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IWC replica watches Mark XVIII “exclusive” material, the new model has not yet been owned!

IWC replica watches Mark XVIII is a model that has attracted a lot of attention from IWC in recent years. The simple design, classic elements, and relatively low starting price are loved by many watch lovers who are new to IWC. In the Mark XVIII product line, there is a special model IW327006, which is unique in that it uses a titanium case. As a comparison, the previous Mark XVII has no titanium version, and the successor Mark 20 has not launched a titanium shell version so far, so it is not an exaggeration to call it an exclusive Mark XVIII.

Due to its good corrosion resistance and lightness, titanium metal has become more and more popular in famous watches in recent years. Especially for diving watches or pilot watches, the material advantages of titanium are self-evident. IWC has used titanium to make cases for a long time. There are many titanium case works in the marine timepiece and engineer series, and even the large flight timepieces of the same series have appeared in titanium. However, Mark Watch has not introduced this material for a long time, which is actually related to the positioning of the fake watches

There are many IWC replica pilot watch products, and I think the most famous one is the mark watch. The legend of the Mark watch began with the Mark 11 released in 1948. This model served in the Royal Air Force until 1981, and it is a veritable military watch. It is because of the brilliance of Mark 11 that the brand retains the practice of naming products with “MARK” plus numbers, and subsequent new works refer to this naming method. Although the Mark 11 series is no longer “military”, the unique design and reliable performance have made the Mark product line a great success.

The naming of the mark table does not strictly follow the law of digital iteration. Just as the pioneering work of the series began with Mark 11, since Mark 12, the brand skipped the two numbers 13 and 14 and directly released the successor Mark 15. This generation of products can be regarded as the beginning of the modern mark watch. The diameter and Cal.30110 movement that are more in line with today’s usage habits are not outdated even today. With the precedent of naming, this year’s new work also skipped the number 19 and named it “Mark Twenty”. As for the reason, it may be because the number 19 is not popular, or it may be because 20 implies a new beginning and is easier to remember.

The positioning of the mark watch in the product line is clear and clear. It plays the role of “gatekeeper” of the entire pilot series, that is,

models with only basic functions and relatively low price thresholds. It is also because of this that in order to differentiate itself from other products, Mark best fake watches are relatively conservative in the selection of materials, and stainless steel has long been dominant. The significance of the IW327006 is that it is the first to release titanium to the mark product line. It is the first mark watch made of non-stainless steel,

so that this “goalkeeper” also has the same material experience as higher-end products.perfect replica watches

Although I have been in contact with many titanium-cased pilot perfect replica watches before,

I will still be impressed by the 40mm watch diameter when I get the IW327006. This exquisite and compact wearing experience is incomparable to the big flight timepiece. I think this is the mark series. The reason why the titanium case is needed.

Compared with the regular version, the most notable feature of the titanium version of the Mark XVIII is the color. From the appearance, the titanium metal is gray, and it lacks the publicity of fine steel. Especially under strong light, titanium metal does not refract dazzling reflections, and is more calm and low-key. This feature is deeply loved by some watch lovers.

The difference between the titanium case Mark XVIII and other models in the series is also reflected in the color of the hour markers and hands. The slightly yellowed scale and Arabic numerals show the retro texture well. In order to strengthen the visual unity, the luminous material of the hands also adopts similar colors. The dial uses fine sandblasting, which is different from the sun pattern texture of “Little Prince”.

In terms of movement, IW327006 is equipped with Cal.35111 movement based on Sellita SW300-1. The parameters of this movement are consistent with those of the basic movement

(including 42 hours of dynamic storage), and the brand has deeply polished it. However, in recent years, under the trend of various companies focusing on self-produced movements, especially when long-power, anti-magnetic,

and even observatory certifications are common, the performance of Cal.35111 is indeed not impressive.perfect replica watches

Therefore, in the near future, the brand launched an iterative work equipped with a self-produced movement: Mark 20. The latest generation of 32-series movement Cal.32111 increases the dynamic storage to 120 hours,

and uses some silicon parts (such as escape wheel and fork lever) to improve wear resistance. It solves several major pain points of the Mark XVIII movement. Take practicality to a higher level. However, the balance spring of the Cal.32111 movement is still made of metal, which is similar to the Baume & Mercier BM13-1975 movement. With the end of the patent protection period of the silicon hairspring,

it also reserves a possibility for the future direction of the movement upgrade.

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