It is the 13th highest mountain peak in Karnataka and is located 78km away from Shimoga, Karnataka. 

The Karnataka Government has declared it as a National Heritage. 

The name Kodachadri is derived from the native word Kodacha which means “Kutaja flower” i.e Jasmine of hills in Sanskrit. Hence it is stated that the hill which is full of Jasmine flower plants is known as Kodachadri Parvatha. 

There are many paths leading to the mountain but the difficulty level depends on the path you choose. It is very difficult to climb the mountain in the rainy season and there it almost experiences heavy rainfall for eight months. 

Trekking in Kodachadri starts from Shivamogga village. Camping at the top of the hill is banned but still you can enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna throughout the journey. There are many places which you come across while trekking and  you  must visit. 

 Flora and Fauna

The journey is never boring when you are surrounded by nature. If you are living in the city, nature acts as the best therapy for your peace of mind. The path itself speaks a lot to you and makes you feel of a refreshment. 

The place is barren at the peak. The thick tropical rain forest covers Kodachadri. The climate is cool and wet. 

This is also considered as  a biodiversity hotspot. It provides home for many endangered animals and plants like Indian Tiger, Indian Elephant, Malabar Pied Hornbill,  Indian Rocky Python, Paradise flycatcher and many more. 

Bellakallu Theertha

It is a waterfall located in the southern side of Kodachadri and is accessed while trekking. It is a mesmerizing fall at the bottom of the hill. The beauty of the trek starts from here which makes one curious to explore the beauty more. 

Sarvajana Peetha

It is a small temple structure located 2 km down from the peak of Kodachadri. It is believed that it is one of the prominent places where Adi Shankaracharya meditated so the name sounds similar to that of Sharada Peetha in Jammu and Kashmir. The art  carvings of this temple are Chakras and Yantras which form Meru. 

Mookambika Temple

It is a temple situated at the foothills of Kodachadri and is of  Goddess Mookambika Devi or Goddess Parvati who was named  Mookambika, after she killed the demon Mooksura. The temple is covered with fog early in the morning and as soon as the sun sets. 

The main festivals organised here are Rathotsava and Navratri. 

The legend states that Devi Mookambika appeared in front of Adi Shankaracharya who was meditating and said to build a worship place of hers.

The person seeking for spiritual peace must visit here. Looking up is the view of Kodachadri hills which releases all the stress of mind by flowing cool breeze. 

Trekking in the Shola Forest of Western Ghats

The Kodachadri trek  trail takes you to the adventures inside the shola forest covered with long trees. The forest is dense and passage of light at daytime is also little. 

There it crosses the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary which gives us experience of a variety of flora and fauna. 

Hidlumane Waterfalls

It is the  mixture of seven waterfalls in one. It is a wonderful experience as the water gushes down right over your head. 

One can feel the cold water by dipping their feet inside the water. It is really relaxing to enjoy the trekk ahead. 

 Nagara Fort

It is one of the prominent places in Kodachadri, built in the 18th century. The place has a unique architectural style as it was built beside the lake. The walls of Nagara Fort are still intact which gives us the best example of our rich architectural history. 

We can see the remains of the palace, wells and other important buildings inside the fort. 

This was built by Shivayappa Nayak of Keladi Dynasty. 


Kodachadri can be reached by bus, train, at first some distance by flight. For going till Mookambika Temple jeep is very suitable and you have to walk less. 

But for going up you have to be careful as the oath is slippery. Reaching up doesn’t disappoint you as you can experience sunrise on the Arabian Sea and get a spectacular view of historical village Nagara. It is advised to pack less and only necessary items as you have to trekk a little. 

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