Kedarnath Yatra 2022 complete travel guide


The stunning Himalayan Himalayas is a 2,000-year-old temple that stirs emotions, and a divine aura, is the Kedarnathsacred Land of God. It is near its source, the holy Mandakini. Mandakini. It is named after King Kedar from Satya Yuga, Kedarnath is one of the four Chota Char Dhams which include Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri. Everybody at least once in their lives should go to this location which is considered to be one of the most sacred sites around the globe. Before leaving, take an interest in the top 10 places you should visit in Kedarnath in 2022. you could also visit the triund to trek.


10 places worth visiting in the vicinity of Kedarnath


Here are the top ten places to go to Kedarnath on your next visit to Uttarakhand and have a fantastic experience away from hustle. These locations offer spectacular views and let travelers be able to concentrate on their spiritual pursuits.


Kedarnath Temple


If you’re located in Kedarnath the best destination to see is Kedarnath Temple. This temple is approximately 1100 years old which implies that it’s been there since the period of Mahabharat. The temple is the home of an jyotirlinga, one of 12, as well as it is also home to the Panch Kedars. The temple is dedicated to the god God Shiva and is situated at the altitude of 3,584 meters within the Himalayan Garhwal region.


There is a belief that the original temple was constructed by the Pandavas as well as that one that is next to the original one was constructed by the legendary spiritual leader and scholar Adi Shankaracharya. There is also a fascinating story regarding King Shiva being taken hostage and driven out from those Pandavas associated with the temple. Darshan is offered from the end of April through the beginning of November. It is closed the rest of the 6 weeks of the calendar year because of unpredictable winter weather conditions in the region.


Bhairavnath Temple


Nearby with adjacent to Kedarnath Temple is the magnificent temple of God Bhairav, the principal God for Lord Shiva. The temple is located on a hillock and is among the most gorgeous temples that you are able to go to in Kedarnath. The god of the temple is believed to be the protector for Kedarnath. Kedarnath temple.


The legend goes that, when it was believed that when the kedarnath temple was shut in the winter season The king Bhairav or Kshetrapal maintained the timer within the temple and throughout Kedarnath. This is not only for darshan go to this temple to feel your soul swept by the stunning landscapes of the valley.


Tungnath Temple


At an altitude of 3,680 feet at an altitude of 3,680 feet, the Tungnath temple is regarded as one of the temples in Panch Kedar. The temple is known as the highest-altitude temple of Shiva around the world and is situated about 3 kilometers away from Chopta. It is among the most visited tourist destinations in Kedarnath is the place that draws thousands of tourists every year. It is believed to have been a thousand years ago that King Shiva was worshipped.


The temple’s construction was built according to the Nagara style. Inside the sanctuary, only 10 people could be seated. This temple was believed to be located in the hands of Adi Shankaracharya. According to legend the temple was built in the time of the Pandavas. It is to seek forgiveness and the blessing of Lord Shiva to be able to kill their relatives. The legend says the God Shiva was disguised as a bull. The locations in which the parts of the bull were discovered are now most well-known Shiva temples.




The confluence between the sacred Rivers Basuki as well as Mandakini is the location where Sonprayag is located. Take a bath in the rivers that mix since it is believed that they bring the purest of water. Sonprayag is located in the Rudraprayag district in Uttarakhand and is situated in the altitude range of 1829 m. Mountains covered in snow and flowing rivers create an electromagnetic field.


Shankaracharya Samadhi


Adi Shankarcharya, an 8th century saint and scholar of the highest rank traveled to Kedarnath. He traveled to many regions of the globe to propagate the Advaita philosophy. Kedarnath was the final place that he visited. The main source of Nirvana is located at the Shankaracharya Samadhi site.




Chandrashila peak is among the most well-known spots that you can visit in Kedarnath. It is located at 4000m higher than sea-level. The place was believed to have been the place where King Rama sought the blessings of Lord Shiva after he killed Ravana. After Ram handed over the final chapter to the Rakshasa family, by killing Ravana and requesting the purification of his sins by meditation in this holy place. It also has the myth about Chandradev, the Moon God also known as Chandradev who remitted his sins for a number of years in this land.




According to legend, the goddess Parvati did years of hard Tapa or meditation in order to get married Lord Shiva. Also, Gaurikund is located in the Garhwal Himalayas, is the area where he sang his tapa. Another event is taking at this location.


Triyuginarayan Temple


The location of their wedding is Kedarinath. A distance of 13 feet [13 m] away from Gaurikund are the Triyuginarayan Temple in which God and Goddesses take their vows to marry. There is a designated spot that marks the spot in which the divine union is held. It is known as Brahma Shila, which is located in the front of the temple. There is a fire burning on the near the front entrance of the temple.




If you are you arrive in Kedarnath it is advisable to visit this tiny village situated in Rudraprayag district. It is located on the way to Kedarnath on the banks the Mandakini River. The secret Gupta Kashi or Kashi is the location where Bhagwana Shiva was hiding from the Pandava. As seeking his blessings following the Mahabharata conflict.


Chorabari Tal


A lake created out of the Chorabari Bamak glacier is this stunning countryside. Chorabari Tal located at an elevation of 3,900m. The lake lies located at the foot of Kedarnath summit.


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