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Learn Arabic This Year

Some people think the Arabic language sounds somewhat hostile because of its graphemes and phonemes, yet others find the Arabic language and culture to be enthralling and fascinating.

Arabic is attractive in various ways, from its extensive vocabulary, which adds depth and richness to descriptions, to its naturally flowing writing, which has inspired many lovely calligraphic styles and forms. As someone new to the language, purchasing bilingual Arabic books for sale will be useful.

A native speaker of another language might be drawn to the Arabic language because it has a lot of consonants and a distinctive guttural sound. Yet, they might find learning Arabic difficult and training confusing.

Also, the Arabic language and culture have symbolism which evokes the hues and flavors of the East. Only learning Arabic can give you a complete comprehension of these aspects.

Understanding Arabic as a Language to Learn

Even the most knowledgeable university professors and language experts cannot claim to know every Arabic vocabulary word due to the written Arabic language’s extensive lexical and grammatical design, like that of Chinese or Japanese.

Even a fluent speaker of any of the European languages—French, Spanish, or Portuguese—can be rattled by Arabic’s intricacies. It also presents various challenges that are absent when trying to learn Italian or German.

The richness of the Arab-Muslim civilization’s arts, science, and knowledge has spread throughout history into Europe, Africa, Asia, and to a lesser extent America.

Over 420 million people worldwide speak Arabic today, and 300 million of them are native speakers. From Saudi Arabia to Lebanon, Qatar to Chad, it is the official language of 26 nations in the Middle East and North Africa.

As a result, learning Arabic involves more than just acquiring linguistic knowledge; it also involves learning to speak abeautiful language.

Roots of the Arabic Language

The literary term “Proto-Semitic” refers to the language from which Arabic descended. Due to this connection, Arabic is firmly classified among the Afro-Asiatic languages.

Regarding how Arabic compares to the other Semitic languages, it is thought Modern Arabic belongs to the Arabo-Canaanite sub-branch of the Western Semitic languages’ major group.

Dialects of Arabic Language

The language didn’t appear to become widely used until the fifth century A.D. And it all began with the Meccan tribe of the Quraish.

The type of standard Arabic used in the Quran and early Islamic literature (from the 7th to the 9th centuries) is known as classical Arabic. Classical Arabic predates Islam and is a pure Arabic language form.

Reasons You Should Learn Arabic

Let’s go over some statistics that demonstrate the importance of Arabic and explain why so many people are learning it, including children who can start at a young age:

1. Spoken by over 400 Million People

The fifth most extensively used language in the world is Arabic. Being able to converse with that many individuals is undoubtedly a major motivator.

2. Intellectual Aura

Because so few Westerners can speak Arabic, many people will instantly perceive you as incredibly smart and intelligent.

3. Rich Culture

You cannot fully immerse yourself in another culture without the ability to speak the local language. Particularly vibrant and fascinating is the Arab culture. It is an ongoing learning process because every Arab-speaking nation has its art, food, literature, and way of life.

There will be a component of the culture that appeals to everyone. You can access an adventure reserved for non-Arabic speakers through discussion to generate a cultural exchange.

4. Economic Abundance

The natural resources of the Middle East are incredibly abundant. When the region’s economy takes off in a few years, someone who speaks Arabic will be in anadvantageous position regarding their job prospects.

5. Exceptional Hospitality

When you speak a few Arabic words to a native speaker, they will be thrilled and eager to assist you in any way they can.

Most of the time, when you interact with Arabs, you will discover that they genuinely appreciate and are proud of anyone who makes an effort to learn their language.

6. Understand the People

Understanding Islam and its numerous streams are essential in the current climate of rising antipathy between the “Arab World” and the “West.”

What if you could read the Quran’s verses? Forming your own opinions would be a lot simpler for you once you learn to speak the language.

Hence, kids need to pick up the language to respect and understand the culture for its authenticity and not by stereotypes. One can pick up bilingual Arabic storybooks for children to learn the language faster and more engagingly.

7. A Connecting Language

The ability to speak Arabic offers doors to learning many other regional languages. For instance, Arabic terms comprise over 50% of the Farsi (Persian) vocabulary.

The same rules apply while learning Turkish or Urdu. Moreover, Hebrew and Arabic share linguistic similarities, which makes it simpler to understand Hebrew’s grammatical and semantic notions.

8. An Exciting Linguistic Language

Learning Arabic can be fun because of its well-established roots. For instance, it will be simple to infer that kitaab means “book” and kaatib means “writer” if you know that kataba means “to write” in Arabic.

9. In-Demand for Westerners

Besides manygovernment and educational services seeking bilingual Arabic and English speakers, there’s more to learning the language. The requirement extends to translators and businesseswho need the language to communicate and progress.

10. Travel is Easier in Arab Countries

If you speak Arabic, the Arab World is a fantastic destination. Although there are more and more Arabs who can speak English, most people can only speak Arabic.
When traveling in the area, you must speak at least basic survival Arabic. The verdant scenery, deserts, and quaint villages make traveling there something you shouldn’t miss.

Learn Arabic with Books on Sale

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