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Now You Can Spot any Indian Railways Train in Real Time

Checking the current location of Indian Railways trains in real-time is simple now.

The Indian railways provide passengers with low-cost services. The greatest advantage of travelling by train is sightseeing the views between the destinations. To enhance the passenger experience, the Indian Railways has established a system with convenient features. It includes checking PNR status, changing boarding stations, and refund status, to name a few. The Indian Railways have developed a system to help passengers access trains in real-time NTES online.

NTES stands for National train inquiry system. It allows passengers to access Train timetables, fare enquiries, spot their train, live station, cancelled trains, etc. All these features are available if you use the RailMitra website or log in to the RailMitra railway app.

How to Spot Your Indian Train Using NTES Online

You can spot your train in real time through the national train enquiry service platform online. All you have to provide is your train name/number in the railway app, and then you can easily monitor the live location of your train. It also provides ease of functionality to check the train running status online. Moreover, it includes any train’s current location, estimated arrival time, and upcoming stops in just a few clicks on a mobile or laptop.

The national train enquiry service offers the most stress-free way to track the real-time live running status over websites or apps. This system has enabled tracking train movements and sharing data via helplines, mobile apps, websites, and railway inquiry counters. So you can stay up-to-date on your train’s schedule.

Here are different ways you can use the NTES.

    • Click on the train schedule tab and select the travel date to check the train schedule.
    • To know the changes in timings or dates, you can use Exceptional trains > Rescheduled trains.
    • Then if you want to check the recent diversions of trains, go to exceptional trains and click on the Diverted trains tab.
    • Suppose you wish to know any news regarding the termination of your train. Then click on Exceptional trains > cancelled trains to know about it.
    • To check on all the trains traversing from one station to another within the next 2 – 8 hours. You need to tap on the Live station for this information.
    • You can also press the Train B/W stations button to know all the details of operational trains between the two stations.

You only need good Internet connectivity on your mobile to proceed with online train enquiries. This feature helps passengers to know their exact platform number for boarding their train.

Things You Need for Checking Train Running Status

A passenger needs two of these details to Spot their train in real-time online. It includes

    • Train number and name – The number and name of the train through which the passenger will complete their journey.
    • Date of the journey (DOJ) – The date on which the journey is to be made.
    • Source and destination station name – The source station refers to the journey’s starting point, and the destination includes the last stoppage where you have to leave the train.

These three steps are mandatory to spot the train and other inquiries. This includes seat availability, fare enquiry, or trains between stations. Moreover, this feature has reduced the burden of going to the Inquiry counter to know the train’s status.

This has indeed made it easy for passengers. The app serves its passengers with accurate details with precise statistics. We serve our customers with user-friendly features in our app to easily spot your train in real-time running status information without any Internet.

Terms Used in Live Train Status

Some commonly used terminology in live train status are:

ETA and ETD: Refer to the Estimated Time of Arrival and Estimated Time of Departure, respectively.

ATA and ATD: They stand for Actual Time of Arrival and Actual Time of Departure.

RT: Right Time, without any delay

PF: Expected Platform

UA: Update Awaited

CNC: Cancelled at this station

Benefits of Checking Online Train Running Status

Checking online train running status has provided passengers its fair share of benefits. Let’s get to know about it.

    • Time Management: The live running status of trains has helped passengers avoid waiting time. One can monitor the train’s ETA(estimated time of arrival) at the railway station to avoid the last-minute rush.
    • Monitor your travel in real-time: Successful trip planning depends on various factors. One of them is to perform real-time checking of the train’s live running status online. Moreover, passengers can know the destination station time beforehand.
    • Information about Delays: Offers complete information on the train’s running status, which also includes any delay at the arrival or departure of the train. This helps the passengers to manage their time and the station on time.
    • Additional info on NTES: It shows the total distance covered by the train, its scheduled halts, plus any delays, and platform numbers for boarding at each station are some of the few additional info you can get to know.
    • The benefit of ordering food – Online running status of trains helps to get an overview of the expected time of arrival at a particular stoppage. Passengers can order their special food one hour before reaching the stations.
    • You can get frequent updates on the train running status so that you can plan your trip accordingly. You can also book food in trains online for your journey and get it delivered to the chosen station.

This real-time spot your train feature of Indian railways has made travel more efficient and useful for passengers. Live train status can be checked for all Indian trains anywhere and anytime. It also gives information about the expected platform number where the train would arrive.

Reasons For Not Getting Information On Train Running Status

    1. Sometimes due to poor network connection, the website shows errors in showing the exact details of the Indian Railway system.
    2. You may have entered the train number or journey date wrong, so no information is provided.
    3. When the selected train runs on a date different from the one you planned for the trip.

Online Checking Of Train Running Status Through RailMitra

Passengers can get information regarding the live status of trains through the official website of RailMitra

    • Visit the official website
    • Navigate “Train Live Status”.
    • Enter the train number for which the live running status will be shown.
    • Click on the train name given with the train number
    • Select the train’s starting date.
    • Click on “Check Live Status”

The live running status of the train will be represented on the screen. This is one of the quickest ways to discover the train in real-time.

Passengers can easily spot the train through the RailMitra website or app by checking the live running status of the train online. If you are someone who doesn’t use an internet connection, then you can easily get all the detailed information via SMS in a specific format. Passengers can also opt for Indian Railways numbers to get information regarding the live running status of trains. Moreover, you can also spot the train you are searching for, so that’s it.

RailMitra is committed to keeping you updated with the latest information on travel bookings and services. You can also go through its website to plan your travel itinerary. It also offers certain features, such as checking the live status of various trains by entering the train number and the departure date. RailMitra provides the best NTES assistance for hassle-free planning of your trips.

Authored By: RailMitra


RailMitra is India's leading train travel app with all-in-one features to meet all train travelers’ needs. We're your partner and friend in your train journey providing all Indian railway inquiry services instantly in our one-stop application. It is a unique platform, which offers users a holistic platform to plan a train journey from start to scratch. If you are someone traveling via Indian Railways, you have the option to check your PNR status, book food on train, find train running status and seat availability. Planning a train journey in India can be cumbersome if you don’t plan ahead. RailMitra comes to rescue all such concerns.

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