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How to Fix My Canon Printer Offline With Simple Steps on Windows 10?

While using the Canon Printer, many users confront the “Canon Printer Offline” error that pops up in between the task and hampers the printing process. Although Canon printers are known for delivering outstanding printing experiences, technical issues can always occur from time to time. There is no need to worry if your Canon Printer Keep Going Offline, you can fix the problem in a few minutes by following some easy steps.

In this guide, we are going to share some easy Canon Printer Offline Fix instructions that will help you to troubleshoot the issue instantly.

To fix any issue, you need to first know the reasons why your printer keeps going offline.

 Here are the reasons why Canon Printer Keep Going Offline:

  1. Improper USB Cable connection.
  2. Poor Internet Connectivity.
  3. You have have not set the device as the default printer.
  4. “Use Printer Offline” is disabled.
  5. The printer spooler service is turned off.

Troubleshoot Canon Printer Keep Going Offline: Common Fixes

The first and foremost thing to fix the Canon Printer Keep Going Offline is to check the printer settings.

  • Restart your router or WiFi connection.
  • Check the printer status from printer settings and make sure it’s online.
  • Check the pending printing request and if there is any, clean the queue.
  • In case you are using the VPN connection, close it. Try to access the printing services again.
  • Restart your printer.
  • Restart or Boot your computer.

These are some steps that can help you to resolve the Canon printer offline Mac or Windows error. If you are still having the same trouble, proceed with the next troubleshooting steps.

Set the Printer as Default Printer

If you are still wondering Why is my Canon printer offline, then you might not set it as the default printing device. Here are the steps following which you can set the Canon printer as the default printer:

  •  Go to the Control Panel.
  • Select the “Devices and Printers” option.
  • Here you can see your printing device name.
  • Right-click on the Canon printer.
  • From here, click  the “Set as default printer” option.
  • Once the device is set as the default printer, you can see the green mark on it.

Disable “Use Printer Offline” 

  • Restart the Canon printer.
  • Open the “Run” box.
  • Go to “Devices and Printer” from the Control Panel.
  •  You can see the Canon printer on the screen.
  • Click on your printer and see if you have disabled the “Use Printer Offline” feature.
  • Click to disable the option.
  • Cancel the printing request, if there is any.

Reinstall Printer Drivers 

Visit the Canon printer’s official website and reinstall the Canon printer drivers for your system. The outdated printer drivers could be the reason that your Canon printer is offline.

Restart Printer Spooler Service 

  • On the Start menu, type “Service” in the search bar.
  • Click on the “Services” option.
  • Right-click the “Print Spooler”.
  • Tap on the “Restart” option.
  • Go to “Properties” and set the startup type as “Automatic”.
  • Hit the Ok button to “Save Settings”.

So, these are some easy instructions that you need to follow to fix the Canon Printer Keep Going Offline error on your device. Canon printer delivers great performance and quality services. We recommend you keep the printer drivers and software updated . Also, make sure that your device is compatible with the printer to execute the printing commands. Hopefully, after this, your printing issues would be fixed. But, if you still having trouble, we recommend you contact the experts for a piece of advice. They can give you the best possible solution after analyzing the current situation.

Fix paper jam.

If your canon printer keeps going offline, you must check the possibility of a paper jam. Go through these steps to resolve the problem.

  • Turn off the printer.

  • Now, remove the rollers from the device.

  • Remove the paper if the rollers aren’t present in your printer model.

  • When you are sure that all paper is removed, run a test print.

Reinstall printer drivers to fix the problem on Mac

Faulty software, such as printer drivers, can make your Brother printer offline on Mac. Uninstall the drivers and install them again to fix this issue.

  • Navigate to ‘System and Preferences’ on your Mac device.

  • From there, go to ‘Printers and Scanners.’

  • Choose your printer and click the ‘‘ sign to uninstall it.

  • Download the driver from the website of Brother printer.

  • Restart the printer.

  • Open the driver you’ve just installed.

  • Choose your printer and install the paper port.

  • Now, open the Apple menu.

  • Select ‘System Preferences.’

  • Choose ‘Printers and Scanners.’

  • Now, tap ‘Add printer or scanner.’

  • Choose your printer from the window that appears.

  • Now, you won’t find the offline error on Mac. 

Make Your Canon Printer Print Flawlessly Again

These measures will make your wireless Brother printer come back online easily. Use a canon printer offline fix and start working usually. If you still need more assistance, connect with a printer technical support service. The experts will diagnose the problem from the root and troubleshoot it effectively.


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