How to Start a Recruitment Company in Dubai

Every year, hundreds of enterprises establish themselves on Dubai’s coastlines. These companies want talented workers, and with a population that is more than 80% ex-pats, they are eager to locate them from all over the world.

Dubai is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to set up a business. With a plethora of free zones, not only does it function as a tax-free jurisdiction, but it also gives facilities and fantastic chances for businesses to develop in any field. As a result, people from all over the world rushed for company registration in Dubai because of the plenty of benefits the government has set for all investors. The Dubai market is appealing to both multinational corporations and start-ups.

Whatever your field, there are a few procedures you must do before applying for a license when launching a business in the UAE.

There is little question that a never-ending supply of employment is required for Dubai’s economy to function. The type and number of required employees make the establishment of a recruiting agency an appealing market. Human resources professionals from all over the world have made Dubai their home by establishing recruitment services that cater to a variety of specialties.

Benefits of setting up a recruitment company in Dubai

Hundreds of thousands of enterprises operate in Dubai, with many more opening their doors each year. These companies are just concerned with one thing: expansion. And expansion needs additional human resources.


So, whether you want to start a recruiting agency or an HR consultancy in Dubai, there will most certainly be a need for your services.


You may also take advantage of the UAE’s 0% tax rate on personal and corporate income for the process of opening a company in Dubai to maximize profit. Furthermore, if you establish your business in a free zone such as Creative Zone, you will benefit from zero currency limitations as well as profit and capital repatriation freedoms.

License required for a recruitment firm in Dubai

With your name, activities, and setup type determined, you can now apply for a license to create a recruitment agency or start an HR consultancy in Dubai, UAE. In most circumstances, a business license is required to operate as a recruiting agency in Dubai and the UAE.

Free zones are frequently the most basic and cost-effective option to establish a recruiting firm, and they provide several appealing perks such as zero percent personal and corporate income tax and a 100 percent exemption from customs duty. Furthermore, unlike in many other nations, UAE free zone enterprises have the option to repatriate all invested cash and earnings. There are no monetary controls or restrictions in place.

Documents you to set up a recruitment business in Dubai

You must provide specific papers as part of your application for whatever license you desire. The requirement may include:

  • Passport copy
  • Good conduct certificate
  • A floor plan of your business premises
  • Statements in writing from all shareholders

What is the cost of starting a recruitment company in Dubai?

Because every firm is unique, it is difficult to provide a definitive response. The size such as the premises and number of employees of your firm, the type of setup you choose, and the location of Dubai where you need to establish your recruiting business will have an impact on the overall money and cost you will spend.

However, free zone permits often vary from AED 9, 000 with no visa application to AED 25,000 with six visas.

The steps for opening a recruitment business in Dubai

The following are the stages to starting a recruiting agency in Dubai:

  • Select a company name that fits with the UAE’s naming rules.
  • Fill out an application for a recruiting license.
  • After you have applied for your license, you may apply for your UAE visa.
  • Finally, you are now able to apply for a corporate bank account.

Get assistance for Company Formation Advisors

While the processes required to establish a business in the UAE are not too complicated, they do necessitate some prior understanding of the process. Furthermore, it is vital to note that the application procedure is only simple if your company application is full and error-free at the time of submission. Avyanco is a leading firm that assists and guides entrepreneurs for business setup in Dubai and UAE Freezones’ company formation.

What are the Types of Licenses available for recruitment businesses in Dubai?

Employment agencies in Dubai can receive one of two types of recruiting licenses. The types of licenses you can apply for in Dubai include two licenses which are: the brokerage license and the temporary recruitment license. Enterprises that complete actions involving the mediation or employment of UAE and foreign citizens or UAE and international companies must get a brokerage license.

Brokerage License for Agencies

Brokerage license for recruitment agency allows the following:

  • Accept applications from international nationalities and UAE nationals seeking jobs.
  • Getting queries from businesses looking to hire staff from the UAE or elsewhere.
  • Create a database of available jobs and post new ones as they become available.
  • Maintain information on companies and candidates and match them depending on their needs.

Temporary Recruitment License for Agencies

A temporary Recruitment License allows the following:

To be the employer that outsources labor to a business in the UAE This implies that the staffing agency has the authority to recruit and hire people from the UAE or elsewhere for specified positions. The Dubai employment firm will function as a sponsor for international employees in this scenario.

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