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How To Spot Fake Essay Writing Services

Many students go for an essay writing service to cope with their studies burden, which is understandable to some extent. However, if it’s your first time hiring an essay writing service online, you might get hunted down by fake essay writing services. Although there’s no definite way of knowing if you’re getting scammed, you can always take precautionary measures to be on the safer side.  In this article, we will guide you through the steps which will make it easy to spot fake essay writing services.

5 Easy Ways To Spot Fake Essay Writing Services

Anyone can easily spot fake essay writing services through these 5 checkpoints.

Shady Website

Your first interaction with the essay writing service is through their website. And you can always spot unprofessional, shady, or poorly designed websites, no matter how much of a newbie you’re.  Go to their About Us section; ideally, you will find all the details regarding the company’s history and writing/editorial teams. Of course, you can always cross-check their social media platforms(if given) to be certain about their authenticity.

Unrealistic Pricing

If you’re managing your academic expenses, your priority would be to write my essay for me and choose an affordable pricing plan, and rightly so.  But do you want to risk your semester at the expense of saving a few bucks? Probably not.  A good essay writing service does not provide an unrealistically cheap plan because it takes a lot of time and research to write an essay.  Another example would be getting coupons/discounts, which seems too good to be true, especially when it’s your first time placing an order. Lastly, the service provider should have a legitimate payment method. You don’t want to give any room to internet criminals to get your credit or debit card information unless you’re sure.

Fake Reviews

How often have you searched for an item online and proceeded with buying it when it is filled with negative reviews? Probably never, and that’s where the fake reviews come in.

But how can you spot fake reviews?

Generally, it is very easy to manipulate the new user by spamming websites with one-word reviews. For example, reviews from anonymous usernames or email accounts might be fake. On the other hand, genuine reviews might highlight the service provider’s response, completion time, and other details.

Lack Of Communication

Another red flag would not be having easy communication between you and the writer. If that’s the case, how would you communicate the required amendments in the essay? All the good essay writing services have a customer support center open 24/7 or have live chats. This not only gives you peace of mind, but you can also register your complaints about late delivery, refunds, etc.

Inexperienced Writing Team

Firstly the website should disclose the writer’s qualifications, so you know precisely who will be writing your essay. If the website does not have the writer’s credentials mentioned, it’s always risky since there’s no way of knowing who will be writing your essay. If the website does have the writer’s qualifications mentioned, make sure they choose the essay writer with the relevant background. An experienced writer is likelier to provide a flawless essay with little to no generic mistakes than an inexperienced writer. Plus, they know how to mend your essay in case of sudden changes in writing styles or other requirements.

What Should You Do?

No one likes to be scammed, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry, which is why you should be certain about the essay writing service you choose. With so many online options, it’s important to do your research before settling for one. Read reviews, check out their website, and ensure they have a good reputation. Once you’ve narrowed your choices, consult with your friends, seniors, or batch mates to get their opinion.  They may have had experience with the service you’re considering. Plus, they might know of another option that would be a better fit for your needs.

The Legality Of Essay Writing Service: Is It Safe?

If you’re a college/university student, you might face problems regarding your academic deadlines or assignments. Many students opt for essay writing services to lessen their burdens. Although the actual assessment of the student might be carried out by essay writing itself. Sometimes, it gets too much for the student to carry their workload and manage their studies. But, if you’re worried about the legality of essay writing services and wondering whether it’s safe, keep reading this article because we will be briefly answering the related queries.

Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

Using an essay writing service is legal. However, it has a gray area, and it might be unethical to some extent. However, international students needing help learning English should go for a good well-reputed essay-writing service. Again, you should try writing essays on your own to develop this useful skill. If necessary, you can also go for this alternate option.

How To Choose An Essay Writing Service?

Since many essay writing services are available online, it might be unclear who to go with. However, given below are some mandatory boxes your writing service should check in.

Adaptive Writing Style

This is probably the most important aspect while hunting for the best essay writing services. Your hired writer should be flexible in his/her writing style. They should be able to mold their way to your requirements. Otherwise, you will have to keep switching between them. This might take a while and could be fatal for your essay deadlines. So, always look for an experienced writer, and ask them to follow your required pattern or writing style.

Writer’s Credentials 

Ideally, the service provider should disclose the writer’s credentials on their website if you’re using a well-reputed service. If they have not, ask them beforehand about the writer’s qualifications or whether they are qualified enough to write your essay.


Editing and proofreading are other essential parts of essay writing. Professional writers ensure that the essay is written without any grammatical mistakes. If so, they can be removed during proofreading or final revisions. Before hiring, always double-check whether the writing service will be providing the revisions of essays or not.

How Much Does An Essay Writing Service Cost?

Although an essay writing service usually costs between 15 – 35$ depending upon your essay. However, choosing an extremely cheap option can be shady.  First off, they can gamble up your essay with copywriting, plagiarized content, or might deliver it late, which could greatly affect your grades.  Secondly, because of the low cost, your essay might be written by an inexperienced writer. They might not do in-depth research or meet your requirements. So, for that, it’s always good to hire a not-so-cheap writer for essay writing. That said, we’re not recommending you go with the most expensive one either. Hire according to your budget, but double-check the service’s authenticity and the writer’s credentials before handing over the essay/assignment.

So Should You Be Worried?

As we established in the beginning, hiring an essay writing service is completely legal. But for your own safety, you should always go with a trustworthy service that can meet your requirements and deadlines.


Are essay writing services worth it?

Yes, essay writing services are worth it for international students or those struggling to manage their academic burdens.

Can you hire an essay writing service online?

You can always hire an essay writing service, given they are not scams and meet your deadlines on time.

Is it possible to get caught using essay writing services?

If you’re opting for not a trustworthy essay writing service, you might get in trouble in some ways. To ensure you don’t get in trouble, check the service provider and their authenticity.

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