How to Download Google Drive Data to Computer?

Save all data from Google Drive with Gmail Email Backup Software

When we talk about Google, then undoubtedly it is a one-stop destination for its users for cloud services. Google Drive is where users can save and access services like documents, photos, contacts, and more. Google also stores all of its data there. But sometimes you may face difficulty in accessing your data from a drive. Some of the major reasons for this are Internet outages, malicious attacks, Ransomware attacks, device corruption, etc. In this case, you can download Google Drive data to any hard drive or locally to keep its backup so that you can access it at the time of need.

This article will explore some methods to save Google Drive data with manual and automated approaches. Having a backup always gives you a feeling of security. Let us proceed with different approaches that can help you download all of your data from Google DriveMoreover, you can also Migrate Gmail to Office 365 with an automated method.

Method 1: Save Google Drive Data to PC

You can use this method when you are not loaded with bulk data. Otherwise, this method does not assure a complete and safe backup. Additionally, it may take a long time to download your data. Follow the steps to execute the downloading task.

Steps to Download all the Data from Google Drive 

  • Open your Google Drive.
  • Select the files or folders that you want to download.
  • Right-click on the selected folders and select the download tab.Download Google Drive Data
  • Now, it starts preparing a zip file of your selected files or folders.
  • Once it is completed, it shows you the message.
  • Assign a name and destination for the resultant file.
  • Go to the destination where your zip file is saved. 
  • At last, extract your zip file.
  • Finally, your selected data from Google drive will be downloaded at your selected location.

Method 2: Download all Data from Google Drive via Google Takeout

This method works well when you have data in bulk that you want to download for later use. With the help of Google Takeout, you can perform the task of downloading Google Drive data locally. Three steps can be taken to finish this task. Follow the stages to proceed with downloading the task.

  • Stage 1: Select the data that you want to download.
  • Stage 2: Choose the file type, destination, and frequency.
  • Stage 3: Export Progress

Stage 1: Select the data that you want to download.

Follow the steps to download Google Drive data.

  • Go to Google Takeout.
  • Select the Google Drive box to export data.Download Google Drive Data

Stage 2: Choose the File Type, Destination, and Frequency.

After that, choose the delivery method, destination, and frequency for the file. Follow the steps to execute this stage. 

  • Firstly, select the delivery method for your output file.
  • Secondly, select the frequency after how many days you want to download Google Drive data.
  • At last, select the file type and size for your resultant file.Download Google Drive Data
  • Finally, tap the Create Export tab.

This will start your data export from Google Drive.

Stage 3: Export Progress

This is the final stage of downloading Google Drive data locally. It will show the details of your selected files’ progress report. Manage the file size in which you want to export your data.

Finally, visit Google Takeout once more to view the files you’ve downloaded. You may also receive a notification of your downloads via email or another delivery method you’ve chosen. Download Google Drive Data

What will happen next, though, if these methods don’t work as planned? After all, using these methods requires solid technical knowledge. Be vigilant enough while proceeding with these approaches, one wrong step will lead you toward data loss. In this case, we suggest you use a professional utility that can export Google Drive data securely without any risk of data loss.

Download Google Drive Data With a Safe, Secure, and Smart Approach

The Gmail Email Backup Software is one of the most reliable and secure utilities that can save your emails from Gmail onto your PC or hard drive. Additionally, it can also migrate your Gmail email into multiple file formats and email clients. Moreover, you also need not to be technically skilled to use this utility. Follow these simple steps to download Google Drive data locally.

Steps to download all the data from G Drive

  • Download and install the software.
  • The next wizard shows you the icon of your Google Mailbox items.
  • Select the Google Drive icon.
  • It will redirect you to the page that asks you to allow access.
  • After managing the Allow Settings, tap Next.
  • Assign a path for the output folder and click the Start to Download button.
  • Go to the destination to check whether the migration was successful or not.


In this write-up, we discussed some manual and automated approaches to downloading Google Drive data. Whether manual approaches require time and special attention during implementation. On the contrary, an automated tool does not require any proper attention for its implementation and you can fetch your data at your selected location.

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