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How to Extract Email Addresses from Gmail Account?

Summary: Are you looking for the best solution to export email addresses from Gmail? If yes, then right article in front of you. In this post, we will provide a reliable solution to extract email addresses from Gmail.

Gmail is a free service that is web-based. It allows its users to receive and send electronic messages by using either the web or the third-party apps through IMAP or POP protocols. Email is only a general term that describes electronic mail.

If you use Gmail, you already have a Google Account. With a Google Account, you have access to Google products at no charge like Drive, Docs, Calendar, and more. To sign in to your Google Account (or any Google product): Go to the sign in page of the product (for Google Accounts it is myaccount.google.com).

Nowadays, Gmail is the most popular email service provided by Google. Most of the users use Gmail for their personal and professional purposes. It stores email, contacts, calendar, photos, tasks etc. sometimes users want to download email addresses due to any reasons. So, here we will discuss the effective solution to extract email addresses. But, before going on to techniques we will consider why you need to export email addresses from Gmail.

What is the email address?

An Email Address is the address of the account that you use to send and receive emails. It is displayed to the recipients of your emails so that they know who sent the email. Each email address can only be assigned once worldwide and is therefore exclusively available to you.

Reasons to Extract Email Addresses from Gmail

There are multiple situations when you need to download email addresses. Some of them are-

  • When you want to share the email addresses to another person.
  • If you want to switch on another email service then you need to extract the email address for further use.
  • Sometimes email addresses save for backup purposes.

Expert Solution to Export Email Addresses from Gmail 

There are multiple techniques available to download email addresses from Gmail. But, choosing the best way is a typical task. However, Xtraxtor Gmail Address Extractor is the top most solution to export email addresses. The tool can extract multiple email addresses at the same time with high accuracy. It is capable of preserving complete data integrity during the extraction process. The software allows you to save the resultant files at your desired location. So, you can easily access them after the extraction process for further use.

The software provides multiple filter options to select any particular email for extraction. In this tool you do not need internet connectivity or install any other applications to extract email addresses from Gmail. You can run this software on any latest and old versions of Windows based systems. Any beginner can easily perform the process due to its simple interface. Using this tool you can extract email addresses from Thunderbird, Outlook and other wen mail accounts. 

Steps to Extract Email Addresses from Gmail Using Tool

Step 1. Download and Run Xtraxtor Gmail Email Address Extractor on Windows PC

Step 2. Now, click on Open >> Email Accounts >> Add Account

Step 3. Enter the Gmail account credentials and click on Add button

Step 4. The tool loads all data from Gmail in software panel for preview

Step 5. After that, click on Extract and select Email Address option

Step 6. Choose the fields to extract email addresses and click on Extract button 

Step 7. Finally, set the desired location to save resultant file and press Save button

The process is done. Now, go to the desired location and open the files to check email addresses. All your email addresses are saved in txt file.

Key Features of Gmail Email Address Extractor

The software has many advantages which are given below-

Extract from Gmail- The tool easily extracts email addresses from Gmail in a few simple clicks. It is able for bulk extraction without losing any data.

Advanced Filter options- If you do not want to export email addresses from unnecessary emails then advanced filters help you to extract specific data. The filtering allows you to filter emails with specific keywords that are based on date, time, to, from, subject etc.

Search and Preview Option- When you add a Gmail account in software then it loads all data from Gmail to the software panel. It allows you to fully preview the option to view the data before the extraction process. If you want to search particular data then it helps you to select it.

Export from other File Formats- If you want to extract email addresses from any types of files then you do not need to purchase the other products. The software can extract email addresses from MSG, PST, EML, MBOX etc. 

No Restrictions- In this utility there are no limitations on number of email addresses or file size. It provides 100% accurate results after the extraction process.

Save at Desired Location- The software allows you to save the resultant files at your desired location. So, you can easily access them after the extraction process for further use.

User-Friendly Interface- The interface of this tool is very simple and easy to use. Any user can easily perform the process without any external guidance.

Free Demo Version- The software has a free demo version. You can download this version to check its work efficiency. After the full satisfaction you can purchase the licensed version.

Dedicated Customer Service- The best thing of this tool is that customer service is available for 24*7 to answer your questions. If you have any query about the product then you can contact the support team. They solve your problem as soon as possible.

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In this post, we have explained the best way to extract email addresses from Gmail. This Gmail Email Address Extractor can easily download the email addresses in a few minutes with ease steps. However, the tool can export email addresses from multiple emails at once. So, it saves your time and efforts to complete the process.

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