How to resolve “QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly”?

QuickBooks users might feel the urge to shift to newer computers in search of upgraded technology. This might require them to migrate data from one place to another. At this point, some users encounter the QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly error on their screen. If anyone faces this error, saying the migration process has failed, this might cause panic among the users. Not only this, but it will also restrict the movement of files. It might also risk your data; therefore, having a handy guide will help you fix this error immediately.

Let us have an in-depth look at this error. If you need more time to read the blog at the end, you can call us on 1.855.738.2784. We are just a call away for your support. Our experts will guide you through the easiest troubleshooting methods to fix the QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly error.

The migration process can be taken through the QuickBooks data migration tool. The first thing that might come into your mind is what is the QuickBooks migration tool. As copying data might be risky, it needs a proper transfer method. Unfortunately, the QuickBooks data migration tool does not take much of your time and efficiently helps in data migration.

Are you having difficulty moving your QuickBooks files from one place to another? The reason could be the “QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly” error. You can read this blog till the end and look at the solution methods. Or you can ring us directly at 1.855.738.2784.

How to prepare for migration?

There are some pointers that you need to keep in mind before starting the migration process. First, you just need to ensure that your data is safe and sound before migrating. So having a backup is mandatory to not have any data loss. To avoid any QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly error.

  1. Backup company file
  2. Follow the steps below to start your data migration quickly.
  3. Remember to switch to single-user mode if you are using QuickBooks in multi-user mode
  4. Move to the file menu and then tap on create a backup
  5. Select local backup
  6. Now tap on next
  7. Select browse in the local backup only
  8. Now select a location where you want to save the backup company file
  9. Tap on okay
  10. Then save it now and next
  11. As soon as the backup completes, you will get a confirmation message

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How to migrate data using the QuickBooks migration tool?

Now that you know, you can use the migration tool to migrate data. However, it is crucial to learn the process. Let us know how to migrate from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online.

Using QuickBooks desktop pro and premier

  1. Log in as admin in your QuickBooks company file that you want to import
  2. Move to the company menu and then tap on export company file to QB online
    Tap on get started
  3. Now click on the select destination and then sign in to your QB online account

QuickBooks desktop enterprise

  1. Again log in as admin in the QuickBooks company file that you need to import
  2. Click on F2, and product information will open up
  3. Now tap on ctrl+B+Q and then tap on okay; it will appear at last on the page
  4. Select from yes or no if you want to track inventory
  5. As soon as the conversion is done, you get an email
  6. Tap on complete your setup
  7. Now sign in to the QuickBooks online account
  8. Open the company file you want to open

Some methods to get rid of the QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly.

We have some methods for you to quickly resolve this QuickBooks error. Now let us have a look at these methods.

Method 1: Move your company files to another computer

  1. Ensure to install QuickBooks desktop on a new computer
  2. Follow the steps given above to create a backup
  3. Try to give the backup file a different name so that it is easy for you to find
  4. Now move the backup file to the new computer
  5. You can also restore the backup on your new computer

To restore the backup file, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the File menu in QuickBooks
  2. Then tap on open or restore company
  3. Then select restore a backup copy and then tap next
  4. Now look for the backup file you stored
  5. Now select open
  6. Tap on save as soon as you are ready

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Method 2: Move the company file to the same computer

  1. Follow the steps given above to create a backup of the file
  2. Give the file a unique name so that you can identify it easily
  3. Now follow the steps to restore back
  4. Once you restore it, use it as your main company file

Method 3: Shift the QuickBooks data folder

  1. Open the company file you want to move.
  2. Now press ctrl+1 or F2, and the product information window will open up.
  3. To know where the company file is saved on the hard drive. Check the file information section.
  4. Now open the windows start menu.
  5. Further open file explorer
  6. Look for a folder having a company file, then right-click on the folder and copy it.
  7. Open a new location on the hard drive.
  8. Tap on paste
  9. Now you have a copy of the entire folder. You can move to another location or anywhere on your hard drive.
  10. Open QuickBooks and then tap on open or restore an existing company.
  11. Now browse the folder you copied, and you can open it.

Method 4: Use Intuit data protect plan

You can also use an intuit data protection plan, just sign in and use it.
  1. Sign in to your intuit data protect
  2. Now right-click on the intuit data protect icon and open it
  3. Then tap on back up now
  4. Keep selecting the files and folders you would like to back up
  5. Then tap on continue
  6. Now select the backup
  7. Once you see the message back is successful, it is done
  8. At last, tap on the okay

Make sure to have an upgraded version of QuickBooks to avoid errors. Having an upgraded version can help you stay away from any errors in QuickBooks. Also, it helps in the smooth functioning of QuickBooks. However, I always keep checking for updates. If nothing works for you, you can transfer the data manually too. Follow the easy steps here:

  1. Create a backup of your files on your old computer
  2. Uninstall QuickBooks on the old computer
  3. And re-install it on the new computer
  4. Now you can restore the backup on a new computer

Manual transferring can be quickly done. But in case of any process of transferring data, you should take a backup as it avoids any data loss. Data is crucial during any migration process, and to have it restored or backed up is vital for QuickBooks users.


I hope we have provided you with enough methods to quickly resolve the QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly error. However, if you are still unable to fix it without help or assistance, call us for immediate help at 1.855.738.2784, and we will be right here to assist you with all these steps. You can quickly eliminate this error in no time, and our experts will provide you with the proper guidance.

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