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How to choose an original, practical and aesthetic doormats?

Gone are the days of the ordinary doormats that everyone is familiar with! Today, all sorts of surprises await you at the entrance to a house or a room. Cute animal, funny message, geek motif, the doormat already encroach on the field of decorative elements. Moreover, you can choose from many personalized variations of this simple yet practical area rug. Head for the best original doormat ideas! The doormat and its practical sides doorway without a doormat are like a car without windshield wipers. We can do without it, but it is strongly discouraged or impossible! The prominent role of this small entrance mat is to remove the dirt accumulated on the shoes. And if it is a little less helpful in summer, winter and rainy weather, the doormat is more effective in absorbing humidity. This spares us the hassle of small puddles of water at the entrance and around other wet rooms, such as the bathroom and the sink area in the kitchen. Yes, it’s slippery too! Go to Imperialrooms.co.uk to find plenty of models that remedy the problems listed. The basic rules for choosing a practical doormat

Doormat selection criteria

Technical performance

For the doormat to fulfil its function well, it must present specific technical performances. By observing them, you will choose a good doormat from the first purchase instead of changing it frequently due to poor quality. These are the main characteristics we advise you to monitor to make a wise choice. The high degree of absorption-resistant materials-slip properties east of maintenance, cleaning, washability

Shape and dimensions

As for the shape, you can choose between the classic rectangular shape and the shapes that stand out—starting with the half moon, which has become somewhat familiar, then continuing with other original and exciting suggestions. A doormat in the shape of a curled-up cat, cloud, house, or palm leaf. This is a way to charm your guests as soon as they enter. In terms of dimensions, these usually obey a standard of 60×40 cm. However, it is quite possible to find other sizes or, if necessary, to resort to tailor-made solutions. Either way, the width of the doormat should be such that it can fit between the two door frames. A classic shape and dimensions

The material of manufacture

The choice of materials is quite broad and depends on the resistance-comfort ratio wagered. It’s up to you to define the latter and lean towards technical performance and or degree of convenience when choosing the doormat material. Find some of the most requested solutions below. Coir doormat – one of the most popular and valued for its resistance and impermeability; Rubber doormat – highly resistant to weather and solar UV rays, suitable for outdoor use; Nylon synthetic fibre doormat – harsh and abrasive but low absorbency (use indoors!); Natural cotton fibre doormat – the most absorbent but most suitable for the bathroom entrance; Polypropylene doormat – resistant and non-slip thanks to the vinyl or aluminium underlay; Cast iron doormat – very decorative and strong but non-absorbent.Sturdy and convenient artificial coir doormat

The original doormat and the design side: A few of us prefer simple, clean designs in a solid colour. These could sometimes seem bland and uninteresting. In addition, it is often said that the personality of the owner of a dwelling is recognized from the entrance. A classic doormat does not suggest anything, nor does it arouse curiosity to enter and discover the house’s interior. For this reason, in particular, some people have transformed the entrance mat into a decorative element in its own right. Cast iron doormat embellished with lovely arabesques, a humorous message like “I hope you have thought about wine. Or an interesting design or “Friends” logo printed on it. There are plenty of ideas that shine by their originality. Personalized doormat with a humorous message

Entrance mat and doormat: how to choose?

You can, on a whim, buy an entrance mat or a doormat that you have flashed on in a store. But is it the right carpet beyond its aesthetic qualities? Is your choice wise because of your needs in terms of efficiency? Is the material suitable? These are all questions you should ask yourself before choosing an entrance mat or a doormat. We review them in this article.

Take into account the technical qualities of the carpet and the material

In terms of technical qualities, the entrance mat and the doormat have approximately the same anti-dirt features. Both are generally placed at the room’s threshold to remove particles, waste and stones that may be attached to the soles of shoes. They also serve to absorb moisture.

In terms of material, there is a difference between the doormat and the entrance mat. Observing a selection of mats makes it possible to highlight the material from which they are made. This material consists of natural fibres of coconut or rubber with a rough appearance on which the shoe’s sole can be scratched. These doormats are often water-resistant and rot-proof.

Just use a vacuum cleaner and dry shampoo to clean the coir mats. For rubber doormats, cleaning with clear water will suffice. Entrance mats are usually made of synthetic fibres as opposed to the natural fibres of the doormat. The entrance mats are resistant; they can be used outdoors and withstand bad weather. They are machine washable at a temperature of 30°.

What about adaptability and decoration?

The choice of carpet should consider the look of your entrance, the design of the doorway and the configuration of the floor. While doormats offer less extensive possibilities, round rugs can be declined in several shapes and sizes. They will adapt more quickly to the constraints posed by the place where you want to expose them.

The choice of carpet should also consider the interior decoration of your home. From this point of view, entrance mats offer many more possibilities than doormats. Entrance mats can take on a wide variety of colours and patterns. Note also the possibility of personalizing them.

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