Nandi Hills Things To Do


Nandi Hills or Nandidurga is an ancient hill fort built by the Ganga dynasty and later enlarged by Tipu Sultan. It is situated at around 10 kilometers from Chikkaballapur District of Karnataka and around 60 kilometers from Bangalore. The Hills are situated near the town Nandi hence named as Nandi Hills. It is believed that the Hills are the origin of the Arkavathy river, Ponnaiyar river, Palar river, Papagni river and Penna river. 


Things To Do At Nandi Hill


Camping :  

One of the best and most attractive things to do at Nandi hills is camping. To experience the natural beauty closely is to go camping. One must indulge in camping and stay overnight to admire the beauty of stars. The location of the camps is such that it allows multiple adventurous activities like zip lining etc. The area is surrounded with lush green peaks leading to the God made magic. 


Day out with family and friends : 

Not just night camping but day out at Nandi Hills is another attractive thing to do. With lush green surroundings and beautiful peaks, a day out is the most enjoyable thing to do there. During day time, one can enjoy day treks, raft building, cycling, and many more things for which the town is a perfect location. If one chooses to go for a family outing, activities like playing water volleyball, jumbo volleyball, pyramid building etc are most loved and joyful. Some self cooked food can also be arranged which could act like a cherry on top. 


Trek to Skandagiri Hills

Skandagiri Hills, also known as Kalavara Durga, is one of classic trekking locations near Nandi Hills. With the view of dense clouds, chirping birds, vegetation, sun playing hide and seek, and witnessing nature so closely, trekking to Skandagiri hills is one of the best things to do. The old rocky temple at the top of the hills is one of the prominent beauty which must be captured by cameras and naked eyes. The best time to trek the hills is winter season, from December to March for a pleasant time in nature. 


Trek to Channagiri near Nandi Hills

Channagiri is one of the favourite trekking trails near Bangalore. It is surely one of the best things to do in Nandi hills. A two hour long trek from the foothills leads towards the peak for an unbeatable and beautiful view of the Deccan plateau. The tourists find calmness while passing through the arid vegetation and pleasant climate. While visiting there, one must click multiple pictures to create unforgettable memories.


Paragliding In Nandi Hills

Flying high and descending with passion and thrill is the feeling which is always welcomed at Nandi hills. With paragliding, one can soak in the beauty and wonderful location from the high blue sky. All safety measures and proper instructions are taken care of while taking a tourist to high peaks for paragliding. One will be jumping from the cliff and come down with an open parachute tied behind the back. One must not forget to take pictures and make videos of this super thrilling adventure. 


Visit to Tipu’s Drop

A trip to Nandi hills would be incomplete without paying a visit to popular Tipu’s drop which is one of the most historic places around the area. It is located six hundred meters above the elevated ground. This is the point where prisoners, during Tipu Sultan’s reign, were pushed down as a punishment for their wrong doings. Now the tourists can enjoy the view from the top and can click thousands of pictures for their future memories. One must not be concerned about the safety issues as multiple steps have already been taken in this regard. So just be carefree and enjoy the hilltop.


A Visit To Amrit Sarovar

Also known as ‘lake of nectar’ , this beautiful lake remains filled with water throughout the year. The water of the lake is so clean that it is also used for supply in local areas. The steps leading to the well has an ancient touch, which gives a glimpse of Dravidian architecture. Although the lake is open throughout the day, it is recommended to visit the lake during evening time with the shining moon in the sky. The nectar seems to come alive with moon light falling on the lake water. One must not miss the chance to soak himself or herself in the peaceful aura.


Cycling and Biking

Cycling is considered as one of the super healthy exercises and when an adventure is added with it, it acts like a cherry on the top. Cycling on Nandi hills does not only mean a healthy exercise but it also means exploring the natural beauty which includes rare birds, different animal species and pleasant, cold and refreshing wind that strikes on the face. The beauty of the hills will come alive at every mile and hence must not be missed. 


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