How to Find Missing Outbox Folder Outlook from All Windows

Are you looking for a solution to find the missing Outbox folder in Outlook and don’t even know how to get back your files? So, don’t worry. In this article, we will make you aware of the two best methods: the manual and the professional ones. Apply these two methods to find the solution to your problem.

How to Search Lost Outbox Folder in Outlook – 2010, 2016

There are many ways to explore the lost Outbox folders in Outlook 2010, and 2016. Here, we provide you with one of the best methods which is third-party software and the name of this tool is Software pro Outlook recovery Software.

It is one of the best software that currently trending in the market. Even the experts give it the full marks. It is a great performer of Outlook PST file data recovery. This software also does some more magical things for this you have read its steps and features in the upcoming paragraphs.

Steps Of Outlook Recovery Software to Discover Removed Outbox Folder in Outlook

Steps of Outlook recovery software to find the missing Outbox folder in Outlook.

  • In the starting, you have to download the PST file repair tool.
  • In this step Browse the PST file in the software forum.
  • After, finishing the retrieval process the Outlook Email recovery software to help you to preview restored files.
  • Now, pick up a file format (PST, PDF, MSG, EML, HTML, OFFICE 365) to save all restored files and folders.

These are some simple steps of the Outlook recovery tool. With the help of these steps, you can find your missing Outbox folder in Outlook even from the windows like 2010, or 2016.

Features of Outlook Recovery Software to Detached Outbox folder in Outlook

Here are the features of Outlook Recovery Software to find the missing Outbox folder in Outlook.

  • Backing PST Email Recovery
    With the help of Outlook to retrieve the tool, you can restore PST file attributes likewise emails, tasks, calendars, notes, etc which are rotten. Even the hard-deleted PST files have a way to be restored by this amazing tool. Advance mode is for deleted PST email files.
  • More than One PST file Scanning Mode
    This software has the potential to restore damaged PST after doing a quick scan on them. After the scan will complete you can preview the files in a list but if the Outlook files are severely damaged or harmed. So, you can move to the advanced scan option.
  • Save Data into More than One file format (Multiple)
    The Outlook Mailbox Recovery Software after doing PST recovery restores the Outlook PST data into several file formats such as EML, PST, and Office 365. Restoring MS Outlook files in EML and MSG file formats will let you open and read both the things PST email files in windows live mail and Microsoft Outlook combine.
  • Preview PST Emails with Attachments
    The Outlook recovery software is favorable in restoring Outlook PST files and emails with lots of simplicity and seeing all email files when the scan get finished. It can list emails with attachments on its own. All the other PST thing that is restored can also be viewed.
  • Apply Emails Filters to Restore PST Data
    You can define a date range to use the filter on PST emails so it can so selective PST file recovery in the specified date range, not for the full Outlook recovery. This is the way you can apply email filters to restore Outlook PST email files.

These are some amazing features of Outlook recovery software. It can also help to find the Outbox folder in Outlook. After, this you can also check out the manual feature to search the lost Outbox folder in Outlook.

Manual Method to Search Lost Outbox Folder in Outlook

By mistake, you moved your folder in Outlook, but it is not simple to find that folder and go back to its original location. This manual method will guide you to find a missing Outbox folder in Outlook moved accidentally. For more information about the manual method, you can read the steps given below.

Find Missing Outbox Folder in Outlook by following these steps

Search the lost folder which was moved by mistake in the Folder Size Option

Imagine the name of the lost folder is “Internal”, you can be searching by browsing all folder names in the Folder Size display box. Please follow the tips given below.

  • Press the right-click of the email account in the Navigation Pane and then press Data Files Properties from the right-click menu. Look out for the Screenshot.
  • In the Outlook today display box and under the General Tab button. In the opening Folder Size display box, search for your missing folder in the folder box option. Look at the screenshot.
  • Move back to the Outlook main interface, and search the folder according to the folder path. After this manually drag the folder behind where it belongs.

Search the missing folder which was moved by mistake in the Search and Browse Option

If you still have not forgotten the title of any emails in the missing folder, you can get back the folder by searching email title that steps are given below:

  • Press the Search Box button, convert the search scope to All Mailboxes, and then enter any word you want in the email title in the search box option. Look at the screenshot.
  • Then the email is to find out and recorded it in the mail list and then double click to open it.
  • Hit the CTRL + SHIFT + F keys to open the Advanced Find display box (or you can just choose the emails and press Search > Search Tools > Advanced find). In the display box, you can look out for the names of the folder where the choosing the emails is located presented in the box. Please press the browse button.
  • In the select folder(s) display box, you will look out where the missing folder is right now located. Recall the folder path and then press the OK button.
  • Move back to Outlook Interface, to find the missing folder by the above folder path, then manually drag the folder behind to its right location.


Hopefully, you can understand “how to find the missing Outbox folder Outlook”. In this article, we provide you with two simple methods to search the lost Outbox folder in Outlook. They are manual and professional methods. Both ways are effective. You can select any of these as your requirement. This Outlook recovery tool is the ideal method to find the missing Outbox folder in Outlook.

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