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Multihead embroidery machine comparison: Tajima, SWF and Ricoma

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If you’re searching for a multihead embroidery machine for business functions, you almost certainly have already got a custom attire business that employs embroidery, screen printing, heat transfer or another type of attire decoration.

Perhaps you’re trying to expand your existing business with a multihead embroidery machine or even you’re assured together with your forthcoming orders and wish to induce started with a multihead embroidery machine directly.

Whatever your case could also be, if you’re thinking that a multihead embroidery machine is for you, verify our comparison chart and analysis of 4 industrial embroidery machine models by a number of the highest players within the business embroidery machine market.

Let’s get started!

What square measure thought-about the simplest industrial embroidery machine brands?

If you’ve bump into business embroidery machine reviews, you’ve in all probability seen the subsequent names tossed around:

  • Tajima embroidery machine
  • SWF embroidery machine
  • Ricoma embroidery machine

Take a glance at the chart below for a side-by-side comparison of those multi-head embroidery machine brands.

Let’s begin by taking a glance at what’s constant across the board, and so dive deep into the variations.

All 3 of those embroidery machine models have six heads and fifteen needles. Twelve to fifteen needles per head is that the trade normal for many multi-head embroidery machines.

All of those embroidery machine models additionally share constant most speed. every reaches up to one,000 stitches per minute, that is that the trade normal.

Now that we’ve got a pity the similarities, let’s take a glance at a number of the variations.

Memory size:

If you already own AN industrial embroidery machine, you almost certainly understand why memory size is such a crucial feature. It determines what percentage styles your machine will hold in its internal memory. Memory size is crucial in the main as a result of it eliminates the time spent going back and forth deleting and reuploading styles to your embroidery machine’s memory.

This is particularly once you’re attempting to expeditiously run your business. for instance, if you’ve got a repeat shopper, you’re undoubtedly about to need to stay their brand in your machine’s memory. Generally, six-head embroidery machines ought to typically pack quite two million stitches, as that’s the quality for many new single-head embroidery machines and also check out best T-shirt printing machines.

In this list, the Tajima embroidery machine comes in last with two million stitches. The SWF embroidery machine is next with four million stitches, and also the Ricoma embroidery machine leads with five million stitches.

Category winner: Ricoma

Cap attachment:

If you’re designing on embroidering on caps, you’ll would like a cap attachment. The cap embroidery machine attachment is already enclosed inside the Ricoma embroidery machine worth. On the opposite hand, the cap embroidery machine attachment isn’t enclosed inside the worth of the Tajima embroidery machine or the SWF embroidery machine.

Both the Tajima and also the SWF have AN equally wide cap frame, however the most draw back is that customers ought to pay extra for the attachment if they need to try to to cap embroidery. Machine cap attachments and frames can increase the embroidery machine worth by thousands. However, not everybody desires or needs to embroider caps, thus you’ll not got to account for that value.

Category winner: Ricoma

Maximum embroidery area:

Anyone United Nations agency has already closely-held AN embroidery machine already is aware of however necessary it’s to possess a large embroidery space. once you’re running a business, there’s a large form of orders and wishes to fill. Therefore, it’s necessary to make sure your embroidery machine has the stitching field to accommodate giant clothes and styles.

The Ricoma embroidery machine and also the SWF embroidery machine square measure the nearest during this class. The Tajima embroidery machine stitching space could be a bit smaller, however. Users United Nations agency escort the Ricoma embroidery machine will have the choice. To upgrade to a large model that’s a hundred millimeters wider.

Category winners: Tie between Ricoma and SWF

Flat hoops:

Both the Ricoma embroidery machine and also the Tajima embroidery machine embody sixty flat hoops. The Ricoma embroidery machine additionally includes. A sash frame inside the initial embroidery machine worth. Sadly, we have a tendency to weren’t ready to notice the number of hoops. Enclosed with the SWF embroidery machine (most seemingly as a result of it’ll vary by the embroidery machine distributor).

Category winner: Ricoma

Cap hoops:

On the opposite hand, whether or not or not the embroidery machine includes cap hoops can vary. this can be largely as a result of you’ve got to obtain a cap attachment with alternative suppliers thus, of course, they won’t provide you with a cap hoop before you even have a cap attachment and also check out best T-shirt printing machines.

The Ricoma embroidery machine includes a cap hoop during this list as a result of it’s the sole one that has the cap attachment inside the initial embroidery machine worth. we have a tendency to believe all of those embroidery machine suppliers give twelve cap hoops after you purchase the cap embroidery machine attachment. However, this might vary betting on the distributor.

Category winner: Tie betting on distributor

Control panel:

The size of the panel is additional of a cosmetic feature, however it’s additionally still necessary if you wish one thing clean, and easy-to-operate. each the Ricoma embroidery machine and SWF embroidery machine have a ten.4-inch bit screen. The Tajima embroidery machine follows at concerning vi ½ inches and also know about T-shirt printing.

Category winner: Ricoma and SWF


In this class, the Tajima embroidery machine leads with a 7-year assurance. The Ricoma embroidery machine follows with a 5-year assurance. sadly, the SWF embroidery machine assurance info was unprocurable and also check out best T-shirt printing machines.

Category winner: Tajima

Financing: finance is that the best resolution for a multi-head embroidery machine, as they’re generally additional pricey than your typical single-head embroidery machine. If you’ll be able to finance at third, it’s even higher as a result of it eliminates each direct prices and interest rates. during this section, Ricoma is that the solely company that provides third financing* at now, thus that’s undoubtedly one thing to stay in mind if you rather save cash within the semi-permanent and operate at a bigger exploit the terribly starting.

*0% finance supported APPROVED CREDIT

Category winner: Ricoma

Final takeaway:

This embroidery machine review compares multi-head embroidery machines for the brands Ricoma, Tajima and SWF. Overall, several of the embroidery machine options were consistent and congruent with each other. The most distinction between the 3 is that the embroidery machine worth. This can be as a result of the Ricoma embroidery machine is provided as AN encompassing package and also check out best T-shirt printing machines.

While the SWF embroidery machine and Tajima embroidery machine worth is calculated in elements. All in all, you’d get the very best price choosing the Ricoma embroidery machine as a result of all the attachments square measure enclosed inside the initial embroidery machine worth. Meanwhile, the opposite brands charge their attachments individually, that spikes the embroidery machine worth by thousands.

This analysis and review was conducted by Ricoma. This info was gathered in 2017 and is presently accessible on the web. There square measure several alternative embroidery machine brands out. There that haven’t been mentioned, however these square measure the highest four being searched. That our shoppers raise North American nation about.

Want to be told more?

We place along the highest five factors to think about once buying AN embroidery machine. For any extra info concerning Ricoma or our machines. If you wish to check any of our machines in action. In it, you’ll be able to raise any queries you’ve got concerning the trade and see specifically. The way to begin and run an embroidery project in real time.

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