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Luxury with Comfort- Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch


The CEO of Ayesha group of company is Asad Shafi. Their first store launched on 2nd May 2011 in Lahore. According to the CEO, it took them more than 1 year to make and launch their own lawn collection. In their textile mill, they hired people who had no experience. Afterward, they trained them and made them learn the techniques. Now they have many stores all over Pakistan.

It was haste to first buy an unstitched suit. Then match trousers or dupatta with the suit. Furthermore, the hardest part is the design. Then women need to search for the corresponding laces, buttons, tassels, and patches for designing suits. Hence, to tackle this issue, Cross stitch launched its brand with stitched dresses.

These dresses come in specific sizes from extra small to extra-large. The brand offers both unstitched and ready-to-wear clothes. These designs look elegant. They make traditional designs that reflect Pakistan’s culture. Their fabric does not fade even if washed multiple times.
Categories of clothes
Unstitched collection of lawn

Particularly, the colors of the dresses vary from dark bright colors to light pastel tones. Beautifully designed suit with organza dupattas. Unlike plain lawns, their lawn has embroidery. Some shirts have chicken Kari designs. Other shirts have silk dupattas with them. Some dupattas of the suits are in matching color with shirt or trouser.

While others dupattas are in contrasting color with the shirts. Even a simple lawn suit looks luxurious. Afterward, many of the designs contain thread-like embroidery. This enhances the look of the suit multiple times. Most of the shirts have neck embroidery designs.

These dresses are designed with traditional looks. Then the fabric of their dresses is soft and comfortable. Even their net and organza are soft. In addition, you can easily carry their dresses to events for long hours.

And you will feel soft and comfortable. Specifically, the price range is affordable. As a fully embroidered 3-piece ready-to-wear suit with organza, the dupatta comes in a price range of less than 15000.
Types of lawn

Premium lawn
Embroidered lawn
Daily lawn
Jacquard lawn

Men unstitch collection

First of all, they have a pashmina wool collection which is the best fabric for the winter season. Their fabric contains 100 percent pashmina wool. For winters, the suits are in dark colors. Like brown, grey, burgundy, and charcoal. For summers, they have premium quality cotton suits. This brand gives the guarantee of no color fading.
Ready to wear collection
1. Printed

Firstly, they offer digitally printed shirts with embellishments on the shirts. Secondly, some of their articles have embroidered necklines and sleeve embroidery. Their color is very unique and different from other brands.
2. Embroidered

These articles have self-embroidery designs. The dresses are in cool summery shades of yellows and blues.
3. Luxury wear

Also, this brand has the most affordable range of luxury wear. Fully embroidered suits with Also, this brand has the most affordable range of luxury wear. Fully embroidered suits with delicate embroidery.

All of the articles are different from one another. Next, the design includes sequin work, faux mirrors, pearls drops, motifs, and tassels. Besides this, their velvet collection is of no match. The fabric used is net, organza, velvet, and lawn.

Let’s not forget about the warm shawls in the winter season. Moreover, their colorful wool shawls add value to your plain dull winter suits. Hence, these shawls are warm enough that you won’t need sweaters or cardigans to wear.

Some shawls have threadwork embroidery, some are acrylic ones. In addition, others have delicate embroidery on the borders. They can be easily carried with organza and net suits. They also have casual shawls that are lighter in weight.
Meher Bano premium lawn

It is the most luxurious lawn collection. The shirts and dupattas are fully embroidered. While the trousers are plain. The prices are affordable. Some articles have a jacquard shirt and cotton e dupattas.
Meher Bano eid collection

An affordable range of beautifully designed clothes. Light color with contrasting color dupattas is the key features of the collection. These are the best dresses for festive wear. Super comfortable lawn with beautifully carved designs looks elegant.

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