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Measures you should take for the prevention of dengue

Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease caused due to the biting of the female Aedes mosquito. It is a severe disease and, if diagnosed in time, can be treated with proper medication. To avoid getting bitten by a dengue mosquito, you must refrain from visiting parks and other areas after sunset, which can be home to mosquitos. Mosquitos throng the open sites after the sun is down. However, keeping a stash of mosquito replants and coils can help you ward off mosquitoes quickly. Here are some preventive measures you should take for the prevention of dengue. Keep reading to know more!

  • Use mosquito repellants

If you don’t want yourself to fall sick of dengue fever and show any dengue fever symptoms, make sure that you use mosquito repellants to avoid being bitten by mosquitos. If you are inside your home, you can use electronic devices and other medicated products to get rid of mosquitoes or kill them. They are not very costly and are available in all the general stores. Mosquito repellant creams, coils and roll-ons are some of them.

  • You can also use a mosquito net

Using a mosquito net is the best and the safest option to stay away from mosquitos. With a mosquito net, you get yourself separate from the environment where they are. Also, using a mosquito net is a very economical method employed in the prevention of dengue. It will save you from the cost use to buying mosquito repellants. Nets made of cloth and synthetic nets are available in the market, which is affordable and effective.

  • Close the windows and doors after sunset

Once you enter your home, make sure you shut the door behind you. After the sunset, try closing all the windows and doors in your home to ensure no mosquitoes can enter the house premises. Try getting nets on the frame of your windows so that they cannot make it through to your place. Any other doors or open windows would only invite them to feast upon you. You can also use the spring in your door, which automatically shuts the doors. You would not have to worry about the doors left open with this done. 

  • Try keeping the premises and the surroundings clean

The critical step in the prevention of dengue is to keep your surroundings clean. Cleanliness is necessary to avoid the production of mosquitos. Avoid throwing garbage that may disintegrate. Use the dustbins for disposing of the waste materials. A dirty place is always an active hub for insects, including mosquitos. Keep dust bins that have a lid. Uncovered dust bins often invite mosquitos which they then throng.

  • Avoid the stagnation of water around you

Stagnant water bodies are the chief factors responsible for the production of mosquitoes. The mosquitoes lay eggs there, which mature and multiple. Keep the water bodies around you clean. Make sure your home doesn’t have containers that store water for a long time. If any, you must clean them regularly to avoid getting dengue fever and showing any dengue fever symptoms. Otherwise, you would get infected and go through dengue fever treatment. This treatment includes increase fluid ingestion and regulation of fever using paracetamol.

  • Build your immunity 

What you eat is what you become. To stay away from infections like dengue and other diseases, you have to be healthy. The first step in building your immunity is to boost your metabolism by eating a healthy diet. Add more greens and fruits follow by a protein-rich meal to your diet. If you have strong immunity, the dengue fever symptoms will be very bearable, and you will recover within days. 

Eventually, maintaining a clean environment and usage of mosquito nets and repellants can help eliminate a dengue mosquito bite. Building up a solid immune system is also extremely important to endure the weakness caused due to the disease. You can also look for health prime plans . 

Need for an Online Dengue Insurance Cover

Medical treatment has become extremely expensive today, and it costs a lot to get treatment for the smallest of emergencies. Thus, having an Online Dengue Insurance Cover can be of great assistance financially if someone from your family contracts the infection. 

Dengue fever can be prevented by following these measures and can save you from having to go through it. To be precautious, you need to have the proper insurance to cover your medical expenditure. You can opt for the Pocket Insurance plan from Bajaj Finserv, which offers protection against specific illnesses at a very affordable cost. You can easily get the Dengue Cover at a premium of Rs. 299 to a total sum of Rs. 50,000. It offers extensive coverage like hospitalization charges, doctor fees, lab test costs, etc. By effectively getting this insurance plan, you can be worry-free against the rising medical costs.  

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