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Computers and Technology

How to Convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook?

Looking to convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook? We got the solution. We understand what you must be struggling with. Therefore, we got you both a manual solution as well as an automated solution, Mac OLM Converter by SysTools. So, keep on reading to obtain all the technical guidance and solutions provided here.

There are numerous reasons why a user is searching for solutions to convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. Some of them are as follows.

Reasons to convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

  • To migrate from iOS to Windows.
  • To share files from Mac Outlook to Windows.
  • To collaborate with peers who are using Windows OS.
  • Changing systems from Mac to Windows.

We mentioned some of the most common reasons. Perhaps you relate to these or you may have a different reason of your own. Well, whatever it is, we have the ultimate solution for it.

Methods to Convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

We all are aware that both Outlook for Mac & Windows use different formats to save and store their mailbox data. Both of these formats are not compatible with each other. Moreover, there is no way to transfer or migrate any of these formats to the opposite clients i.e., Mac to Windows and Windows to Mac. Therefore, we have brought you both manual and automated solutions that you can use to accomplish the task.
However, in the manual method, a significant amount of time is spent on configuration. In addition to that, it requires that the user is technically sound

The Expert Way to Transfer Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

There is a plethora of softwares floating all over the internet. However, we have found the best option for you. Numerous technical experts recommend this tool over the manual method every time. In addition to that it has numerous other features which we have mentioned below.

Fascinating Features of OLM to PST Converter

  • Converts all the contents of an OLM file such as emails, contacts, attachments etc.
  • Provides Add Folder option for Batch Conversion of OLM files.
  • Converts OLM to PST and 9+ other formats.
  • Offers Split PST file option to avoid data corruption.
  • Can Export Selective Data from an OLM file via the Date-based filter.
  • Supports files created in Mac Outlook 2019, 2016 and 2011.
  • Allows to Select and Export multiple OLM files at once.
  • Provides Naming Convention to save data in an appropriate & manageable way.

The list doesn’t end here; this tool has an abundance of great features that put it way ahead of its competitors. Let’s move on to how to execute the task using this tool.

Steps to Convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook:

  1. Start the software on your device (laptop or computer).

    Open the software

  2. Select either Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) option to add the required files. Click on Next.

    Add files or folders

  3. Then, either choose to Export All Folder or Export Selected Folder(s).

    Export all folders

    Export selected folders

  4. Choose the file format you want to export your files in.
  5. Moreover, you can choose Maintain Folder Hierarchy to keep the structure intact.

    Choose the file format to convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

  6. Apply Advanced Filters as per your needs.

    Use Advanced Filters to export Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

  7. Lastly, Browse and Select the Location Path to save the exported files. Click Export.

    Browse and select the location to save files

And we are done with the steps. Follow these above-mentioned steps to smoothly convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

Important Note: This software also comes in a Windows version for users who have OLM files to convert but they use Windows OS. The Windows Version can be downloaded for free as well.

Migrate Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook Manually

Before we share the steps to execute the manual method, let’s get acquainted with the drawbacks of this technique.

Why You Should Avoid the Manual Approach?

There are numerous factors which make experts suggest users steer clear of the manual method. For instance, most of the time and effort goes into the configuration, which makes this technique really time-consuming. Even so, it doesn’t guarantee 100% success after all the efforts. Moreover, it requires high technical knowledge to execute; a single human error may lead to data corruption or data loss. Due to these reasons and many more, the manual method seems to fail. Thus, users tend to choose the automated solution over it.
Now, let’s move to the steps to take to execute this method. Although, we have only shared the brief version of its steps as the whole method is extremely lengthy and tiresome.

Steps to Manually Convert Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

There are five steps to execute this method. Then, there are further substeps to explain those steps. However, here we have only mentioned those five steps.

  1. Create an IMAP server email account (Gmail).
  2. Configure the Gmail account in your Mac Outlook.
  3. Migrate your OLM file data to the Gmail account.
  4. Upon doing that, configure the same account in your Outlook for Windows.
  5. Finally, transfer all that OLM data to your Outlook mailbox for Windows.

That’s it for the steps. Although, as we stated, these steps are further elaborated which explains the entire configuration and transfer process of the OLM data.

Concluding Lines

In this technical write up we shared an outstanding solution to migrate Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. In addition to that, we also discussed the manual technique for the same. However, the manual method comes with certain deal-breakers i.e. drawbacks that hinder it from becoming the preferred choice of users. Hence, technical experts suggest users choose professional software over following the manual approach every time.

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