercer. Customers get numerous choices than ever before.

Your product may successfully allure customers. But once they find the customer user experience part lackluster, they will fly off to another subscription-based SaaS product, leaving your product subscription behind.

Here stands the effectiveness of customer experience management for SaaS trends in India.

You have to provide excellent SaaS development service SaaS products and incredible customer experience to reduce the churn retain customers for a long time.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem easy to decide where to start when product development and improvement have been your focus zone for a long time.

Don’t bang your head on the wall.

Following are some essential areas of the customer experience that SaaS companies should consider to enhance and hone.


Effective Customer Onboarding

The cooking of the best quality customer experience begins at the nascent stage of your customer relationship. It indicates that your onboarding process has to pivot around your customer’s requirements. They must experience the warm welcome assurance to fulfill their requirements from your side during the first interaction.

  • At the very moment your customers sign up for your SaaS development service or SaaS product, they must feel their requirements get valued. Whether a customer has signed up for a free trial of your product or bought your products, you must value him. Never make them feel any discrimination.
  • Your customers can come around with thousands of queries during product installation and use. Make sure they know the right path to reach out to your customer support team and your team responding to all the queries with utmost care and attention.


Work On Your Website User Experience

  • Uxeria has mentioned that 70% of online businesses fall off the ground due to poor UX.
  • Animaker states video content is 53 times more potent than text enabling a website to climb up Google’s 1st page.

Website user experience is one of the significant factors in customer engagement. Customers explore the website to find resources, pricing options, contact information, and support. Your SaaS website must excel in fabulous user experience to make customers feel satisfied after the visit.

  • Check your website’s speed and performance. Slow-loading websites or web pages are the pain points to your customers. Don’t hesitate to let go of some excellent graphics to improve your website speed.
  • Customers expect to dig out desired information and resources from your website, putting minimum effort. Work on effective navigation for your website.
  • Make your website content engaging to grab the attention of your customers.


Focus on soliciting Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is crucial to make improvements to your SaaS development companies.

Customers use your products expecting that your product will solve their pain points. But it is possible that after onboarding and using your product, your customers may come around with negative feedback.

They may find some bugs in your products.

You have to gather all kinds of feedback from your customer to improve your product. Unless you consider acting on customer feedback, how can you consolidate your product?


Rely on Long-Term Metrics

In the early days, the customer experience got measured by metrics on the foundation of adoption and client satisfaction.

In the present scenario, SaaS companies in India must focus on long-term aspects to measure their customer experience.

  • Make sure your customers get the desired outcome from your products as they expected earlier.
  • Measure your customer’s business goal.
  • Track their business growth.
  • Measure whether your product aid your customers to attain progress or not.
  • Customer experience does not end with buying a subscription, product installation, or implementation but continues through subscription renewal.


Summing Up

Customers expect peerless service and experiences from SaaS companies in India than a great product.

However, SaaS development companies put less effort into offering outstanding customer experience. In this SaaS realm, you can not continue like this. Your SaaS company growth relies on your customer-centric approach, feedback handling efficiency, and product improvement strategies. After all, customer experience is the key to enhancing your customer loyalty, subscription renewals, and expansion.

A report by Chiratae Ventures and Zinnov shows that the Indian SaaS industry revenue will hike up to 75.3 billion by 2025.

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Don’t panic.

EDIIIE SaaS developers leave no stone unturned to offer a superb customer experience. We can help you create an exceptional customer experience for your SaaS development business.

Let us know how to help you.



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