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How To Cut Down Outside Noise To The Lowest Levels Through Insulation?

Whatever you do the noise will always be a major issue inside your house. However, up to 50% of the noise that comes generated by outside sources can be reduced by putting Knauf insulation to rooms like the attic or the exterior walls Knauf performance plus.

Inspiring value to your house by making it quieter is a win-win for everyone. People are more willing to spend more on houses, so if you intend to sell your house within some time, you should take this into account.

As well as making the house more attractive to buyers, the Knauf performance plus can increase the value of the home when the time arrives to sell. If your roof isn’t properly protected, hail storms may cause chaos and are particularly hazardous because they could completely damage the roof.

Hail, along with damaging structural structures, can weaken the structural integrity of a home due to the force it can be able to. It is possible to cause damage to windows, skylights, gutters and windows.

It’s Both Insect And Fireproof.

Alongside keeping the temperature of your home to be comfortable in addition, the Knauf Soundshield plus insulation offers a variety of other benefits. The properties of repelling insects and fire are offered in a number of the insulations.

A constant infestation of wood-eating insects could result in severe destruction. This is preventable with the correct use of insulation that stops termites from entering the original region.

If you are thinking about the amount needed to fix the damage caused by termites or other insects, investing in the proper insulation now could make a difference in saving a substantial amount of money in the long run.

There are fire-proof insulation products that are available. If you are using older insulation that may be more flammable, it is important to take this into account.

The attic wall insulation as well as walls secured safeguards the entire home from harm. By keeping fires in one specific area, they help to stop the spread of the fire.

Knauf Insulation Protects Your Home Against Mother Nature

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As important as insulation is to keep your home cool and at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, it’s equally important to think about how it could help protect your home from any other dangers to the environment.

Without insulation, houses built prior to 1980 are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Wind damage, particularly when windows aren’t shut and windows are not sealed, can cause serious damage to homes in spring and fall.

Because of this, strong winds can cause damage to your home. The windows’ structure could be damaged by winds that exceed 30 miles per hour.

The glass could be damaged and cause it to break and the windows to break open regardless of whether or not the windows are closed. The building’s structural strength is enhanced by the inclusion of knauf safeboard in these places Knauf performance plus.

The Reduced In Carbon Dioxide Emissions Equals Reduced Environmental Impact

Fibre insulation and silica gel are healthier for the environment as well as your pocket because they aren’t contaminated with toxic chemicals and additives commonly found in traditional insulation.

Algae in the reservoirs can be avoided with knauf soundshield plus that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Both you and Mother Nature will profit from less greenhouse gases.

Where can I place Rockwool insulation?

The most appealing aspect of Rockwool is its possibility of putting it in similar areas as fibreglass.

The most frequently used places to purchase Rockwool insulation are:

  •         Ceilings
  •         Attics
  •         Crawlspaces
  •         Walls
  •         Floors/Basements

In Which Regions Is It Not to Use Rockwool Insulation

In the next section, we’ll dig deeper into the comparison of other insulation types, but the most obvious thing is that it’s more expensive than other kinds of insulation. Would you consider it worth the cost? That is the question that we are trying to decide.

Rockwool Insulation vs. Other Insulation Types

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When weighing the pros and cons of a product it is recommended to test it against similar products.


In the case of insulation, it is measure by its thickness. Certain regions require a less dense layer of foam, whereas others require 6-8 inches to shield. An R-value that is very high is a sign that the insulation is of high quality insulation properties. The most efficient R-value is 45.

  •         3-4 inches of Rockwool. The range is R13 all the way to R38.
  •         Fibreglass 2-3 inches in the range from R11 to R37.
  •         Cellulose 3-4 per inch. The range is R11 starting at R30.
  •         Foam 3-3-5 inches The range starts at R3 starting at R25.
  •         Natural Fibres – 1-3 per inch.

Where Do I Put Rockwool Insulation


The procedure for installing the various types of insulation differs. For example, spray foam requires an individual sprayer, whereas fibreglass requires staples Knauf performance plus.

1. Fill with Gaps Caulk/Foam

Infill any holes that exist within the area where insulation will be. Begin by caulking around the windows, doors and other places with a width of half-inch. You can use expanding foam to fill gaps that are wider than cracks.

2. Don Gear

Rockwool Rw3 Wickes doesn’t create irritation in your throat and the skin as it is a fibreglass insulation. However, don’t inhale it. You’ll need glasses and an eye mask.

3. Place Floors And Walls

Begin at the bottom and proceed to the exterior of the home. Outside walls ceilings, crawl spaces or basements. Cut each piece in pieces and then place it. It’s not require for you to staple the pieces. Incorporate the insulation in the hole and remove any obstructions using the help of a knife.

4. Put in Ceilings And Attic

It will fit in the slots with no problem, even with no ceiling covers Knauf performance plus.

Knauf Ecose Summer and Winter Benefits

Are you fed up with your energy bills being to the extreme? Rw3 insulation is the best solution to ensure that your home is warm all year round and also help you save money on your energy costs.

Our insulation will raise the temperature inside your space by 5 to 8 degrees in the summer and winter months! You’ll have the chance to enjoy an enjoyable evening at home without spending a lot.

Additionally, you’ll be doing your part to protect the environment by using this green insulation product.

Knauf Ecose Acoustic Benefits

Are you looking for options to lower noise levels in your home? Knauf Ecose could be the ideal insulation choice for those who want to reduce the sound levels in their homes.

You can have peace and quiet at home when you install Knauf Ecose insulation. It’s easy to install and will make your home more tranquil. You can get rid of noisy neighbors and traffic and construction workers. Get Knauf Ecose insulation today!

Knauf Insulation Cant Burn

Are you worrie about the safety that your relatives will be protect in the incident of an emergency fire? Knauf Insulation can give you assurance and protect your family members in the event of an emergency.

Knauf insulation is by using ECOSE Technology, which is an organic binder. It is free of formaldehyde or phenol and is therefore non-toxic.

You can rest assure knowing that the Insulation won’t start an explosion, and will not cause harm to love ones in the event of one. There’s no reason to worry about the dangers that could be pose by conventional Insulation for long.

Energy Saving Advantages

Reduce your energy bills by incorporating Knauf Ecose insulation! Insulation is one of the most cost-effective and affordable ways to improve the efficiency of your home’s energy use and comfort.

The installation of insulation is a simple and simple method of increasing the quality of life in your home and reducing carbon emissions as well. Additionally, by using Knauf Ecose you’ll save money on energy bills as it reduces the necessity to cool and heat your home.

The advantage of financials from Knauf can be that the expense of insulation is cover in the course of two or three years in energy savings from the insulation itself. Then you can have a life of comfort in your home and energy savings.





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