How to Select the Casual Shirts for Men

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A well-fitted casual shirt for men is one of the most basic and important weapons in a man’s sartorial arsenal. A man prefers a clean and crisp shirt that fits perfectly and makes you feel comfortable and exuberates your boss look.  There are plenty of tiny details like collar or hem that go into making a good-fit shirt. However, buying good casual shirts for men online isn’t rocket science. Apart from the online range, the customers can also look at economical retail outlets as well as high-end designer boutiques. Here is the handy buying guide that completely explains everything you need to know to find your perfect shirt.

Fit and Style

Some men overlook the shirt size and buy a tight-fitting shirt just to look fit and toned. But fitting is not a matter of the body, it also comes from the shirt size. Ignoring the fit will result further in baggy folds and creases that look extra and awkward. No matter what your shape and size are, you should buy a shirt that fits your body closely. There are three basic fits and they are

  • Regular
  • Tapered and,
  • Slim

The regular fit shirt falls directly into the straight with added pleats at the back for extra comfort. The tapered fit becomes more appealing and modern with narrow body sleeves and no back pleats. The slim fit is the best for athletic physique men that molds with your body contours by adding darts at the back for a defined waistline.


There are many types of collars like

  • Cutaway
  • Forward-point
  • Button-down and,
  • Spread

And collars can also create confusion. The semi-spread collars are versatile and work with every kind of suit and tie. A well-fitted collar will leave room for a finger to comfortably fit between the neck and collar. Anything which is too tight will make you uncomfortable, while a loose collar will keep on stooping with the movements.


Instead of rounded or angled edges, go with the classic single cuff for a daytime look. The double cuff is also known as the French cuff which is found in shirts that are ideal for formal occasions. The key determinant to a good cuff is the position. The cuff should be ideally placed and it should cover the hinged bone of your wrists, if your wrists are small, you have the advantage. Anything longer than that will make you look like a child wearing his father’s shirt.


Shirt fabric is also known as ‘shirtings’ that comes in a variety of weaves. It is completely up to you to choose the fabric depending on the style and occasion.

  • Cotton: Cotton is considered an undisputed king of shirt fabrics. The material exhibits a variety of properties like durability, moisture absorbance, smoothness, and an iron-friendly
  • Linen: Linen is considered a natural substitute for cotton during hot Indian summers. It is not only an ideal warm-weather fabric, but it has a natural relaxed look and it is a perfect example of effortless cool. Unlike cotton, linen can absorb moisture without making anyone uncomfortable and damp.
  • Silk: Silk is an opulent fabric that has a light drape and striking luster The high maintenance cost and poor longevity make the fabric high maintenance.
  • Textured Weaves: Weaves like twill, herringbone, gabardine, denim, and houndstooth are heavier than the regular plain fabrics making them the perfect go-to fabric in colder months.


When it comes to high-quality fabrics, casual shirts for men are available to people who are looking for the finest quality fabric. If you are looking for casual shirts for men online you can refer to the leading websites

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