Importance of Choosing Hosting Server For Better Ranking

Imagine you put so much effort into building a website, and creating content but still, you are not able to rank properly on the google page. This will create a lot of disappointment! So, where are you missing? Then you are either underestimating or compromising on a better hosting server for your website. Many business owners choose cheap web hosting or shared hosting that comes at cheap prices but affect your business in the long run.

If you choose web hosting services wisely, you will get a proper return on your investment. The primary purpose of hosting sites is to be super quick while loading your website locally and globally. They should maintain fast and secure servers while taking care of SEO-friendly domain names.

Assisting clients with different plan features and customized services for changing business demands will be a cherry on the cake! Some of the best web hosting sites in India are GoDaddy, Hostinger, HostPapa, etc. You can see the various SEO Web hosting packages there at affordable prices.

Below is the guide on how you can scale your business online as well as save your time and money by using the best web hosting server in India.

Page Speed –

Among the world’s top 100 E-Commerce websites, the fastest site loads in just 0.468 seconds, while the average page load speed is at 2.67 seconds (SolarWinds, 2018).

So, it clearly shows if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you can lose 40% of your visitors. It will impact the overall traffic coming to your website and thus low conversion rates.

How does the website get slow?

Picking up the wrong web hosting plan for your website creates the problem. For example, choosing smaller bandwidth will slow down the page speed for E-commerce websites.

First of all, slow sites annoy your potential customers and create unreliability. Furthermore, the Google algorithm will never choose slow sites and rank them on search result pages. Google web crawlers will crawl your websites over some time. While web crawling if the site load speed remains slow most of the time, Google will never index it.

You can use online tools like Google Page Speed Tool for measuring page load time.

Even with proper web hosting, there is a chance that your website will suffer from downtime.

What does Downtime mean?

Downtime means the time when your server will be down and your website will be inaccessible through the internet.

Many big and reliable web hosting service providers claim uptime for 99.999% of the time which means a downtime of just 6 minutes a year. Even if your site is down for 1% of the time, it can cause serious harm to your business. Fintech and E-commerce websites suffer a lot due to server downtime issues.

A research paper published by IDC discovered that for SMBs, the cost of downtime can range from $8220 per hour to $25,600 per hour.

  • Shared Hosting –

Sharing hosting is the most basic and low-cost hosting service. It means the resources are distributed equally to multiple websites by a single server.

It is always advised to say no to shared networks as it will create low performance and speed issues if the other websites started generating more traffic.

The statement is true but a shared network has its purpose. A small-scale business with a simple website and little traffic needs shared hosting. You don’t need to spend on expensive VPS, CDNs and dedicated hosting (discussed below) in this case as the website needs little to no maintenance.

There are many clouds hosting provider in India that serves shared hosting at a very affordable rate with a nice offer and SEO services.

  • Use VPS and CDN –

VPS or Virtual Private Sector is a virtual, multi-tenant cloud hosting service provided by a hosting service provider. It will mimic dedicated server environments within a shared server.

VPS hosting is the middle path! VPS hosting is cheaper than a dedicated network and better in quality than a Shared Hosting Server. VPS is better at reliability and security than shared networks. VPS can be used for smaller storage and stable speed and performance than dedicated hosting.

  • Website Security –

  1. It will protect your website from DDoS attacks. These DDoS attacks are processed by small data centers at each level to prevent DDoS from entering this distributed network system.
  2. can provide Transport Layer Security (TLS)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. These certificates help to encrypt the data so that it can only be accessed by the intended user. If you see “HTTPS” in any website name, it means it has CDN.
  3. Blocking spam is necessary as they will use your website bandwidth and server unmeasurably but the bill will come to your door!

When you sign into E2Web services, you will get access to verified SSL certificates which will help you to make your business look reliable to Google. One important thing to note is that getting CDN is costly. And you need a very secure website when your website is quite big and contains sensitive and financial data. Getting a TLS/SSL certificate will cost you higher!

  • Dedicated Hosting –

Dedicated hosting is the premium version of VPS hosting. A dedicated hosting provider provides access to all its physical servers to a single website.

The website owner has complete access to the server. They can optimize it or can make changes according to their will. Consistent technical support is necessary at this hosting level. The web hosting service provider gives them exclusive facilities like customizing the CPU, RAM, and memory storage.

You can trust E2WebServices for the most secure, economical, and flexible solutions for dedicated hosting providers in India.

Why Choose VPS?

  • It can host upto10 websites while storing and providing accessible data anywhere in the world. Here, you will pay for what you need!
  • With VPS, you can get access to the server at ground level and can make changes on your own.
  • When the applications you install don’t support shared hosting
  • Handling financial data of the website.

What is CDN?

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a geographically distributed network of servers. It helps in accessing data easily with minimal effort and delay. CDN allows easy data access due to the presence of small data centers between any two locations worldwide.

Global news publication websites like BBC, social media sites, E-commerce websites, and Gaming companies are some of the examples of businesses that use CDN.

Why use CDN?

  1. Improve page load speed- It will help to increase the speed of site loading as multiple servers across space reduce the overload on the origin server. It will load the website super quickly.
  2. Low bandwidth consumption- Here bandwidth means data transfer. If the website doesn’t use CDN, all the content will come from the origin server each time a visitor sent a request. And, thus more data will be transferred. CDN helps in low bandwidth consumption leading to lower data transfer costs.
  3. Ability to handle more traffic- Due to distributed nature of CDN, it can handle file web traffic easily. Multiple servers can handle the load even when some servers might get down.

Why use Dedicated hosting?

 1. Flexibility –

It provides big websites the flexibility to change server settings, install new software, and customize the hosting server to meet the website’s demands from time to time. It is only possible through dedicated hosting.

 2. Performance –

You get full access to the CPU and RAM of your server. So, better performance is guaranteed.

 3. Security –

Since you are not sharing your website with any potential spam website, your website data remains safe.

 4. Unique IP Address –

If your neighbor’s website is spam then it hampers your indexing in google. Here, sharing IP addresses with other websites is not the case and thus your website remains safe and unique.

 5. Managing Server in Easy –

Any site with high traffic will need customization and security up-gradation from time to time. Thus, the hosting server builds and maintains the data flow and activities. It reduces the extra charge for maintaining the server at such a high level regularly.

 6. Geo-Targeting –

Geo-Targeting is an amazing feature in the Google search console that allows you to target specific locations around the globe. It will cause no effect on SEO ranking but will be beneficial for your business to scale to desired countries you want.

You can name your business according to the country like Amazon India for the Indian market. Local domains like .in .uk can be easily identified and targeted to local potential consumers.

 7. SEO Friendly Domains –

Using SE0-friendly domains is necessary. Hosting services know high-quality domains and thus you need to pay according to the quality of the domain.

The primary keyword should be part of your domain. Low-cost extensions “.tech”, and “.download” will make the website look unprofessional and spam. Extensions like “.com”, and “.org” are widely accepted and make the website look trustworthy.


Choosing the best hosting provider in India will be quite tricky. It is quite simple if you understand what your website demands. If your website has less traffic, you need Shared hosting. VPS is needed to take more control over the server and to increase its security.

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Dedicated hosting is expensive and used by big business giants. Apart from this, E2web services provide proper SEO domain, high uptime, and all web hosting server in India.

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