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How to Convert MSG to PDF Format? Complete Guide

Summary: Many users regularly search how to export their MSG files to PDF file format. If you are one of them, then read this article very carefully. Here, we are going to discuss the techniques to convert MSG to PDF format.

MSG file format generated by MS Outlook stores a single Outlook message. A MSG file stores only one email. So there are multiple MSG files to store complete Outlook data. Outlook MSG files are only accessed by Outlook. On the other hand, PDF stands for portable document format. It is a platform independent and easily accessible on any hardware or Operating Systems. So, most of the users want to save their MSG files in PDF format.

Advantage of Converting MSG to PDF Format

There are many benefits of transferring MSG to PDF. some of them are-

  • MSG files are not easy to share while PDF files are easily shared to another platform.
  • To save the complete data you need multiple MSG files. Whereas A single PDF folder can store all MSG files. 
  • A MSG file stores only one Outlook item with its properties. On the other hand a PDF file stores links, buttons, fields, audio, video etc.
  • To open MSG files, you need Outlook while for PDF files there is no need for a particular application to open the content.
  • MSG email may change or be lost but PDF the email format of PDF is does not change.

 Ways to Export MSG to PDF File Format

There are three methods to convert MSG to PDF format. First we discuss the manual and after that professional method. You can easily save your MSG Files data in PDF format using these methods.

Method 1: Convert MSG to PDF Format using Desktop Outlook

It is a manual procedure to transfer MSG files to PDF format. Follow the given steps-

  • Firstly, Select a MSG file and open it in MS Outlook 
  • Now, Click on File tab and select Save As option
  • Save this file in .html format at desired location
  • After that, go to the location where you have save the .html file 
  • Right click on the file and open with MS Word
  • Now, go to File menu in MS Word and choose Save As option
  • Select the .pdf format to save the file
  • Now, your MSG file is saved in PDF format. Repeat the process to save all MSG files

Method 2: Transfer MSG to PDF using Print Option

  • Firstly, go to location of MSG file on your system
  • Now, right click on it and open with Outlook
  • After that, go to File option of Outlook and click on Print option
  • Choose the Microsoft Print to PDF option and Press on Print button
  • Gives the name to file and set the location to save the output file
  • At last, click on Save button to convert MSG to PDF format
  • Now, you will find that your MSG files are saved in document format

Demerits of Manual Procedure

You can export MSG files to PDF using above given manual solutions. But methods have some limitations that are given below-

  • The method is suitable for only a few files. If there are multiple files then it takes lots of time to convert all MSG files.
  • Manual method allows you to convert only one file at a time. Bulk conversion is possible using this method.
  • The method exports only the contents of the email. You can not convert attachments, formats etc.

Method 3: Convert MSG to PDF Format Using Automated Solution

We all know that there are some drawbacks of manual methods. So, we use a professional method to save Outlook messages in document format. Hence, MSG Converter is a perfect tool to export MSG files to PDF format with attachments. The tool directly converts MSG to PDF in a few simple clicks. 

Additionally, the tool is capable of converting multiple MSG files at once without losing any data. There are no limitations on file size and numbers of files for conversion. It preserves the format and folder hierarchy during and after the process. The tool maintains the complete data integrity of files. It is a stand alone utility that supports all latest and old versions of Windows OS.

Steps to Convert MSG to PDF Format using Professional Tool

Step 1: Launch MSG to PDF Converter on your system and click on Open tab

Step 2: Now, click on Email Data Files >> MSG Files >> Choose File or Folder 

msg files

Step 3: Now, the tool provides the Preview option to view Outlook messages

Step 4: After that click on Export option and select PDF from Document  files


Step 5: Set the location to save the exported file and finally click on Save button

location nd save

 Why Use This Tool

There are many benefits of the tool that are given below-

  • The tool can convert multiple MSG files to PDF at the same time without losing any single bit of data.
  • This tool provides various formats to convert MSG files. Using this tool you can convert MSG to PST, EML, PDF, HTML, MBOX, CSV etc.
  • It provides advanced filter options to select your desired files for the conversion process.
  • The tool maintains metadata property and original formats of files during the process.
  • In this tool you do not need to install the MS Outlook to perform the process.
  • The tool preserves the data integrity and gives 100% accurate results.


 In the above blog we explained the both manual and professional solution to convert MSG to PDF format. You can export your MSG files using any methods but the manual procedure has some limitations. However, use an alternative solution to convert multiple MSG files at once with attachments.

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