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How to Import an MBOX File into Outlook? – Step-by-Step Guide

How to Import MBOX to Outlook PST? – Manual or Automated Method

Summary – This article explains the manual method to How to Import an MBOX File into Outlook? – Step-by-Step Guide. The process is separated into four main steps. Read out this post to know how to import an MBOX file into Outlook PST with attachments.


MBOX format was considered one of the best file formats as it could be accessed by several email client applications such as Apple Mail, Opera Mail, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Thunderbird, Pocomail, Eudora, Entourage, ClawsMail, Netscape, Spicebird, etc.

But now, because of the improving popularity of Microsoft Outlook the saves data in PST files and offers extensive features and benefits; conversion from MBOX to PST files has become mutual with SMBs and enterprises.

Microsoft Outlook does not prefer the MBOX file format to save data. Therefore, if you need to access MBOX mailbox emails in Outlook PST, it is important to import an MBOX file to PST, which can be easily viewed in Outlook.

Here we go to know How to Import an MBOX File into Outlook? – Step-by-Step Guide. Keep reading to find out

How to Import MBOX to Outlook PST? – Manual Method

Take an example, you are a Mac user (using Mac Apple Mail) and require to view or access the mailbox data into Outlook configured on another Windows machine. In such type of situation, you may need to move Apple Mail MBOX to PST Outlook format.

Even though the MBOX to PST file migration procedure is very simple, you need to have complete technical knowledge. One fault can lead to data loss. And the data reliability may also be sake.

Also, you should keep the backup of MBOX mailboxes before importing them into PST files to deal with the risks of file corruption or deletion.

Next, if you need to free import MBOX to PST file format, but do not have any idea how to achieve the same, follow the manual process below:

Step 1. Open your Mac machine and apply the following steps:

  1. Initially, you need to export Apple Mail to MBOX:
  2. Open Apple Mail on your Mac system.
  3. Hit on the File menu and then press the Import Mailboxes
  4. Next, under ‘Import data from:’ choose the program from which you need to import data such as Files in mbox format.
  5. Press on Continue to proceed further.
  6. After that, give the location where MBOX files are kept on the system.
  7. Choose MBOX files that you wish to import and hit on Choose.
  8. Then select items that you want to import and then hit on Continue.
  9. Finally, press on the Done and browse the import section in the mailboxes list

After that, you need to configure Eudora (windows version), as MBOX files cannot be directly imported to PST as Eudora is important for finalizing the MBOX file creation.

Step 2. Open your Windows machine and apply the following steps:

  1. To start the process, you will require to add the MBOX file extension to the file just imported. For example, ProjectMBOX requires to be altered to ProjectMBOX.mbx
  2. Transfer the file ProjectMBOX.mbx to the Eudora directory where the files are saved by default in the application: “C: Documents and Settings <user>Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora”
  3. Next, open the Eudora application and double-click on the ProjectMBOX.mbx. Then, close the application.

Step 3. In Outlook Express:

Now, you will need Outlook Express to import emails from Eudora.

  1. Open the Outlook Express application
  2. Press on the File, then click on the Import and choose
  3. Choose Eudora from the list of email applications and then choose Next.
  4. Browse the location to select the ‘.mbx file’ and then hit on the OK.
  5. Click on the Next, again press the Next and then Finish.

In the Outlook Express application, the imported mailbox can be accessed in the Local Folders

Step 4. In MS Outlook:

In the last step, you require to import emails from OE to Outlook.

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, go to the File menu and click on Open.
  2. From the list of options, choose Import and then Import and Export
  3. Then, choose the Import Internet Mail and Addresses option and hit on Next.
  4. Choose the option Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Windows Mail.
  5. Confirm that the Import Mail option is checked and then click on Next.

Drawbacks of Manual Method:

  • Manual process can be lengthy and laborious.
  • It requires complete technical knowledge about supportable applications.
  • It has great chance of data loss throughout the process.
  • It is not capable to import bulk data from MBOX to PST at once.

MBOX to PST – An Alternate Solution to Import MBOX to Outlook PST

If you are facing issues while using the manual method to resolve the problem of how to import an MBOX file to Outlook PST, then you can use an alternate way i.e. BitVare MBOX to PST Converter application. It helps all users including technical and non-technical users to easily save MBOX emails in PST for Windows Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 or any earlier version. It gives only a few steps to import MBOX in Outlook PST in any single and batch mode with attachments Supports all Mac OS X and Windows versions.

Final Words

When the need is to free import MBOX to PST on Mac OS, you can follow the manual method. Though, confirm that you have all the resources and technical knowledge to achieve the conversion accurately. And also ensure that you can spend time importing MBOX to the PST file.

If not, you can go with the alternate solution and know How to Import an MBOX File into Outlook? – Step-by-Step Guide – MBOX Converter to PST which helps in quickly moving MBOX emails to Outlook PST file with successful results.

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