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How to use the right keyword strategy to improve your ranking?

Actionable tips on finding high potential keywords for developing SEO strategy

Every business wants to secure an impressive rank on Google but it isn’t an easy task. Most new companies make the mistake of working haphazardly and choosing a wide set of keywords hoping that I will increase the ranking opportunities. Often such strategies make things complicated and hard to manage. The best approach is to first narrow down your strategy and then work intensely on targeted keywords to gain the results. In this post you will find best keywords strategy that will help you improve your rankings on specific keywords:


Carefully find most relevant keywords for specific web pages 

The first thing is that you don’t need to concentrate on ranking the entire site. Instead, try to find the WebPages that you want to rank higher. Depending upon the material and usage of different pages you need to select different keywords for each of them. The product pages would benefit from the keywords with commercial internet while it is best to focus on informational keywords for your blogging material and knowledgebase.


Check Google search to identify high potential keywords

Before you start struggling with the fancy tools to find out the best keywords give a chance to our very own Internet giant- Google. Thankfully it has an autosuggest feature that helps you understand the latest search trends by suggesting you a list of possible phrases and specific keywords. Based on what most searchers are looking for.

Along with that you can also consider referencing the section at the end of SERPs page which cays searched related to. This section shows other keywords people with similar intent searched for.

However, if you are interested in having more actionable insights the tools like Twinword ideas can help you. It filters the user intent by efficiently detecting the precise intent of the users like Buy, Know, or local.


Go through a detailed keyword strategy based on competitor analysis

One of the easiest ways to create your keyword strategy is to closely examine your nearest competitors. It allows you to understand the targeted keywords of your competitors that helped them to improve their ranking. You can use this complex sounding task becomes easier, quicker, and more accurate by employing a competitor analysis tool.

Such tools allow you to retrieve the detailed list of various keywords that yr competition is targeting. This information refines your understanding and helps you t pick the major keywords you should be targeting to outrank your competitors.


Enhance your content reputation to get a better position on SERPs

Start by using the keywords targeted by your competitors and think about strengthening the reputations of each piece of article with the help of strategies like getting backlinks from high authority relevant sites.  For instance if here top-ranking post reads 10 best places to enjoy budget family holidays in Europe, then you can aim for creating a bigger list, something like 20 best evergreen places to enjoy budget family holidays in Europe”. It will encourage SERPs visitors to compare the two titles and prefer yours as it has more options.


Use an easy navigation structure to keep Google and visitors’ happy

Complex structure denies an easy navigation journey to the search engine bots and thus diminishes your chances of gaining the rank your site deserves during relevant searches. Moreover, it also affects the user experience of visitors and they leave your site within seconds. You not only lose the potential buyer or subscriber but also gain a negative SEO point due to a higher bounce rate. A shopping friendly navigation structure can help you a great way to improve your selling potential on the internet. Besides the detailed algorithms of Google includes ease of access and navigation as well. Thus you also run a risk of getting entry into the bad books of Google. Hence, it is advisable to carefully review the design and navigation structure o your website.



Keywords play a vital role in developing SEO strategy for any digital entity. So, it is vital to carefully determine the most favourable keywords that are relatively less difficult to rank on but still hold a good potential. In this post we mentioned some of the result oriented tips to find the right keywords and using them in a strategic manner to improve your ranking.

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