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The results of the game observed by watching television on Sony channel. Additionally, you can verify the lottery tickets for win on the KBC site. In the event that you require additional information, you can contact the KBC Helpline Number (19188444111). The user must visit”Actually take a look at ticket” and then click on the “Actually take a look at ticket” section and follow the instructions of the structure.

KBC Contact Number India is a renowned India state lottery. It managed with the Ministry of Sports. The process for conducting lottery tickets for the All-India lottery determined through a request to the Ministry . Lottery tickets distributed with KBC. KBC brand. Since 2006 in the year 2006, KBC began to offer the India KBC program was broadcast through the Sony channel. To be a member of the drawing it is necessary to purchase the lottery ticket. The game played over few rounds. The amount of money that awarded by the lottery half the cost of every ticket.


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What backing isn’t able to help?

The speed of reaction and the capabilities of experts in the subject

The correspondence with lottery participants is on the right level. Online chatters are a popular option for residents, hotline numbers, and groups on informal associations. You can also make an inquiry regarding the administration of the organisation via the critique structure.

Hotline KBC Head Office Number

The number for the single phone for the administration of data support can be found at (19188444111). It is a chargeable call. Employees of the KBC group provide customers with a range of help when buying tickets or obtaining rewards.

Other contact strategies for contact

A different method for communication is to use online visits. It’s located on the upper part on the display (on it’s solidly) as a tiny square that has the ability to send a message instantly. If you click it, a small window with a structure will pop up. It’s sufficient to allow the user to write an inquiry and then send the message. Additionally, in the window that opens , there is a listing of the most frequently received clarifications on pressing problems. It is important to be aware of it prior to submitting a request is recommended. The manager responds to the request within 1-2 minutes. In the context of the attraction, the company occasionally offers residents a unique reward.


In spite of the web-based access it is possible to submit an inquiry via this input format. It is available to everyone KBC customers. The structure is within”the “Contact Information” segment. The user must select the motive behind the attraction include the name and explain the nature of the matter. In addition, you need to include an email address and also enter a check number. After that make sure you provide a specific information.

In addition, users can make an inquiry regarding the activities of the asset on the internet through informal organisations. For instance, you can ask in Contact. The director who is in charge of gathering answers within 5 minutes or less.

KBC organization

Another method of contacting the KBC organization is to use a portable application. It can be obtained from the lottery vendor’s website. The software grants the user access to the personal record. The participant will be interested in following the effects of the draws, focus on the draw’s history and also pay for lottery tickets.

To purchase lottery tickets or earn rewards, you need to visit one of the centers for appropriation. The purchaser must visit the site of the company and then select”Where To Buy” in the “Where to purchase” segment. The framework will redirect them to the appropriate page. There are two ways to go that are available: rundown and guide. The other option is superior.

You can also type in the name of the city into the search bar. The frame will display the addresses of retail stores.

Additionally, on the page, you will be able to find the responses to the question of achieving success. Simply tap on the subject line “How to get a success.”

It is also possible to send concerns or queries to the email address of the KBC organization : admin@sony-kbc.com KBC Office Helpline Number representatives give counsel regarding purchasing lottery tickets, and how to review of the outcomes of the draw, and also how to claim benefits. Additionally, the specially trained service staff will acknowledge claims from customers of the company.

What concerns could experts be able to assist you?

On the site, users are able to find answers regarding the company’s activities such as the place and the long duration of lottery offers, methods to actually look at the tickets and earning cash prizes Download a portable app.

What backing isn’t able to help?

Support staff do not advise on lotteries that do not participate in the draw. They also assist users to recall the results that are available via the website. For example, find out the exact location of the nearest ticket deal point or the procedure to pay out rewards.

The speed of their reaction and the skills of professionally trained experts

The speed at which we respond to a customer’s request is dependent on the specific method. If you make use of the web chat, you’ll get an answer quickly. Reps can provide guidance on how to you to use the assistance, and where to buy lottery tickets, or earn reward points.

If someone contacts the hotline, it is important to take into consideration the time of day. The speed at which you respond is dependent on the accountability of the administrator.

If the customer contacts the company via the critique structure, the response is typically provided next day following the invitation is sent. The chairman of the gathering will respond within five minutes or less.

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