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Most Important Places for Buying Property in Istanbul 2022

Since Istanbul is Turkey and one of the oldest and most important cities in the world, many want to Buying Property in Istanbul and live in it, but it should be emphasize when looking for an apartment, there are a lot of details and policies related to it. Buying Property in Istanbul for sale in Istanbul. All of them are mention below.

First: The division of Istanbul:

When someone wants to Buying Property in Istanbul, he needs to know more about the city which is one of the most famous and important cities of Turkey. The city of Istanbul stretches across the continents of Asia and Europe and consists of two main parts. Istanbul in Asia and Istanbul in Europe, separate by a strait. Rin. The city of Istanbul consists of 39 districts, 27 of which are mainly locate in the city. With 25 districts in Istanbul in Europe and 14 districts in Istanbul in Asia.

Second: What is the reason for the Buying Property in Istanbul?

This happens for a number of reasons, but most importantly Istanbul is a strategic location. That spans two of the world’s most important continents, and unlike other cities, it attracts everyone’s attention. I want to calm down and Buying Property in Istanbul.
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In addition to this, there are many ongoing investment projects in Istanbul. Perhaps the most important of which is the Istanbul Canal, and Buying Property in Istanbul will not forget the encouragement and facilities provide by the Turkish government to investors in this field. Turkish real estate, many taxes have been reduce and the procedures for buying Turkish homes have been simplified. Work is also underway in Istanbul to prevent real estate fraud by all means and methods.

The most important feature and recovery of the real estate sector that help attract investors to Buying Property in Istanbul is giving them the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing when buying real estate in Istanbul. Dollars and who does not want to obtain all the advantages of Turkish citizenship and Turkish passports?

Third: The most important place to buy real estate in Istanbul:

Istanbul is characterize by the multiplicity of its regions and characteristics. All of which have the spirit of a beautiful city. But when you search for an apartment for sale in Istanbul. You will feel confuse by many options, so we remind you. Great place to Buying Property in Istanbul:

Basaksehir area:

As an attractive destination for Arab and foreign investors. Basqueza Hill is at the forefront of the exciting real estate investment district in Istanbul. With many Arab communities in urban areas. It is close to all service and entertainment centers and has a modern transportation network to connect with other centers. The district, and Basakse Hill, are close to important projects. Such as Istanbul New Airport, which adds value to the investment.

The area is full of restaurants, entertainment centers, and shopping malls in Istanbul, among others, which makes it ideal for anyone looking for Buying Property in Istanbul on the European side.

Beylikduzu District:

Beylikduzu is consider one of the best places to Buying Property in Istanbul because it overlooks the Marmara Sea and has an important investment area near Esenyurt. There is the E5 motorway, the transportation backbone of Istanbul. The area is well develop, and many people who are looking for apartments for sale. By the sea in Istanbul have move to the area as a result of their prosperity. 

Many distinctive real estate projects have been establish and are in the process of expansion. In addition to the distinction of service centers, residential complexes, villas, and others. Schools, hospitals, health centers, etc have attract the attention of investors. And play a major role in making Istanbul an important center for real estate investment.

Bakirkoy District:

If you are looking for luxury real estate in Istanbul, you will definitely find it in the Bakrokio area. Which is consider one of the highest places in Istanbul, as it offers beautiful views of the Marmara Sea. Its beautiful and clean beach makes it an ideal area for homes and sustainability. Bakirkoy has many places of entertainment and attracts tourists with its unique markets, shopping centers and famous restaurants that offer the best food.

In fact, there are many important schools and universities in the region, such as the International Mediterranean University and the Nation University of Science and Technology. Bakirkoy has a variety of apartments to suit all tastes and needs of the Buying Property in Istanbul.

Bahcesehir District: 

Beşehir is locate near Başakşehir district and is known as the city of gardens. Due to the abundance of lush green spaces. A state-of-the-art complex, it is a great choice for anyone looking to Buying Property in Istanbul, and its proximity to the Istanbul Water Project has greatly contribute to attracting the attention of investors.

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