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User’s Query,
Hii, I worked in an IT company and I have so many PDF files with me. I tried to remove data from PDF files with different solutions. But it didn’t work. So, please tell me the best ways to erase data from PDF file documents.

These are the serious query of the user. So, now we will talk about the best ways to remove data in PDF. Read this blog carefully to get the solutions to your problem.

How to Erase Data from PDF Files – Professional Way

To delete data from PDF files you need an expert solution and that is PDF Extractor Software. This tool can export elements from PDF documents from windows and mac. To learn more about this software you can read its steps and features in the upcoming paragraphs.

Steps of PDF Extractor Software to Remove Data from PDF Documents

Steps of PDF extractor Software:
For Windows:

  • Start PDF extractor Tool for windows and Press on “Add Files” / “Add Folder”
  • Choose the “Item Type” and “Apply Filter”.
  • Put in the “Page Settings”.
  • Press the “Extract” button to start the PDF extract process.
  • Now, the tool will begin to “take out the items from the PDF and show pop-up messages.

Steps of PDF extractor Tool:
For Mac:

  • Download the Mac PDF Extractor tool and hit on “Add Files” / “Add Folder”.
  • Select the desired “Item Type” from the menu and used the filter option.
  • Try page settings to bring out text and images from needed pages.
  • Press the “Extract Button” to transport the elements from PDF files.
  • Lastly, the “PDF file Extraction” progress get begun.

Here, you read the steps of PDF Extractor Software for Windows and Mac to remove or permanently delete data from PDF files and also extract multiple PDF files. After this, it’s time to focus on the features of this tool also.

Features of PDF Extractor Tool to Delete Data from PDF files

Prominent features of the PDF extractor tool for Windows and Mac

  • Extract Attachments for PDF Files
    This PDF extractor software for windows and mac gives facilities to bring out all or choose attachments from PDF documents. Perhaps, after the PDF file take-out process, all the attachments are saved in the primary file format on the hard disk.
  • Extract Inline Images from PDF
    First, you have to download the PDF FILE extraction tool & and take out all inline images from the Adobe PDF files. After the process is finished, all the images are in the primary resolution. Perhaps, there will be no file formatting done by the tool all data remain the same as it was before.
  • Extract Text from the PDF Files
    The PDF file extraction Software permit user to take the data in multiple PDF file documents at that time. After bringing out the PDF file text the data will save it automatically in. text file format. You can add solo or more than one PDF document to start the PDF extraction process.
  • Extract Bookmark from PDF Files
    This extractor software for mac and windows can take out bookmarks from PDF files. A bookmark is a link text that takes you to a different page in the document. They are generated by default in PDF under the table-of-content entries. Our software can easily extract the bookmark from more than one PDF document.

These are some features of Systools PDF Extractor Software to remove data from PDF files. Instead, of this professional method, you can also read about the manual method. Without any delay, let’s check the manual method.

Manual Method to Remove Data from PDF Documents- Copy & Paste

This method is for extracting data from more than one (Multiple) PDF file. Check out the steps given below:

  • Open the PDF file
  • After this, choose the particular data which you want to take out.
  • Now, you have to copy all the chosen data.
  • In this last step, paste this copy data on any text file.

Take Out All Attachments with the Help of Adobe Reader

Follow the given Steps below:

  • In the starting, take the help of Adobe reader to Open the PDF files.
  • Press the “Attachment Icon” to see the all attachments.
  • Select the Attachment which you want to install.
  • Lastly, move and press the “Save” option to save all the attachments.

Disadvantages of Manual Approach to Delete Data PDF Documents

  • The manual – method is time taking.
  • It doesn’t support transporting data-deprived files.
  • This method doesn’t give you filters and short data.
  • removal is not doable with the manual approach.

Last Words,

This article is for removing data from PDF files. That is why we mention two different methods. Manual and the Expert one. Use any of the methods you like but with the manual method, there are some disadvantages. The expert method means SysTools PDF Extractor Software is more useful to you because it doesn’t have any drawbacks. If you like the professional method you can also use its pro version.

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