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Kids and Teens

How to Draw a Heart Carved In The Tree

Draw a Heart Carved In The Tree

How to Draw a Heart Carved In The Tree. Learn how to draw a beautiful heart carved in a tree with easy step-by-step instructions. Now you can easily create a beautiful heart in tree design. With a cartoon heart carved into a tree design, you can surprise a loved one with a personalized image.

Many people use heart symbols when commemorating their love for another person. While you shouldn’t carve letters into trees in real life, a cartoon heart carved into a tree can understand without harming any living being. Your cartoon heart carved into the tree can have any initial, including yours, a friend’s, or your crush’s. Do you think you’ll be bold sufficiently to reveal your passion when you’re accomplished?

Then use your favorite painting tools to fill in the design. Maybe you and your crush could use this guide to paint matching pictures. If you want to grow your tree with more branches, check out these Free Christmas Coloring Pages that feature different trees and other exciting things.

Instructions on How To Draw A Heart Carved In The Tree

Step 1

Start with an irregular left hook shape. Draw another hook shape on the right and a curved line at the top. Draw a wavy line over this shape, create a narrow triangle pointing to the right, and then use a straight line to connect these shapes.

Step 2

Draw a narrow, elongated triangle shape pointing up. Draw an irregular line about two inches above this shape and two more narrow triangles. Relate the figures with a straight line that bends at the top.

Step 3

Draw two more waves on the left, elongated triangles. Draw two curved lines about 1 inch above these shapes, then connect them with a straight line. Add another wavy line around the bottom.

Step 4

Create several loose mound shapes like the edges of a fluffy cloud. Use straight and curved shapes below to create the branches.

Step 5

Add a few better hill figures on the right, then use open teardrop figures for the leaves. Don’t worry about them looking perfect; test with various figures, sizes, and pitches.

Step 6

Repeat the previous step for the remaining leaves.

Step 7

Draw a heart in the middle of the tree. Draw a smaller heart inside this shape, then use a triangle shape for the arrowhead and two diamond shapes for the “feathers” at the top.

Step 8

Add more detail to your heart carved into the tree image. Draw two letters in the heart. Add wavy, expressive shapes around the roots to create grass and shrubs.

Step 9

Draw A Tree

Complete the outline of your heart carved into the tree design. Draw the rest of the grass, then add lines inside the tree to give structure and depth to the trunk.

Step 10

Color your carved heart in a tree design. Using a black pen or marker, complete your heart carved into the outline of the tree. Erase the extra pencil lines.

Tree Drawing

When you’re done, have your heart shaped into the outline of a bright and colorful tree, with brown for the trunk, green for the leaves and grass, and a blue sky in the background.

Drawing Completed

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