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How to Import Contacts from Excel Sheet to Android Mobile?

However, contacts play an important part in our day-to-day life. Therefore, accessing them on an Android phone is a must when there is a need to connect with them. Most of the users like you prefer to maintain the Excel file to store contacts. As Excel provides a systematic way of maintaining the data in tabular form. So, here, we will discuss about how to import contacts from Excel to Android mobile. Because for contacting the customers first you need to extracting the address book list from Excel sheet. So, read this blog to know how you can take out the contacts from Excel sheet to use them Android phone.

User’s Query: For proper data management, I have maintained multiple contacts in my Excel sheet. But now, I need to export a few to connect all the clients. Though I use an Android mobile, so I’m looking for a solution to transfer contacts from Excel sheet to phone. Please suggest me a professional solution to resolve this query.

To access all the stored contacts in an Excel file you need to export them first and then import it into Android.
There is no manual solution given that supports both Excel file format and android mobile. As Excel supports XLS format and android phone support VCF file format. So, you need to go with the indirect solution to transfer contacts.

Export Excel Sheet Contacts on Mac Desktop

Using the Excel Contacts Converter Software for Mac you can simply export all the contacts on your PC. As there is no manual solution that provides a direct solution to transfer contacts from Excel sheet to phone Android. Therefore, this is the best-automated solution to go with.

It is a completely safe and secure tool when it comes to exporting multiple numbers of saved contacts from an Excel sheet. It even provides a user-friendly interface, so, that all novice users can use it in a seamless way. Moreover, if you want to transfer Excel contacts to iPhone then it will be useful for that task as well.

With the help of this tool, you can know how to convert Excel to WhatsApp to access them. However, you don’t need to worry about losing any attributes of contacts from the Excel sheet during exporting. As it is designed with the top advanced feature that never imposes any drawbacks or limitations.

How to Import Contacts from Excel to Android Mobile?

First of all, just download and install the described software on your Mac device of any version. To execute this process, follow the below-mentioned steps on Mac-

  1. In the first step add Excel files or folders to the software using Add File(s) option
  2. You can just select Files as you want on your Mac machine,
  3. Just after this, select the VCF option Apply Filters as per the needs and map all the contacts to the fields
  4. Hit the Export button to start the exporting process safely on a Mac computer.

Step 2: Import VCF File to Android Phone to Access

To complete this task, you just need to import the contacts into Android devices, and follow the steps-

  1. In any Android device and select the contact icon first
  2. After that, there is 3 vertical dots given after your contacts are displayed, click that
  3. Here, choose the Import / Export option from the menu list
  4. Now, you need to choose the Import from .vcf file option
  5. After selection, you can navigate to the location where you saved the vCard contacts file and select that file
  6. A pop-up ‘All contacts .vcf will be imported shortly’ message will appear on the screen
  7. That’s it, you can now simply access any vCard contacts that you have transferred to your Android phone device.


In this article, we have discussed the ways that can be helpful to import contacts from Excel to android mobile. So, with the mentioned software you can easily take out all the contacts in bulk from an Excel sheet. Later on, just import them into an Android phone. Once, you perform the task, you will not face any limitations while operating this software.

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