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Make Dynamic Website in 2 minutes

Having your own website provides a wide range of opportunities to you. Nowadays, every business needs a website. However, the main question is How to Make Dynamic website

Nowadays, you would see each and every business has an individual website/websites. From General store to Pharmacy, Clothes to footwear and from sunglasses to cosmetics, all the businesses have different and individual websites. And in order to create your own websites, there are a number of different platforms that promise to give the best experience and service regarding having their own website and make it easier.

Some of the different Website builders are:

  • SquareSpace
  • Jimbo
  • Zyro
  • Web.com
  • Site123
  • Network solutions
  • Edneed.com


It was founded in 2003 at University of Maryland. It has grown to a team of more than 1,640 talented individuals. SquareSpace works on 6 values: Be the customer, Design is not Luxury, Build the Idea, Learn fast, Act fast, Protect creativity and Simplify. 

  • Powerful e-commerce tools for small businesses.
  • Built-in marketing features and third party extensions
  • 14-days free trial

Jimbo: Jimbo offers

  • Personalized SEO help and Ranking coach
  • Everything SMBs need to run their online shop
  • Free, Professional templates

Zyro: Zyro offers

  • 100+ gorgeous, mobile responsive templates to choose from
  • Simple drag and drop editor

Web.com: Web.com offers

  • Over a hundred templates which will fit every industry
  • Built-in SEO tools for better search result ranking

Site123: Site123 offers

  • Built-in SEO tools that will help your website in google SERPs
  • Royalty free images available for all users

Network Solutions: Network Solutions offer

  • 150+ templates designed for small businesses
  • Access to 200,000+ high-resolution stock photos


Endeed offers a Website builder tool with dynamic options that teaches us how to make dynamic website. In endeed, ths website builder helps us to get 

  • Free website
  • No coding required
  • Build your website in 2 minutes
  • Support multiple platforms
  • Payment mode for the website

Free Website: There are some of the website builders who ask for money in order to get the website or in order to create a new website. However Edneed provides a free website to all the users. So here you would get the website absolutely free.

No coding required: Coding at the time of website building is very crucial and necessary however with Edneed you would not have to worry about the coding part because Edneed allows you to create a website without coding requirements. And you can make dynamic website here.

Build your website in 2 minutes: Other website builders demand time and need time to create the website however, with Edneed you can create the website within 2 minutes. You would save your time and create your website without any hassle with Edneed.

Support multiple platforms: If you are creating your website with Edneed, your website is workable and accessible on multiple platforms without any hassle. This is how to make a website dynamic.

Payment mode for website: Endeed provides multiple, secure and reliable trust for the payment for your website. You can make the payment without any hassle or worry with Edneed.

Endeed offers other benefits than website building as well, Such as

  1. Learning management system(LMS) course in which you can create a platform where you can do 
  • End to end institute management
  • Track Teachers and Students 
  • Online tests and assignments
  • Upload and share study material
  • Digital report card

End to end institute management: You can register your institute online on Edneed.com and you can manage all the activities of the institute online from anywhere.

Track Teachers and Students: Once you have enrolled your institute online on Edneed, you can have a regular check and track on Teachers and students performance and activities.

Online tests and assignments: You can schedule online tests for students and also give assignments to the students online so that there would be no hassle and everything would be easy, sweet and simple.

Upload and share study material: You can upload and share study material for the students online using a learning management system and keep everything updated because nowadays, online study material is must for the students to have much better understanding and to increase the performance.

Digital report card: Students can get a digital report card of the tests and assignments provided to them. They will get the updated performance results on time without any delay.

  1. Digital marketing to grow your Brand: Indeed provides a course/option to learn Digital marketing in order to grow your brand. With these benefits, you can 
  • Rank your institute/school’s website
  • Grow your brand
  • Multiple social media accounts
  • Social media post creation
  • Advertisements for Facebook and Instagram.

With Edited you would get to learn everything about Digital marketing and would be able to expand and grow your brand with all the necessary information and techniques. 

No doubt there are a number of other website builders in the market however with the comparison above we can say that Edited teaches one how to make a dynamic website in 2 minutes without any hassle and also can get the additional benefits from other courses as well on Edited. 

If you want to know more, visit https://edneed.com/

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