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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 3180?

QuickBooks has been revolutionized correctly in order to fulfil business accounting needs, but this is not faultless. Like some other software, problems such as QuickBooks Error 3180 might be found. QuickBooks Status Number 3180 shows several messages: Error text: ‘An error occurred while a sales record was saved’. Error notice for QuickBooks: “The sales tax details should have a supplier”. This post will provide you with solutions to resolve Error code 3180.

QuickBooks status code 3180

QuickBooks Error message 3180 is a mistake that may have occurred for several causes. It potentially occurs if no supplier is involved in the QuickBooks Desktop Sales Tax item. It might also arise when the sales revenue accounts payable are wrongly mapped. The usage of a selling tax account is another reason for generating a paid-out. With this problem, you may view the notification on the display as “Status code 3180”.

What does QuickBooks do?

The programme QuickBooks may be used simply by installing the complete package onto the system as well as directly online. Few of these important functions are,

Produce and monitor bills: QuickBooks offers a simple method for creating and sharing customer bills. In addition, it enables the development of an old report by collecting the income and accounts receivable from each individual client.

Maintain a record of invoices and expenditures: Using QuickBooks, both bank accounts and credit cards accounts may be tracked immediately. This information may simply be inserted manually within QuickBooks.

Print Your Corporate Budget Statements: Accounting Information may be one of the essential papers necessary for applications for a grant or a facility of credits from companies and financial institutions. An adequate income report may also offer information about the success of the company during a certain period. Here are the sorts of reports to be produced with QuickBooks (Report for the income statement and Profit and loss report)

Probable factors of “QuickBooks Error Code 3180.”

If QuickBooks error message 3180 happens, the warning message on the computer screen states, “Status code 3180: There was an error when saving a sales receipt“. The warning message may be revoked for several reasons. The reasons are given below.

  • Potential harm or malfeasance Within the QuickBooks company file.
  • Whenever the cost settings for the supplier is wrong.
  • This may be the virus protection software that encourages the QuickBooks error code 3180.

What indications are there when “QuickBooks Desktop Error 3180” comes?

You may encounter the following signs whenever the QuickBooks error code 3180 actually occurs:

  • On the instructions given by the keyboard or mouse your computer replies lackadaisically.
  • The transaction files cannot be saved.
  • QuickBooks is unexpectedly closed down
  • The QuickBooks error 3180 notification is received on your panel.

Step by step instructions for fixing the Issue code 3180

Here are few efficient fixing methods that will help you solve QuickBooks error code 3180.

Fixing method 1:

  • Download QuickBooks to begin trouble-solving.
  • Now proceed to the Menu and press the items list.
  • Then, you must click on the Include Incorporate option.
  • Lastly, Press the Type section.
  • Verify that every tax element for sales are connected to a revenue department to complete the process.

If the 3180 problem continues to occur within QuickBooks, check out the following way.

Fixing method 2:

  • Open QuickBooks computer program.
  • Proceed to the windows Files menu as well as select Preferences.
  • You will then have to press on the Business and then choose Accounts.
  • Check the Developed as well as Simple Tabs.
  • Ensure the sales tax is paid through QuickBooks.

If you still have difficulty with error 3180 in QuickBooks, go to the following option.

Fixing method 3:

From the Listings section, choose the Templates feature.

  • Choose Template, followed by New.
  • Select Invoice, followed by selecting Window Template and press OK.
  • Currently, right-click upon the corrupted design inside the design panel.
  • Hit the “Create inactive design” option.
  • Next, a Fresh Template in the Pattern list has to be clicked.
  • To end the process, choose the Open Form button and then select Finish.

Proceed to the next procedure if QuickBooks Desktop error code 3180 remains unresolved.

Fixing method 4:

  • Start QuickBooks, then choose Select item list.
  • Select Include inactive as well as again select the Type heading.
  • Change the name of the Point of purchase of payment products.
  • Within Point-of-sale right click on the payment product, and after that, choose Change items.
  • Include Old to the product title and select OK.
  • Combine both transaction items, then run the economical exchange.
  • Erase OLD from the product title, then press OK to complete the process.

Fixing method 5:

  • Proceed to the QuickBooks Purchase Record and choose an error-specific transaction.
  • Open the transactions and see their monetary history.
  • The transaction is noted and forwarded.
  • Now utilize an update manually, which will credit the Money and charges the corresponding costs.


Use the appropriate troubleshoots on QuickBooks desktop error 3180. For expert help, dial the phone number 1-800-615-2347 to get QuickBooks error support assistance and receive immediate offline guidance regarding QuickBooks desktop difficulties.

Devil Devis

Devil Devis is a Certified Public Accountant as well as an employee tax department head for Axpert Advisors a full-service accounting and booking and tax practice Private equity audit firm in the United States.

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