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Computers and Technology

Import EML Files into Gmail While Retaining Data Integrity

Best Way to Import EML to Gmail

Summary: Read this article if you want to learn how to quickly and easily import EML files into Gmail. This article describes how to use IMAP settings to import numerous EML files directly into Gmail. If you want to locate the best migration service, you must start sliding down the page.

User’ Query

Hello, I have a ton of EML files on my desktop. I can’t open them because I don’t have an email client that supports EML. I want to import EML files into Gmail so that I can access them quickly and freely as I can access my Gmail account from my phone as well. To import several EML files into my Gmail account, I need a reliable program. Help me find the greatest one, please.

Gmail may prove to be a useful substitute for accessing EML files. Data is kept on a cloud server by Gmail. As a result, you will have more flexibility when accessing your data. Furthermore you can also provide your EML files a more protection.

A Fantastic Method to Import EML Files into Gmail

One of the most popular and reliable options to import EML to Gmail is Best EML Converter Tool. This application is designed specifically for exporting EML files to your desired alternatives. In addition to Gmail, the software provides a number of storage choices for your EML files. It is a versatile program that also functions as an EML viewer.

While using this software; you have to go through few simple steps for importing numerous EML files into Gmail. To fully comprehend how the tool functions, it is advised that you read the whole set of directions below.

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Step-by-step Instructions to Import EML to Gmail

  1. Simply click the link above when you’re ready to download the EML to Gmail migration tool. Installing the software after downloading is complete. Launch it after installation is complete to import EML into Gmail.
  2. You must then click the Open button. You then have a choice between the two alternatives listed below: Either choose Files or choose Folders.
  3. Select the EML files you want to add to Gmail, and then import them all into the program.
  4. The chosen EML documents are now visible in the tool’s left pane. You are now able to view your EML files and the information they contain.
  5. You can choose Gmail from a variety of options on the drop menu that appears next to Export.
  6. Now, in order to import EML files into Gmail, you must enter your Gmail email credentials and IMAP server name. Then click Save button to start the migration.

Thus, using the tool, you can import EML files into Gmail in the manner described above. We now wish to provide you with some further tool information. Check out the characteristics of the tool listed below to see why it will be useful to you.

Discover Some Traits of the EML to Gmail Migration Tool

  1. Simple User-interface: You won’t have any trouble using the program to import EML files into Gmail because it has the easiest-to-navigate user interface. While using the tool; your duty will consequently become much simpler.
  2. Migration in Bulk: The utility allows you to batch import several EML files into Gmail. When you employ the EML to Gmail export tool to immediately import a sizable number of files into Gmail account, you won’t need to be concerned about any restrictions.
  3. Preview Function: Before adding your EML files to your Gmail account, you can utilize the Preview Tool to assess each one. You can view EML emails and attachments in the tool. Furthermore, you may also check out the hex and raw values of your EML emails.
  4. Search Tool: You can use the application’s search feature to look for certain passages of text, emails, or files. Use the search function to hunt for these goods. You are free to search for them using any criteria you like, such as a specific time period or email address.
  5. Backup Directory’s Name: You will have the option to edit the backup folder for simple identification within Gmail while submitting the EML file. Whenever you import the EML file, you will have this option available.
  6. Maintains Integrity: The application is secured to use. It ensures the data integrity of your files and produces the desired results. The original structure of your emails will remain unchanged after the files have been exported into your Gmail account.


Import EML files into Gmail as easily as feasible while preserving data integrity. The EML to Gmail transfer tool is a specialist application with a variety of functions. It also includes a free trial edition for testing the capabilities and converting EML files to CSV, PDF, Text, PST, and other formats. You can immediately begin transferring EML files after downloading the software from the aforementioned URL.

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