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How to improve watchtime on YouTube channel

YouTube, the internet’s largest video content platform, can help your business reach a huge number of new customers. Do you want to learn how to improve watch time on YouTube channel? 

Just before October 2012, the total number of views was the primary factor in ranking videos on YouTube. However, when YouTube’s algorithm was updated that same month, watch time became the most important ranking factor.

According to this new update from YouTube, to monetize your YouTube channel, you should now have 1,000 subscribers and your channel’s watch time should be 4,000 hours. If your channel has 1,000 subscribers but its watch time is not 4,000 hours, then you cannot monetize your YouTube channel. In this article, we will give some tips on how you can improve watch time on your YouTube channel.

1. Put Relevant Titles of videos

To improve watch time on the youtube channel, first of all, you have to focus on the title of the video. You have to keep the title of your YouTube video in such a way that people are forced to watch your video after reading it.

You have to put a question in the title of your YouTube video to know that people must watch your video. Try to choose a title that after reading that people can see more and more of your video and click.

2. Make a sensible thumbnail

If you want to improve watch time on a YouTube channel, then first of all you have to make the best possible thumbnail of your YouTube channel, spend half the time on making the thumbnail of the video, at least half the time it takes to make the video.

As long as people do not like the thumbnail of your video, you will not see your video. The thumbnail of your YouTube video is to be made in such a way that more and more people click on your video. By doing this, the watch time of your YouTube channel will increase and the subscribers will also.

  1. Make quality Content

The best way to improve watch time on YouTube channels is to upload quality content. Whatever videos you post on your YouTube channel, give your full attention to them and present your content to the public in the best possible way. When viewers like your video, they will also watch it, which will increase your YouTube channel’s viewing time. 

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  1. Use youtube analytics

To increase the watch time of your channel, YouTube analytics is a great option. Now you have to use YouTube analytics as much as possible. Now you have to go to your YouTube channel and find out from YouTube analytics.

To see which topics viewers come to your YouTube channel to view and, accordingly, make your YouTube videos more and more according to them, and also analyze which keywords people who come to your YouTube channel are searching for on your YouTube channel. Come and make your videos on those keywords.


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