Instantaneous Tactics to Tackle QuickBooks Error 15103

Were you in the middle of a QuickBooks update that provided new features and security patches but got interrupted by QuickBooks Error 15103? Unfortunately, this error has become persistent with QuickBooks, and you are not the only one facing it and looking for resolutions. Fortunately, your search has come to an end. This article provides all the possible procedures to rectify QuickBooks Error 15103.

QuickBooks is a renowned accounting software across the globe that answers to the accounting needs of small and medium scaled businesses. It has many advanced features that empower the user to execute any accounting tasks with simple and few steps. This simplicity in performing accounting operations is not an accomplishment of one day but the perseverance of many years by Intuit, the creators of QuickBooks. They release timely updates to their products to achieve this easy accessibility to accounting and have been doing so since the inception of the software. But if there are any complications in the software, like wrong settings, network problems, etc., or the computer has issues. The user may get troubled with QuickBooks Error 15103 while updating the QuickBooks software. In this article, we shall guide the readers with all the tricks to rectify QuickBooks Error 15103, along with its basic information.

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We must now commence the article with fundamental details about QuickBooks Error 15103 so that you can get well-informed about the problem and deal with it confidently.

Description of Error Code 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop

Error 15103 QuickBooks Desktop emerges in the situation when a user tries to update the QuickBooks application or the Payroll feature within it. Infection of QuickBooks Error Code 15103 will keep the users deprived of the enhanced facilities and security patches of the new update. When infected with QuickBooks Error 15103, you will be shown error message prompts worded as ‘Error 15103: Unable to open the update program’ or ‘Error 15103: Update program is damaged.’

Reasons for the occurrence of QuickBooks Update Error 15103

When an error occurs in the QuickBooks software, there is always a cause or streak of causes behind it. Here, in this section, we shall discuss all the reasons contributing to the appearance of Error 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop in the form of the list below.

  • Internet Explorer Settings are incorrect.
  • QuickBooks can’t access the digital signature and is unable to verify it, resulting in Error Code 15103.
  • Partial or Invalid installation of QuickBooks.
  • Windows Registry is flawed.
  • A virus or malware has attacked the computer as well as QuickBooks, making you fix QuickBooks Error Code 15103.
  • Windows Files are corrupted.
  • Windows OS is not updated.
  • Maybe the update was successful, but QuickBooks installation incurred problems and resulted in 15103 Error QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Network Connectivity is weak.
  • The date and time of the computer are inaccurate, then compelling you to look for steps to QuickBooks Error Code 15103.
  • The firewall settings of the computer are improper, leading to the question of how to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 15103.

At the end of this part, we can conclude that we have enough knowledge about the error. Now it is time to answer How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15103.

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Rectification processes for QuickBooks Error 15103

In this part of the article, we shall provide the readers with solutions for QuickBooks Error 15103 and the steps to perform it quickly.

Operate QuickBooks Reboot.bat File with Windows Admin rights

An effective technique to eliminate QuickBooks Error 15103 is to run the QuickBooks Reboot.bat file with admin access.

  1. Locate the QuickBooks icon on the Windows desktop.
  2. Right-click the icon, go inside the Properties compartment, and hit the Open File Location alternative.
  3. Here, feed the search box with the word ‘reboot’ or ‘reboot.bat’ and right-click the icon of the file from the results to choose the Run as Administrator alternative.
  4. Tap the Yes option, reboot the computer, and launch QuickBooks to see if QuickBooks Error 15103 has been eliminated.

Enable Windows Safe Mode

It is possible that a few elements may be stopping the QuickBooks update. Which can be overlooked if the Windows Selective Startup mode is enabled.

  1. Make the Run dialog box appear on the screen by tapping the Windows + R keys on the keyboard concurrently.
  2. Next, type the letters ‘MSConfig’ in the search panel of the Run dialog box.
  3. Here, penetrate the General section and mark the checkbox for the alternative named Selective Startup and unmark the checkbox for the alternative named Load System Services.
  4. Tap the OK option, reboot the computer, and launch QuickBooks to see if QuickBooks Error 15103 has been eliminated.
  5. Go back to the General section of MSConfig, choose the Normal Startup Mode, and reboot the PC again.

Acquire the Intuit Digital Signature Certificate

  1. Enter the Program Files compartment of the C drive of your PC, hit the icon for your current QuickBooks version, and look for the QBW32.exe file.
  2. Here, right-tap the icon of the QBW32.exe file, and then hit Properties alternative from the dropdown table, and penetrate the Digital Signature compartment.
  3. From the presented list, tap the Intuit resort and hit the View Certificate alternative to install it.
  4. Now, tap the Install Certificate alternative and hit the Next button to get the complete installation of the digital signature.
  5. Lastly, hit the Finish resort to complete the import process. Restart the PC and attempt to update the QuickBooks app to check if QB Error 15103 is eliminated.

Update Windows

  1. Reach out to the Start menu, hit the Settings option, and penetrate the Update & Security compartment.
  2. Here, go inside the Windows Update column. Hit the Check for Updates resort, and download the latest updates of your Windows OS.
  3. Next, tap the Download and Install icon to complete the download and initiate the installation of the Windows OS update.
  4. Restart the PC and verify the compatibility of the QuickBooks application with the recently downloaded updates of Windows OS.
  5. Finally, launch QuickBooks and attempt to update the QuickBooks app to check if QB Error 15103 is eliminated.

Repair QuickBooks with Windows File Repair

  1. First and foremost, close all the existing running programs and applications in the background by using the Task Manager feature to do so.
  2. You can do this by right-tapping the Taskbar and hitting the Task Manager alternative from the menu that appeared.
  3. Mark all the processes in the list and hit the End Task resort to avoid interruption in the further steps of the rectification process.
  4. Now, go to the search space of the Start menu, and then type ‘control panel’ in the text field. Launch the Control Panel window by clicking the top result.
  5. Here, penetrate the Programs and Features compartment and hit the alternative named Uninstall a Program within the Control Panel window.
  6. As the following window appears with the list of all the programs installed on the PC, then hit the current version of QuickBooks you were attempting to update. Tap the Uninstall/Change alternative and click the Yes option to confirm the action.
  7. Hit the Next button on the Unistalled window that appeared on the display.
  8. When you enter into the next window, choose the alternative that will either repair or uninstall the said program.
  9. Now, hit the Repair option and click the Next icon.
  10. Further, ignore the prompt that says a specific window is open, as we have already ended all the tasks in the initial steps of the rectification process.
  11. Finally, as the repair procedure concludes
  12. Restart the PC and attempt to update the QuickBooks app to check if QB Error 15103 is eliminated.

Turn OFF User Account Control Momentarily

  1. Reach out to the Start menu and type the letters ‘UAC’ in the search space of the Start menu.
  2. Further, hit the ‘Modify User Account Control Settings’ alternative on the dialog box.
  3. Here, shift the slider to the ‘Never Notify’ resort.
  4. Tap the OK option, reboot the computer, and launch QuickBooks to see if QuickBooks Error 15103 has been eliminated.

Winding Up

In this article, we have served the readers with the fundamental knowledge of QuickBooks Error 15103 and also provided proven and relevant solutions for it. Hopefully, this article has helped you in eradicating error 15103, and you can update the QuickBooks application without hiccups.

However, if QuickBooks Error 15103 persists in the QB app or you need assistance with other QuickBooks problems, dial 1.855.738.2784 to seek the guidance of our professional accounting advisors.

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