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How To Wear Hair Under A Motorcycle Helmet?

Lengthy hair under the helmet can be a problem. Normally on a motorbike, it gets quite windy. Hair may disperse in every direction. Moreover, it also provides a hindrance in driving. Therefore, it is necessary to secure your hair in a way that is equally safe and beautiful. 

Many ladies are concerned about how to wear their hair under a motorcycle helmet.  So in this article, we will guide you on how to wear hair under a motorcycle helmet and some other aspects.

How To Wear Hair Under A Motorcycle Helmet:

When it comes to the issues related to bike riding, hair issues are the least concerning. However,  this minor issue can cause major inconvenience if we do not address it properly. Click here to learn more about bike helmet brim attachment. Men or women, anyone with long, curly, straight, or wavy hair wants to know the solution to this issue. We got you. We have listed below some of the hairstyles for you. These hairstyles are proven to be effective. 

1. No Hair-Bun:

This might be astonishing for most people as buns are known to gather your hair in one place and hold it right there. But when it comes to helmets, experts recommend them at least. For- instance, buns can create pressure on your skull. Moreover, alongside the pressure,  it can also induce severe headaches. In addition to this, it can be super big. That’s why most of the riders consider it very uncomfortable. 

2. Ponytails Or Pigtails: 

You can wear ponytails in two ways:

  • Low Ponytails: 

Low Ponytails fall on your back. Make sure that this Ponytail does not fall forward. This hairstyle doesn’t work effectively with half helmets. Moreover,  most people do not recommend it as it directly exposes the hair to road dust and air.

  • High Ponytails:  

High Ponytails are very fashionable. If you ride your bike occasionally, and you want to look trendy, a high Ponytail is for you. But do not make it tight. However,  a high ponytail exposes your hair directly to the debris. 

3. Wear Braids:  

Most people regard braids as the most effective hairstyle. Braids are simple and easy to make. Secondly, they secure your hair tightly. Lastly and most importantly, braids do not expose your hair directly. Fishtail, slipknot, wrapter, and hair gloves are some most worn braids by women.

4. Bob And Pixie: 

Bob And pixie hairstyles are also recommended by female bikers. From the 1960s to date, women liked to style their hair in this way. These are one of the easiest hairdos. They do not create a bump inside the helmet. However, if your hair gets flat inside the helmet,  you can apply conditioner to your hair to add volume.

5. Say No To The Spraying:

And don’t use any heavy, non-aerosol hairsprays while you’re at it. Spraying your hair with aerosol hairsprays before riding can cause it to flatten into that flattened mess that happens all too often when riding.

It will also make it sticky. Rather, begin your trip with no hair product at all. When the helmet is removed, you’ll be able to freely run your fingers through your hair and work it into position. Better still, bring some conditioner with you.

When you arrive, spray a small amount into your palm, massage it all over your palms and fingers, and then work it into your hair and style as usual. It’s almost as though you just scrubbed the dishes.

6. Use Gel:

If you have a lot of curly hair, it might be difficult for female bikers to maintain a soft, windswept style. Going without gel may not be an option in this scenario. In fact, it may be the polar opposite that works best.

Fluff and volume may frequently be readily added to flattened-out straight styles after a ride, but if curls flatten, it can be tough to plump them up again. Use a holding gel to prevent your curls from flattening out in the first place.

Even a few spritzes of water will suffice. Carry a little spray bottle with you and spritz your curls once you get off the bike.

Bending over to unflatten hair, as previously noted, can assist to create volume and make the style more effective. However,  if you use gel frequently,  then you may want to wash the liner. Learn more about how to wash motorcycle helmet liner.

7. Brush Your Hair In The Opposite Direction:

Some female motorcycle riders have stated that combing their hair in the opposite direction that they wear might work wonders. 

This movement might assist puff up what has been flattened by the helmet. It can also enhance volume, restoring your hair to its natural fullness.

8. Make Use Of A Do-Rag:

That’s an excellent question. For millions of bikers, the answer to do-rags is unequivocal ‘do.’ Do-rags and bandanas are still popular ways to make your hair behave while riding – or, at the very least, to hide it when it doesn’t. These are, in fact, the best toppers for preventing helmet head. They can also raise your helmet just enough to protect your hair from flattening out.

And with a few shakes of your head, you may restore your usual loudness. These alternatives, along with flexible headbands, are also ideal for keeping flyaway hairs under control so they don’t annoy you while riding. Plus, with the plethora of styles available these days, you can ‘do’ it up in style while still expressing who you are!

Wraptor hair wraps are an excellent technique for ladies with long hair to maintain their hair in place. 


In conclusion, we can say that it is convenient to style your hair appropriately. It not only provides comfort but a mess free motorbike ride.

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